jeudi 26 juillet 2007

Will you make art for me if I die?

Will you make art for me if I die?

23x31cm on watercolor paper

" I want to be loved here & now and even beyond this life ,not to be forgotten, echoing in your hearts so please paint me write me sing me draw me poetize my soul and what you see of me through my big eyes which are so often surprised
love me so that I dont/can't die make my heart vibrate to the loving echoes don't leave me alone breathing each day love my beauty forgiven and accept my ugliness see what I really am under the bitter rind the softness of my fruits,through my paintings my bittersweet delights I'm so in need of Love that sometimes I'm chocking I forget myself and I die and rebirth in my poetry but if tomorrow I die I only ask this from you will you paint for me let me live again in the emotion juices of your watercolors ,in the waltz of the words of your writings reassure me I am so scared sometimes Forget me not Love me love me love me even if I'm not here anymore.
God loves his children
God loves his children
God loves his children..."

7 commentaires:

Valaine a dit…

I saw that heart flash in my mind just before falling asleep last night! I love this! :)

Calabrisella a dit…

Uau! che bello!
piacere di leggere il tuo blog...



windy angels a dit…

I love the colours of this, the background, the white writing - wishing so that I had studied languages, that I could read what you've written. I'll just write it in my own mind.
Angels be with you beautiful,
Wendy XO

Marie a dit…

I will make art for you; because you so willingly give art to us! She's so colorful...and again, you create so beauty! Enjoy your weekend...

Mich a dit…

This painting took my breath away! You are so incredibly talented. I feel as though I can see your soul in your work.

Love & rainbows,

windy angels a dit…

Ah yes, "God loves his children", even though sometimes it does not feel that way when we see all the sadness in this world and carry it through our lives.
Thank you for sharing these words Helene and thank you for the e-mail. Most certainly I will make art for you if you die, whenever you die, regardless of the circumstances. I suspect that you, beautiful angel, would need more to make art for us in your beautiful angelness as we would be ever so sad to lose you.
I am ever beside you. I will get back to you soon.
Angels be with you,

dintoons a dit…

absolutely LOVE this one... especially the divine heart!!! :o)