jeudi 5 juillet 2007

Photo thursday: I spy

for Photo Thursday: I spy at Create a Connection

create a connection, thursday photo challenge
Katherine asks us to take a picture with any and everything we could find around us so I have had fun gathering some lovely things in the messy sanctuary of mine ^_^

so there is:

- a small journal in which I write poetry, it is a gift from dearest Jen and means so much to me! I love it, a sentimental gift ^_^

-charms and metal embellishments that I adore using in my artwork but as it's expensive hum I m rather collecting them for months and using them rarely;)
I have a stupid fear since childhood: to lack of things I love.
the same for friends, to lose, to have less, less of them...I am like this for everything
so I try little by little to heal this, using things...i try not to care, not to worry...because it is silly,material, I know it costs money but if I have bought it it s better using it no??o_O

this is why I collect stickers and kawaii letter stationnery
a sheet and envie of each in a box, I use the rest but still rarely
I am weird or someone does the same???

I think I am the same for make up products, I need to take care of this obsession!
that's maybe why I buy books and don't read them, how silly I am...
the fear of ends again?

ok let's go back to the picture will you?

- there is a green pen offered by my father for my 15th birthday, I remember not enjoying much the color of it, but when I looked at the price( yes ashamed but that is me, I can not hide the true me, I love that to see the price people pay for me, I know it's sick but it belongs to my childhood story maybe, I dont know...)I was kind of shock, it is so silly to pay an expensive price for just a pen???o_O
but that is really something I love in my Father, he is so generous, seems not to care about money just love to please the ones he loves!
He is so like his mother! and I loved her so much :)

so this pen has a story, a soul,so many memories
he was with me for my baccalaureat I am quite sure!
I took places to other exams with it, I travel with it
- then there is hello kitty :-) love cute things
- a letter because there is always a letter somewhere in the room, ready to be replied to, this one is so beautiful, creative,a real surprise to me, let's be honest I rarely receive that kind of letter...I don't want to judge a book by its cover but honestly fairysoul can be seen and felt in such letters!
that's what I like!

- a deck of fairy divinatory cards
- ear rings
-my engagement ring
-swaroski rhinestones ,love them <3
-a bird plush, a fairy wren, offered by an Australian friend whom I haven t heard of in a while now? where are you?
-goddess knowledge cards offered by Chantal la fée:-)
-a beautiful pink flower barrette
-prima flowers
-glitter(we all need some fairy dust here and there)
-a mixed media magazine, one of the first I bought at ebay, will surely buy some
I would like to get a year subscription will ask santa claus, but well dont know,it s a lot of money and well I am not sure I would have time to read it ;o)
I still haven't yet read the 3 I have now so... ;)that's just me!!
- a vintage photo

well for more, have a look at the picture ,click and read the notes:)

PLEASE feel free to take part to this dialog day I have done:
dialog day by me


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Kevin D a dit…


Really sorry but I just tagged you!

Please visit for what next:-

She Who Flies a dit…

Fun fun post!!! It's nice to see some of the things you love, not from a materialistic point of view but because I believe the things we surround ourselves with say a lot about us. Thanks for sharing :-)

charlotte a dit…

Such a beautiful collection! It really seems to encompass your creative and sweet soul. Thanks for sharing!

Jen a dit…

beautiful picture of I spy collection ...looks like it could be in that book...we have a couple different versions of daughter loves is fun to discover the treasures "in plain sight"...

well, I answered to the dialogue day that you did...great job..just something that has been on my mind too, lately...and I enjoyed thinking about it, and reading your thoughts:-) oh, but now I must take care of my need for sleep...if only I didn't need as much...just enough to have a nice dream...

the things are a way to express ourselves...but sometimes I find it too easy to accumulate things..that then get "lost"...

Tricia Scott a dit…

oh helene, you blog has a new look! i love it! sorry it has been awhile since i last popped over to visit. i haven't had a lot of computer time lately.
the colors of the blog and the tree theme at the top are just perfect!

Pattie Mosca a dit…

As always your true heart exposed is such a rare and wonderful thing....

Jana B a dit…

I TOTALLY understand the fear of loosing... anything. I have a ton of books, a ton of games, a ton of yarns... because I'm afraid there won't be another opportunity to ever buy more.

But, slowly, I'm learning to accept abundance... but it takes a lot of time to re-train ourselves.

katherine a dit…

Hi Helene,

Thanks for participating in my first photo Thursday. Your photo is lovely!

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thank you for all the comments everyone :-)
weirdly enough I just received half of them, so I am answering here :)

smiles and fairy blessings***