jeudi 12 juillet 2007

To postpone Death, Live & Love now...

This is what I wrote for the dialog friday at create a connection, if you don't know create a connection, go have a look, it's a beautiful place to interact with beautiful creative and kind souls!

I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by losing.
Anais Nin

We always say that life is short, times flies and all these things to remember it's Time Now ,here & now to enjoy ourself, to take risk, to say we love, to love, to live the moment in spite of the way we can look, in spite of what others will say or think...

I love that quote by Anais nin.
It reminds me my path, the way I live , the way I always cancel death, the way I may talk about it in art but to say, go catch me, I am way too alive for you!

I am amongst the silly dreamers who wants to live forever ;)
I always want to live above life and to remember this is a Real Luck to be Alive!

Some people are struggling for their life, for their health, some are fighting for freedom...
I feel I have to remind myself each time this blessing of being alive, of breathing, of having health, friends, family & a brain to think, a soul to dream...

I postpone death by Loving deeply, by sharing my soul, and living in the offering of me, pieces of me, for the ones who want, who have something to take, to feel understood and less alone...
I postpone death by poetizing existence( I have this blessing to see the world of the unseen and to not stop on the surface, I always dig deeper and sometimes I guess it makes people feel weird when I speak 'familiarly' to them because I want to believe we can all be brothers and sisters), making art, loving with passion like in fairy tales! art ,thinking and writing poetry is a big part of my inner life, I scatter the inner garden of all my dreams in the real world, I make it look real to me, it feels so good!
I am very thankful to have dared to go this artist's path, because I could have chosen to give up, to choose the wrong and never LIVE the real me, inside, let her wither and die...
and I know I still have a lot to do for my artist's path if I want it really and to be a full time artist who can really handle a living with her art.

I also love dressing up like a fae child, to entertain myself, to feel my youth and eccentricities are still there and I am so alive, I can still swirl in my fairy skirt even if I am already 28 I can sing and dance if I want to ^_^
I free my mind, I accept and tolerate my silly eccentricities, I dont ever refrain myself from being me because of the proprieties?(good manners?)
I just let go, I speak loud if I want to, I tell the truth, what I think
I keep being wildly spontaneous, even if I know I surely look ridiculous sometimes :)
but whatever :)
I mean ridicule hasn t ever killed anyone has it?

I think to postpone death of any kind, as it can be metaphorical if we look deeper underneath...
I let my inner fae child live and speak her mind!
I forget my age and other's eyes, I love and I am real.
This is maybe the best freedom I have ever found.

Taking risk is also very important, because don't we then feel more alive?
when we give up , when we abandon ourselves , because it's too late, we're too old for this and that and nobody cares after all...all these things make death win, and take pieces of our breathing spirit!
so I take risk to show who I am, to love and to lose the ones I cherish, though losing them because they have better things to do is much easier than because it's their time :(

I always think about death , strangely enough when we see the life and childhood smiling melodies of my art, but death is the last door, and I'll never be ready for that!
so I have to live and love now, more and more!
I also remind myself not to dwell too much in the egocentric laments whenever I feel down...I open myself, I share my worries and sadness with my dear friends, because it's also a way to postpone death, we often think we might bore them to death, we might look so childhish to be sad for fuss, but our friends feel touched when we confide, it shows we trust and value their friendship!
It shows we can count on them!We believe in the light they can scatter in our dark gardens.

I also have postpone death by suffering and making mistakes a lot in the Past, I needed that to learn, to feel passion of life...I remember the sad past and maybe finally all these things were just a need of Love, not a real wanting to die and give up, by suffering I clang to what was real and essential to me.

I am so happy to be alive, so tell me creative souls out there how do you postpone death? do you LIve/love enough each day?
do you sometimes feel you've lost too much of your time in procrastination, self doubt, lack of self esteem, fear of daring?

you can answer here, or if you are inspired to write a novel about it ;) ;) write at your blog and put the static link of your post here, I'll be happy to read your thoughts, thanks for taking part and reading:)

Many blessings and a beautiful weekend to everyone!

and here my latest artworks:

Where Is My Hurt?
title: Where is my hurt?
23x31cm on watercolor paper

it's Heart not art
a handmade postcard(for a friend)

welcome to my land of dreams
15x21cm(for a friend)

dream(for a friend)

We used to be so carefree #124

Be Blessed by the Faery sprite2
for a wonderful art trade with a fairy:)

Whenever I miss her #125
for the one art squared a day series( I am trying to finish this collection,then I'll do something different)
title: Whenever I miss her

Inner Garden Beauty
title: Inner Garden Beauty
24x32cm on watercolor paper
the words say:in her soul inside her heart, wounds and flowers
and just above the window: first day (all words in French)

Athena's Whispers

title: Athena's Whispers
23x31cm on watercolor paper
the words say: a strong friend in you

Athena is the Goddess of Friendship(not only) and she shows the limitlessness of what a smart & creative woman can do...

and now some pictures I've had fun to take last week:

Love ridden, I've looked at you

I was staring at the sky, just looking for a star


you and I

my sebastien, alias, Pampe Le Mousse ^_^

You'll remember me like a melody

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Mich a dit…

Your words are beautiful, your artwork spectactular, and you are exquisite!

She Who Flies a dit…

Great post and powerful quote by Anaïs Nin, whose novels and diaries offered me ways to postpone "dying" years ago, when I needed inspiration. Death is inevitable, as is suffering, but I find that the more fully we live, the more we give to each day, the more resourceful we are in the face of loss. Imagine living a "smaller" life so that we get less hurt? It seems that some people find comfort in that (?), but to me that would be dying a little bit more every day.... I need to find the spark, feel the connection and the joy of being and contributing.. on a daily basis.

Marie a dit…

You are one of the most passionate "living" souls I know. No one could ever accuse you of not postponing death. My favorite part "I postpone death by Loving deeply, by sharing my soul, and living in the offering of me, pieces of me, for the ones who want, who have something to take." You do love deeply; and you love freely...and having the heart of a child could never be wrong. How do you find the time to do so many wonderful pieces of art? I'm so glad you chose the art path too. You make our world a better place every day my friend. I'm off with my family camping, so I shall see you next week while you are sleeping, because I'm finishing my class. Take care faery friend. Thanks for being you.

carole a dit…

Bonjour Helenina:
You are not only a beautiful soul but a BEAUTIFUL woman!!!
I agree with Marie that you are a passionate "living" soul amongst we mere mortals!!!
The black & white photo is provocative and innocent all in one!!!
Your art is wonderful
Your friend

Vedrana M. a dit…

beautiful art work!!!! love it, and you're lovely too :)

Emma a dit…

great post your words are inspiring!