samedi 7 juillet 2007

Inside War vs Inner Peace ( We need both to learn to love to fly)

The inside war
my inside war, my doubts, my deep anger...
we had promised ourselves never to abandon us again, never to give in never to give up
we promised never to Judge again...and we keep doing it,hurting ourselves...

La vie en rose # 122

this one cheered me up, I needed sweetness
I love sugar!! :-)

Le desespoir de vivre/The despair Of Life

This can a confusing artwork due to the title, but I love "confusing" others ;)

In fact it was inspired by a letter of a friend who wrote a sentence that echoes to reminiscence of an old land, mine perhaps?
she wrote she did not want to live, reaching a lack of taste, lack of passion for life, lack of strength
I was so moved...

Then the quote by A.Camus
"there is no Love of life without Despair of life"

and this is so true
We reach the rock bottom, we love so much, it aches
the beauty of this life, giving, wanting to be useful, diving and forgetting ourselves in the charms of abnegation, shedding ourselves way too thin too much...
unable to say no.
We need to be needed
this devotion linked to this amazing love for life can lead us to the despair...

Because maybe there is no Glory for the devoted
Of course there is the Pay it forward, I believe in that but not always
I also can see selfishness, egocentrisme, self centeredness

and why wouldn't we be selfish?
We have the right to want something back?
we are human.

We need to be seen and loved too. we need higher understanding.

so this painting is not about " life is a bitch" at all ^_^
I am not that girl anymore ahah, thanks Goddess!

When is enough enough#123

the title for this one is inspired by tori amos song, so sad so angry...
it's sad to see our beloved ones slowly fade away because things are not that easy to handle always...

The sky of Broken Promises

this echoes the inside war.
still flowers are growing in spite of the greyish skies
but of course without rain there is no flowery gardens...naive but true ;)

May your Home Shine like the core of your soul

this is made as a potential collage trade for Helene
fee un voeu

this charming creative fairy sister of name, gently posted kind words on my collages and wanted to buy some, which truly made my day
But then being touched by her elegant and childish fantasy world I decided to have an art trade with her :)

It is for me an honour, because I really love the beauty she makes and because it's so different from me, it is so marvelous, such a luck and existing to have these opportunities!
I am lucky and I know that!
It is also very reassuring in time of doubts and inside wars to be cheered up by kind strangers:)

like signs of angels and fairies...

The Journey within

and here it is me, shyly playing at photoshop, ahah I'll never be a digital artist, no patience for this thing
It was just for fun, to try :-)

Now Mich ask us this
"What do you fill your cup with each day?

Now is the time to explore this esoteric question. Seal the cracks in your own cosmic vessel so that you may soothe your soul and revitalise your life force."

I will make it short though I'd love to write and think again ^_^but I have an impatient love and the harmony is broken due to having just one computer now till next week maybe?( we made a deal but I can't say more)
so he will be mad if I spend an hour more on the computer when he has to work on it ;oP

so I feel my cup with:

- thinking: may it medidating, vizualising positive energies to feel better,sharing lights for others...there is no day without me diving in the core of my mind to dig some gem and pebbles and anything to pave my bridge through this existence...

-art of course, even when I dont create anything, I get inspire, I think about what to do next and the colors and ideas dance in my head, I know I can do something sometimes I get stuck with bad vibrations and low self esteem...

-Inspiration..quotes, wisdom, reading others, wandering on internet, being touched inspired, contemplating the beauty of humanity,of this Earth,traveling through mind or virtually...

-positive energies, if it's not mine I am so lucky to have luminous soul sister and magical witches of Light around me, who are inspiring women, they have the power to really spread their positive energies, I can feel it in my work,in the way I grow/evolve and in the sharing. It is beautiful,soothing, I thank you for this!

-writing, may it be just a word, a small poems, a letter,a comment here and there, writing is a way to reconnect to the self and to others, to build a strong self, to be true and naked to dare to be wrong and just be ourselves with no gloss no pretense
a deep deliverance...I need that
It's important and relieving to say it all...nevermind if it's sappy bullshit sometimes or not sugar coated words...
Denial and keeping it all to ourselves is self emprisonment.

- music, the melodies of Nature, birds, the humming of trees,the rain, or of course any and each of my cds, I also enjoy singing,a way to let go, to disconnect and to free my mind :-)

there would surely be more to write, but for now it'll be enough
Beautiful weekend to everyone, may you be fine and feel loved***

5 commentaires:

Sacred Suzie a dit…

Your artwork is so amazing and I love that self portrait of you! You have many wonderful things that fill your cup, this is a blessing.

TurtleHeart a dit…

Your artwork is lovely and inspiring. I, too, use creative work as a way to "fill my cup" and work through my emotions.

Marie a dit…

You are a beautiful soul; and I love to read your writing and see your latest creations. It's too difficult to pick a favorite because they're all so wonderful...but I really like what you did with the beads. I bought some beads last week to use for grass in a picture...your words and what fills you were nostalgic. I think that you are truly who you are in your blog. You put it all out there... BTW, did you get my package? I hope it came in good condition...I was having a hard time getting it sent...

Steph a dit…

You are so incredibly talented! I am inspired!!!

Mich a dit…

so, so beautiful!