mercredi 18 juillet 2007

Getting to know you for create a connection :RAK

1) When you were going through a rough time in your life, what did someone do to help get you through that period. (you don't have to tell us about the rough time if you don't want, I just want to hear what helped you through it)

I have had many rough times in the past and my friends even if they are not there anymore because they've preferred to leave my fairy garden did a lot to me.
I receive amazing gifts, I have been lucky to be listened to and heard, via email or letters.
I have had this luck to receive Random act of kindness via postcard
It was lovely.
The latest one from px trully touched me...

I love rak
but to be honest even if I adore surprises and gifts, the best random act of kindness, is coming across a soul,noticing her, listening to her, reading her and wanting to give her some understanding.
its all in the unseen, the feeling of a sincere humanity.

I love that, and I always pay it forward!

2) Have you ever been on the receiving end of a RAK? What was it? How did it make you feel?
Recently my friend Chantal offered me a great package with a mixed media magazine and beautiful paper:) it was a great surprise as she had already sent me some beautiful papers with an art trade recently, so it was very unexpected,I was touched of course.
it makes me feel very LUCKY to have come across with lovely souls like she.

3) Have you ever sent out a letter/greeting/bunch of flowers to someone, just to cheer them up? Did you do it anonymously?

of course ^_^ I love to do that, sometimes I want it and can't find the time, but if I can afford it I do it, sometimes I love to leave anonymous comment to cheer up a stranger because I can relate to their stories

I think it's even better when you do it anonymously because it's mysterious & it is really an act of kindness with nothing expected in return:)
just for the sake of beautiful kindness for free :)

4)If you know of another good website that encourages spreading joy and love, please pass it along.
but alas there are people not very friendly there who plays to delete your profile, or who insults you etc
it s a bit boring
and of course there are greedy people who just want to receive.
so right now, I prefer to rak my true friends and soul sisters, because I don't have enough money( not at all) to give gifts to any and every one:)

Besides it is so warm in the heart to prepare surprise gifts for the ones you really care about, it's more special, especially handmade surprises!

the best rak I can do right now are offering my ear and understanding if anyone need to speak ,vent, and feel heard...I am there,just email me, it can also be anonymous, I'd be happy to try and help you, sincerely:)

Have a sweet day!
chores day today: errands and cleaning
For Goddess's sake when WILL I BE ABLE to make some art!!!!(it s been about 4 days now, I am going crazy:p)

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holly a dit…

Merci beaucoup Helenina. J'aime tu responses.

Janet a dit…

I loved reading about your RAKs and RAKs you've done. Beautiful!

Valaine a dit…

Such kind words ^__^ You have a soothing site here! I enjoyed your art, I'm excited to see more!