dimanche 29 juillet 2007

Back to the basics

Fairy on the Moon

my Illustration friday: Moon
it's nothing amazing,hope to find time to do something else:)

Two Hearts In Hers

bigger size

a colorful background

Now answering to Mich always inspiring spiritual post that helps me orientate my sharings of soul.
A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe."

The Moon card invokes the mother archetype in each human being, so tonight I ask these questions:"

Are you safe?

It depends, this question opens such a vaste space.
I have felt very unsafe on this planet after the 11th september event.
I also lived a very located tornado, well surely nothing like the twisters there are in the usa but as I was not used to that kind of weather at this truly shocked me very much.
since that event I had anxiety disorder I also have lived a sort of mild amnesia of the year 1999/2000 because too many things happened, I'm not even sure it was at those time...

then during depression I had this sensation this feeling that things were not straight, how to put it, I felt the world was rickety,I mean bent , I can not explain, but walking I often felt dizzy when I thought about it, as if our planet was not in its axis

My life was weird, I remember avoiding university a lot.

Nowadays I don't always feel safe, but safer than I used to.
well I'll never feel as safe as in childhood & teens, because we're aging and seeing everything with more acuracy.
I feel safe with my person, with my life, I try not to care about what others will think of me except from my friends and family of course but I do what I want, and live the way I want to.
I am still trying to feel safer thanks to being more balanced, making peace with everything in me about me, accepting my eccentricities, flaws etc.

Do you help to create a safe environment in which others may thrive?

I try to embellish reality,not to deny it not to reject it but to make it a better place. I try my best I guess to make a difference even a tiny one, I scatter roses of the soul here and there to bloom, I take care of my own garden and it spreads beyond hopefully.

Are you comfortable in the darkness of your own soul?

I think pretty much. It again depends on my strength and energies at the moment. Sometimes I can be comfortable in darkness because I get the awareness that I have to get trough and clean, shed some lights and sparks.
My own soul will never betray me and for that wherever I am I'll be ok.
I know our spirits have their own seasons and I believe we learn evolve and enjoy in those contrasts.

I am safer in the darkness of my own soul than in the dark alone boooooooh ;oP
I'm like children, I think of ghosts and such ahah, and I see the shadows faces oooooh and each tiny noises is perceived as potential danger, I'm a real paranoid neurotic ahahah

Are you protective of those who are especially vulnerable among us?

Of course!
I am not a mother yet physically but it's all inside of me, I am very protective,worried for my beloved ones, I love taking care,listening,helping
It is not only to say yes nice I'll be useful!
I love being useful and giving meaning to my existence in doing good things,improving things,spreading the lights around, but I mostly prefer to take care of my beloved ones.
I just know my empathy is big and whenever someone needs comforting my door are wide open because I know what Pain means, I know the suffering of the soul, the lacks, the needs

I also love vulnerability, I feel I'm a teacher even if I also can learn so much still by other teachers, I am one at my own stage of life.
so I enjoy being able to teach people the ways to find and build their own weapons( strength)
my only rewards in this is to have been able to make some feel better, feel themselves and happy to be who they are.
It is important for me that people know how to love themselves,inner peace and being fine with one's life is the path to Peace.

Do you take good care of yourself?

yes I do, I think it's very important.
I was so wrong when I was younger.
Obsessed to save souls to forget myself, to live useful only and live for others because I hated myself, this life,mine especially
everything was so painful, I felt a healing break in Empathy but that was not the better way to be me, to live my life,to love myself and create my own bliss!

Now I do take care of myself
mostly my soul, I think I have let aside my body too much due to being a cerebral.
I have thought the mind was enough.
I thought growing spiritually was enough to feel balanced.
Now I am seeing things differently.
I am trying to take care of my body, listen to it more.
healing my root chakra.
I'm feeling much better. I love taking care of myself in general,dressing up,make up etc
but less and less nowadays surely because I dont go out much and dont have a social life.

I really hope things will change soon.
I take care of myself with an healthy life: healthy food, healthy sleep, meditation,yoga, I think I should do more sports thoughts
I have walks out with sebastien but I should bike or swim, maybe jogging? but I dont like it much...
I also take care of myself, listening closely to my inner self, making the right choices, asserting myself,not being ashamed of my feelings and way of thinking.
I think I've grown a better friend in me with time.

Thank you Mich for those questions:)
feel free to answer if you want to:)

8 commentaires:

Valaine a dit…

I love your moon collage! It is very delicate with the baby. Your accents are exquisite. You words you wrote : "but walking I often felt dizzy when I thought about it, as if our planet was not in its axis" I have felt. I don't feel dizzy anymore since I have tried to be more aware of what I eat and working on healing my thoughts. I love how you describe your world. You are very ensightful!

Steph a dit…

Thank you for this post and sharing your answers to the questions. I've come to learn that we have to take care of our whole bodies - our minds, bodies and spritis - to truly be balanced. Blessings as you take that journey.

Tricia Scott a dit…

i really enjoyed this post, helene. i am more aware at this moment of things i need to do in my life to work towards healing. blessings to you also on this same path. you are an inspiration to me. :)

She Who Flies a dit…

Beautiful and deep post Hélène :-) I like how you share your journey and that's why I've just nominated you as one of my Rockin' Girl Bloggers :-)

Jana B a dit…

I love this post... I feel like I know you a lot better now!

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thankyou very much for all your kind comments:)

Vedrana M. a dit…

beautiful art, amazing :) love the moon collage, xxx

Jen a dit…

I like the turn of the body and head and the dimension it gives to the hair with the picture of the woman turned...and the real hearts and steps to the heart...wonder what the words say?

((helene)) ***