mardi 24 juillet 2007


late improvisation

Who am I
confusions like delicate pointed star chains entangled around my mind
I breathe I close my eyes
the missings
distorted views in the mirrors of my soul
the feeling of same feeds me with delusions
How much we love to dance with rains of illusions
So blessed & yet bleeding beneath the wings
Who am I
Repeat the sybilline dots that will say everything
for me now
Perhaps there is a truth behind that curtain
Or maybe is this again little miss Molasses
who takes pleasure torturing me
The hiatuses make me forget for blind I may be safe
This all can be untouched unscathed
Who am I
When I found those alleys that make me sigh
Wondering if in parallel lives I am really the me I am
or if this twin in the lookin-glass is my reality
The path written for me

(...) to be continued or not

I'm just fine...kinda sad & feeling the sheer loneliness in the depths of my heart.

7 commentaires:

Valaine a dit…

Wow, so deep!! So beautiful, I feel quite similar.

Jen a dit…

Hi Helene,
I am sorry you were feeling kind of sad and lonely
...I hope we can talk soon.
this poem reads very pretty...
the first few lines, give a so clear image of confusions that can hurt with
missing you as usual as time goes by...hug?love, Jen

Jana B a dit…


She Who Flies a dit…

Sending you the warmest hug. I won't comment more on this post here since I just did so on Flickr.

Jes a dit…

wow...beautiful writing, I hope you're feeling better, though you have such a way with words.....

Marie a dit…

You are able to capture things so well with your words...rains of illusions..
I like Little Miss Molasses too...
Who did the portrait?

Hugs my friend...remember you are loved......

windy angels a dit…

So beautiul Helene. I wonder how often, and how tightly woven your beloved spirit and my own are travelling beside, within - "the sheer loneliness in the depths of my heart".
Angels be with you beautiful one,
Wendy XO