samedi 30 juin 2007

My answers to adversity

tagged by my dear faery friend Marie and inspired by this blog:

okay as I have spent enough time on the computer today I will make it shorter as can be as I dont know if people will read and that'll be useful or not etc
so let's go

I first asked my sweet love about it and it was rather funny, he is so funny, we dont react the same way ahah ^_^he is the cool one...I see him, the tsunami can pass over his head he take a deep breath let it pass and try not to worry about it more,it is what it is, I love to think he is so wise and cool Peace out! you know!
but he is just a careless guy:oP
he is very casual always ^_^ no drama with him not an overwhelming avalanche of emotions! thank God I saw a tear in his eyes once or twice ;oP
or else I would question but he is like that, I have accepted that,it mostly makes me laugh now and it also helps me a lot for his behaviour helps me take distance and see things a different way!

he is sometimes the voice of my counsciousness ;-)

so me facing adversity?

If I remember my depression I would say I don't face things when I get too fragile and emotional, I just got them like a violent slap in the face, and I endure
I dive in the dark waters, I sometimes hate myself my weakness, my being too sensitive and so I drown myself! I abandonned myself!

Rigt now it is much different!
so here are my ideas or advice to face adversity:

1) Be sure of what you REALLY want! this is your life, this is your soul and you have to decide as painful and difficult it can look sometimes, believe me I know, it s awful and great this free will!

When you are aware of what you need want, you just go for it or stop crying like a baby and dreaming because this gets boring!
I have had fights in the Past with lovely girls, I dont deny they were sweet and fragile and I might have been cruel with frankness, but I could not motherize

People are complacent in the safety of darkness sometimes, there are ways out of this
I dwell in possibilities

and I get easily annoyed at cowardice, mine as well, dont worry!
( oooh I have such a nice lover, he is cooking for me!!! I am blessed really, if you have seen the hoovering picture you know I am so lucky ahah, well it's not like this always, I have to notice that ahah, memory for later ;)

I Have spent years in procrastination self doubt, self hatred and whatever, I could have decided earlier to change this!
But maybe I learnt through this

I think it's different for everyone to know when it's time for a change because you are killing yourself not deciding to LIVE deeply not making your Bliss alive, come to life, be there be here and now!

I know I have still so much to learn, and to do to feel proud of me, but I dont mind that.
I am glad of where I am and I enjoy the journey right now it s more confused and worried but we'll be fine I know that :-)

2)Find the ways the better ways ^___^

this reminds me the beautiful soul of Kurt Cobain<3

I think there is not only one way to get to where we want to be, to become who we are.
the adversity might be failure, might be believing we lack of this and that but maybe we do compare too much!

3) I agree with that
"2. Take Responsibility - Rather than blaming anything or anyone, I force myself to take a hard look at the situation at hand and see how I might have attracted it to me (i.e. Was it my attitude? Was it my ego? Was I careless or impulsive? Was I too attached to the outcome?)"

seen here:
not sure who wrote this, it s a bit confused, haven t looked at the profile etc so I imply it is Stephen?

It's important to be responsible for what happens to us, making decisions, being mature and sensible about it, aware of the risks of rejections,failures etc

what is life if we don't take any risks? people often say they want inner peace, I want to be fine in peace with myself, but this idea of inner peace sounds very much like boredom,not waves,no swirls, no wind, no rain?

we need seasons and the magick of emotions dont we?

4)get surrounded by believing mirrors because you can run be your worste enemy at times.
I am blessed, I have lovely friends, creative souls ,wise faeries who gives me energies and positive lights to see clearer, to improve, to evolve and stop doing the same mistakes again and again!

to come back to the responsibility thing believe me rare are those who take them, we say adult, but it s but a word, I have met lots and lots of adults who truly behave like child!
when I see silly things on tv that people are ashamed to not drive in a beautiful car because they lost their job and what their neighbours will think?
I m like o_O say what????huh?

