mardi 3 juillet 2007

Sebastien's blog

hey friends! if you have a moment, feel free to have a look at my love's blog and say hi!
he is doing so many funny cute things and seems to be popular with the girls ahah ;)
he is trying to keep a commitment to illustration friday so that he will be motivated to work more for himself:)

blessings, sweet dreams***

4 commentaires:

Jen a dit…

thank you for posting this...I tried to look up the blog when I first got your email of it..but couldn't and then meant to mention it to you...and I wanted to be able to send anyone sebastien's way...this looks like a different address? maybe? I will try...
still no luck with the says to insert a disc..this is all happening after having to "reboot" I'm not sure if I missed any message from you from before or not...:(
I did not know seb did illustration friday...I've heard of it and think I've seen some of that before...anyways.....

popular with the girls;-)

Jen a dit…

ooh, I got to it...^___^

I see what you mean ;) ;)

Fairylady a dit…

Hello Hélène!

Eh oui je suis toujours là, je me cache, mais je suis toujours présente, je suis tes blogs et ton site (j'aime beaucoup le relooking de celui-ci à ce propos) de loin...
Comme toujours je suis fan, j'aime beaucoup tes dernières peintures, ton style a beaucoup évolué, on sent une nouvelle maturité de l'artiste qui se révèle peu à peu ;-)
Moi rien de neuf, life goes on, le train train habituel ! Louis a bien grandi, il court maintenant, c'est un petit ange (même s'il est parfois déguisé en petit démon !)

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

merci pour ton petit mot Stéphanie:)
j'espère que tu vas bien.

faery blessings***