lundi 2 juillet 2007

Poetry comfort ,crappy paintings and the power of fairytales ^_^

I close my soul mirrors & tuck myself in with thoughts of you
In the Daylight I tiptoe towards your dreams
Can you sense it can you see me
My friend my sister my Twin of the Soul
Let's walk in the forest of words where our heart beat at the same rythme
Let's dance in Oceans of silky embrace & true sharing
where we don't need to speak we smile as we get in this world of us
We understand one another as we fold our wings as we shed our 'self'
We grasp the meaning of each dots & we learn the bliss of sighs
And we patiently wait for more
More waves more swirls more gems more pearls

May I utter the words may I
because the bird in my head swirls and sings
songs for thee chirping silly melodies
you fill my heart with melted stars
like a long time lost twin you grab the pieces
Of a healing soul unison & higher understanding
All I can hear is a whispered " I don't know why I don't know why"
and the echoes flies back to me " because... because..."
what if I'm wrong what if I hurt anew
All I can say is that I'll be grateful to have met such a wonderful you


I wanted to say I'll show you my awful paintings and a fairy collage but well some person seem to like them, anyways I dont like the two paintings though the idea was interesting it feels uncomplete and awfully awkward just like me:oP
everything is available so let me know if you are interested!


Pay It Forward

Remède pour pas grandir: Ne jamais renoncer à ses rêves/ Remedy not to grow up: never giving up your dreams

6 commentaires:

Marie a dit…

Helene...what a gifted young woman you are with both words and art. I adore the poem and hope you find your Twin Sister...but I have a feeling with all the wonderful blog sisters you have out there it might be more like sextuplets or higher! I finished your surprise today. It's not as good as I hoped but I made it with you in mind and has lots of tender care and joy woven right into it...I added some of my sister's pressed flowers, so it's a bit delicate and needs to stay out of the sun. As I get better, I will send you another of even better quality. Enjoy my friend. Sunflowers and daisies my friend...sunflowers and daisies.

Gypsy Purple a dit…

Lovelies, lovelies, lovelies!!!
Love the poems and the`re good girl!!

Jana B a dit…

I LOVE the collage!!!! Do you have then for sale through an etsy shop?

Jen a dit…

our computer is having problems...surprise, surprise...not! I can not get on msn..for email either...
It has been very frustrating:(
we are still working on it...this is the first time I can get on internet...
eric had to talk to a computer person and we had to reboot everything...and in the middle of it all we had some disagreement..
I feel the full moon pulling and tossing me around, maybe...
miss you:( I've read meantime, will write on paper...the computer may or may not last until we know for sure what is going on...please don't worry if there are times of silence...I hope not, though...
it is hard to be patient...I think of you, and it supports me now.:)

Jen a dit…

today I don't know what will be with e. and me....there is just something that keeps coming up and I never let it go. I'm a bit sad and scared.
I wish I could talk with you...
you are a great poet...and I do not think there are crappy anything ...but I hope you enjoy your art these days...

Jen a dit…

one more thing:-)
When I first tried to get to your blog today...I actually found myself at your post from april 27th
the one with you standing wearing an apron with your art on it...
do you remember? I liked to read it today anyway...thought you might, too...
just finished some on my blog...but now it is late and so much I need to do. miss you^__^
maybe e. can help get msn working later...when he is home