I mean we live this life for us, not to look beautiful to others and please them and be wonderfully judge, because who CARES?

I think many persons have still to be delivered from this, freed from this!
I don't really know why we fear some much the eyes of others because after all they are human and faulty like us, they have dreams and doubts like us, they are insecure like us, we all can be in that place.some just hide it better.

5)never betray or abandon yourself! because it takes time to heal!

6) ask for help dare to shed your self, be real, be the truth the fragile and naked truth, be what you like in others/muses/mentors/friends/sisters/ideals...take pieces ,get inspired, make your own glow, share your own spark! your light is one of a kind and you have to believe in this!

and because you've been nice and patiently reading I offer you this, singing out loud is always a wonderful way to fight adversity ^_^
( and there is art, expression writing blablabla(...)

Tori is beautiful, but I really dont like much songs like body and soul or bad man on her last cd, they are boring, body and soul is so annoying to my ears wooooh...but I still love her:) I think it's more real when we can not like things from people we love and admire and still love them truly:)

beautiful weekends, be gentle to your soul and beloved ones***

if you want to share your own answers to adversity consider yourself tagged ^_^and let me know:)

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Jen a dit…

such good advice by your words...
you are sure to help people who will read your heart-felt, wise included...
what an opportunity adversity is...
to grow and get strong, and to be available to help others through sharing the experience and the wisdom is the silver lining...and it is true what you say, about how much better it is to have the swirls...rather than too much "inner peace" or sameness/boredom...and I really appreciate your #1, but like them all...all have meaning I see...

thank you, Helene!

I think this is a very worthwhile activity...thinking about and answering these questions.

change of subject--how do you put youtube on your blog..I will try again to do it..
beautiful song, Horses......I like how this song (like others of hers too) is like singing and like talking and emoting all at once to me).

I don't suppose you are on msn..too early :(

btw I did something quick and put on flikr. It's not much but I'm "revving my engine"(brrrm, brrrm--engine noise;-) and getting started again, with living...dreaming, planning, acting...

btw also, your description of seb, sounds like eric;-) I think they would be funny if ever they got together...I wonder what the conversation would be like..hehe..well, anyway...they both know how to hoover..kidding, seb;-)

there's nothing like a friend by your side through adversity:)
goodnight dear friend -----*

carole @scoundrelsandrogues a dit…

You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo French; fragile, youthful and delicate.
Almost like a Fairy : )
You are a breath of fresh air honi; even on some blogs they sound trite and staged. You bare you soul for the world to see. You are very daring!!!
Possibilities Ah that is you!!!
The Possibilities Princess Fairy;
Stay real and talk, question (even yourself) and you will continue your passage in this play called "Life"
You are darling

She Who Flies a dit…

Very interesting post Hélène. I really enjoyed it. Honest, as usual. And full of hope and light. Yes, taking responsibility (using our "ability to respond" to the best we can)is essential. Sometimes, it is so tempting to blame situations and people... but by not taking responsibility and not choosing to respond in a way that will allow us to grow some more from the challenge, issue... we end up giving our power and life force away! We can't change the people who hurt us, nor can we always change the situations we find ourselves faced with, but we can ALWAYS choose the way we look at things, as well as our response. This is not denial of the issue (for the issue needs to be acknowledged first), but a case of us choosing growth, freedom, consciousness, soul, vitality... over feeling stuck and powerless.

Marie a dit…

For someone who thinks they don't handle adversity well, I felt strong, powerful words of wisdom come from you.

My favorite: "When you are aware of what you need want, you just go for it or stop crying like a baby and dreaming because this gets boring!" This made me laugh out loud! It's so true that we get tired of whiners...
and of course, you gotta be sure to get Tori in the singing out loud. For such a young woman, you are quite wise. Thanks for sharing...

Caronas EACH a dit…


I love your paintings, songs and words.

Rafael Labate, from Brazil.