vendredi 20 juillet 2007

I'm ten years old again ^_^

so this week I have received my art trade with Helene Geraud la fée who creates magical fairy wands, heart trees,wands in pot like a plant for wishes;) lovely brooches and pockets
Your fairytales are real

I was so spoiled as she added surprises in her amazing package ^___^
I got lovely brooches you can see at her blog and a lovely violet pocket.

hopeless romantic
She also offered me things to use in my art woooh oooh,it was xmas in summer:)
I feel oh so lucky to have had this opportunity to come across her artsy soul :)
but I dont say so to be envied or something I just want to share my bliss with you ^_^

Blissful Romance
I think that picture is my new fav :-)
I love love love whiteness purity, enchantement of elvish lands ;);)

The Sugar of Life

make a wish

so now I bet some of you will want a wand:-)
I am never into making advertisement for others but it's 59 euros and definitly worth the price :-)
I think it's an amazing gift for a little girl, something precious and unique!
but for a big children like us all friends it's even better, one of the best gift, because it makes you feel back in touch with the fae child inside you, it makes you feel you're ten years old again, it's wonderful:-)

I am tidying and changing the whole bedroom, putting the bed in another place etc, to make a change, to start my new life even more, though we might move this year but still not sure when...

went for shopping for food this week and could not resist to show you my fruits basket:)

Eat more Fruits

because I have read about healthy diet of tribes in foreign countries, who lived old and didn't have any serious disease, which shows that an healthy diet is the best ever
eat fruits and veggies my friends!
yes I have also bought cucumber, tomatoes and carots, but could not put everything in the basket;)
it's seb that is going to be happy ^_^
no he did eat some veggies too:-)

Hey Chantal, thank you so much for the beautiful Karyn Gartel card, I love it!thank you for sharing your joy, I so understand because she is a great artist, and I love it when she makes it simple, she opens new horizons:)
thank you for your kind advice and reminders!

latest artworks

self discovery
nothing amazing but I have spent lots of time on it and then I was not completely satisfied, it happens, but it s ok:)

It's made with a picture of she who flies
I remembered wanting to make art with her picture since a while and so now it's done
it talks about self discovery
why then I did not take a pic of me?
well first because I made it for her and also because I wanted to enlarge this to self discovery in general
to tell others there is no age to begin introspection and getting to know our deep self
it s never to late to be in touch with our spiritual path and grow,learn, evolve...
in the pebble it is written "through"

reminded me alanis songs
the only way out is through...
because sometimes we get frustrated, we feel not enough and we want a quick fix, we dont want to get through that journey of self discovery through our worries, doubts, impatience etc
we can not really healt and get to make peace with our two sides if we dont get through it
I loved that song because I have also lived all that alanis talks about, I m feeling much better now, but it's beautiful to see we're not alone in the way we've evolved suffered, learnt and so forth

You're alive!Celebrate!

title: You're alive! Celebrate!
it s about 21x20cm and it's available.

Ok what did I forget? I am in a hurry so forgive me the quick writing so random ;)
I went to the hair dresser with my love sebastien

sebastien & moi

played a little with photoshop to make childish cute digital art

again nothing amazing, but in this the most important is that I enjoy myself :-)

My H list( not sure if that was the last letter I was at, but nevermind, I am so forgetful wonder if I will arrive until z ;)

1)honesty, very important, I feel dirty and uncomfortable when I am not completely honest...I think a life without honesty especially to oneself is full of sadness, so tragic

2)Hopscotch love love the word and the game, it's also in a song by bel canto, how much I love bel canto

3)haven, the room inside my soul where I can close my eyes and feel safe

4)hurt, a beautiful word, for the sound, but of course it's sad to feel it...yet hurt always inspired me...maybe was it a way to fight it? to turn it into beauty and creativity?

5)hecate, love this goddess of the Moon, of insanity and of the underworld...because of the passion behind it

6)hierarchy, eeeeeeek no more comment :-)

7)hands , love them very much, helping hands, touching hands, holding hands in sweet or tough times...too bad I still can not draw them that well

8)hippie chic, being gypsy and elegant ;)

9)hypocrisy, well what could be said about this?too bad/sad for them...

10)hyperboles, loves them, love to exagerrate;)

11)hysteric, me when I see a furry spider :D or any kind of black unidentified insects:oP

12)higher understanding: learning, teaching ,sharing,connecting with the unseen world, with God/Goddess,helping myself and others...

I & J list...yes why not :o)
3)Illustrator, I want to become one...I am one already but haven t been published or chosen yet for it
4)Imagination, what would life be without?
5)Innamoramento :-) beautiful magical
8)Inner garden

1)Jealousy, something interesting to analyze and decipher why we could feel that way?
2)juice, like fruit juices, I love that so much!
3)judgement...silly, waste of time, who are we to judge, and yet I know I have been judgemental many times...silly human beings we can be :o)
4)Jade, the name the stone, pretty
5)jaded, love the word, but not the mood
6)jail, sometimes we create our own alas...and we have the key to set ourselves free
7)jacuzzi, wish I had one but it's my luxury drawn side:) I think and forget,it s allowed to dream:)
8)jewel, love them! since I am 3 years old, have pictures,it s so funny, I used to wear two different ear rings;) so cute, I was already an original ;) ahah
9)joke, enjoy people who joke, who are funny,lively,entertaining:-)
I like when people dont take themselves seriously,and though it does not show here, because maybe I'm more cerebral than a joker, I really can be funny, well at least I make my father & sebastien laugh oh and myself quite a few times ;)
10)joy, beautiful name and feeling evanescent though
11)junkie, supposed former soul infatuation junkie ;)(reference to alanis album)
12)June, I think it's a cute name, months are weird as name but june and april are very cute:-)
though in France people would not pronounce it beautiful so I wont choose these names;)
13)japanese marble tree!
14) japanese fruitsy fashion
15)japanese manga, cute stuff, japanime etc, seb is hooked on these things:) we'll have to visit japan one day:)
16)Jen, of course...because it might be a very popular name in the world especially in the usa, but there is only one Jen in my soul garden:)I heart you dear;)

6 commentaires:

She Who Flies a dit…

This post of full to the brim with goodness! I won't have room here to respond to everything.. but want to say: I'm so enjoying the bliss this beautiful wand is bringing you. Enjoy its magic and all your goodies!!! Your favorite photo is also my fave. It has part fairy (elemental) energy, part angel energy. Perfect! Also, I'm glad you got the card so quick and liked it. I just had to send it to you, to remind you... for the days you forget :-)

Ok, and I'll finish with this... You wrote "there is no age to begin introspection and getting to know our deep self". I hope you're not inferring that I AM old?!!! ;-)

Sacred Suzie a dit…

The wand is stunning and so are your photos and art. I'm glad you're embracing your little girl spirit, she is much wiser than she is given credit for. Enjoy the joy.

Hélène a dit…

Thank you Hélène...
It was a great pleasure to meet you and to
make this art trade with you !
I am so glad you love your magic wand...
enjoy your bliss !

Jen a dit…

glad you are feeling like a child..
so free and joyful..
the fruit basket looks great!

Marie a dit…

Helene...The wand is amazing, and every little girl and big girl loves them! I was going to ask you what her address was, but I see that it's on your post. I 'll have to visit her. Loving seeing the little girl in her pure white come's a sacred part of us.

Marie a dit…

Hey...I can't click on it! Can you give us the wand site?