mardi 12 juin 2007

latest work and B list and many smiles***

Some recent artworks, the two 28x28cm art squared are made for a comissioned piece asked by Mary ann, wonder which one you've decided to take, the one you prefer ?
let me know ^_^(ok she has just chosen the upside down faery girl ;)
thank you so much for the prompt payment Mary ann and for your support!
it means a lot, I am dancing right now wooooooh OOOOOOOh thank you so much, it was my first comissioned piece ^_^
that's a big encouragement even if it leaves seb as cold and quiet as icicle ,grrrr
stupid Mars planet!
Then the other one will also be available if anyone is interested.

Fairy friends and voodoo dolls

this one is called: fairy friends & voodoo dolls
all around it it is written:
" Upside down her loving thoughts are dangling flames & icicles hidden in her hair " will you make it easy or will I have to sing + dance with my voodoo dolls because anytime you give sugar to other flowers I'm pouring rain and growing thistles"

that was a very spontaneous thought sharing. I think it's about jealousy, passion in friendship, getting insecure and then possessive ,aching due to silence, assuming things, feeling worried, are we really loved? are we really interesting?

I can get that passionate and full of flames in friendship, too dramatic and romantic ahahah that's just the whimsy pisces I am ;)

Haven't you ever got angry at some friend, felt they just give the same to anyone and wondered if you really had your own place in their heart.
In the past it used to be obsession to me.

The dare to be brave dare to be true, is there to show that we can play with voodoo dolls,be envious,jealous, want the exclusive bond ,the unique silver tie, but the most important is just like in Love: honesty, being brave, telling the truth, sharing our insecurities, what makes us doubt the friendship, the interest of the other etc...

we sometimes ache in silence. take our love back. when daring is the answer, we always get much more taking risk than remaining in silence and never getting close enough to what we really want in fairy friendship:)

what is behind her sad smile

l'arbre des soupirs( the tree of sighs)#119

Mon amie, ma jumelle # 120

fade away & rise

fade away & rise

fade away & rise

I love that kind of blurry picture, evanescent,fleeting moments,very light and pure.

On risque de pleurer un peu si l'on s'est laissé apprivoiser...

On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.

some garden pictures at seb's grandmother.

me of today ^_^

me of today ^_^

my new ear rings arrived yesterday! they are so pretty!
I thought they would be silver, but it's brass color, vintage, very lovely,but I would have prefer silvery color.
but they are still my favourite ear rings now;)

Today I got a translation to do French/English
I have already's boring as hell!
but I need some pocket money for new painting and quality paper sheet as I want to paint and paint again ^_^I'm in love with this ;)

I keep playing tori amos new cd, can't get enough of it
I adore pip duet " smokey joe" so mysterious and full of gloom :)

I am very fine these days :)
super happy that I didn't have the monthly migraine, just a very boring and tiring headache at seb's mother, but oh well, it was tiring!

You know the way she thinks, the way we have to think money, future, security and the way I think bohemian life...and truly our life is getting more and more bohemian...
we eat at any hour, late in general, we get to bed later and later which I dont enjoy much because it looks on my eyes and I will have to buy expensive cream to hide or better correct this ;oP

I have many things to do.
I should write a planning or something.

if you're waiting a letter or email from me please be patient, I have not enough hours in a day for everything ;o)
but I am thinking of you ^_^

my B list now ( yes I have time for some frivolity sometimes ;o) ahah)

1)Birthday...I used to care about this so much. mine as a child, the idea of presents ^_^ just made me so happy, I sometimes wish for birthday each month that would be great ;o)
I feel it's been ages sebastien hasn t offered me a surprise, something wrapped and that I dont know what is inside...sighs
I used to think my friends birthday were important too,and was the first to send cards, letters, tiny surprises if I could not afford big
Now I am forgetful, I miss them, I'm not a very good friend in this...I just really love my friends everyday, I dont need a special occasion to let them know I care.
I know we all enjoy a thought, a small gift on that day, but sometimes I just forget or can t.

2)babies... I love them...I'm not even sure right now if it's the best moment for me.
I think because of the inside tick tock of my woman body, I feel it's time, I know later, things get complicated, and I'll be older, more easily tired etc...
I don't know.
I have also to get myself ready to the fact things wont go my way and so seb will not find a job so no baby...
life is life... I guess...

3)Beauty....sighs, beauty, is wonderful, delicious,magical,an intoxication for me
beauty in the eyes, beauty in the soul, in the face, in the make up too ^_^ like gwen stefani's song.
Beauty is poetry, truth, freedom beauty is nurturing, inspiring, invading, obsession...
Now what is this beauty?how do we find it? I truly think that like truth there is our way to see, feel,interprete things, so we can find beauty somewhere and people won't see it... I can get fascinated by things/persons I feel the beauty...

4)Balance, we all want this.
I sometimes can say I am sure I have found balance between my highs & low, doubts and acknowledgement of my skills and potentials,melancholy and bliss, my lights and darkness... I feel I am always growing, evolving.
I sometimes get stuck and have the tendency to fall in wrong ways of seeing myself, being too harsh, too demanding,egocentric or whatever...but It does not last long now.
I welcome the negative emotions, the sadness, everything, I deal with them, I select information to keep from these and I analyze and heal and rise again ^_^
but I have a nasty tendency to love to complain when I am so depressed and lonely and empty...I know I am so boring when I do that
but it makes me grow a very wide indulgence with others ;-)

5)Blessings, I love spreading fairy blessings here and there, I think we all need some beautiful positive energies in our daily routine. to scatter some sunbeams in the lonely gardens.

6)Bitterness, it's a feeling I can't bear, in me in others.
I get angry at myself when I speak with cynic ways, when I am careless and disapointed in everything, it's ugly.
I have been so damn bored by all the men I met who were so bitter about Love, oh my!
they always had to talk about all the drawbacks in couple, or the one who wanted to be with me and had to find faults in sebastien so I could see how better they were...
I think bitterness is pathetic because we are this way because we can't see hopes at all, we are blind by our dark way of thinking, envious,jealous and so hopeless about life...I have been there,I believe we can find the way out...but I have been bitter a lot in friendship to be honest and envious of the one who had found their precious soul sister and that the bond was unique, so real and shared to the world.

7)balderdash, I love the idea of saying Nonsensical things, I have poetry in my head full of weirdness, surrealist and with no instant meaning, just spontaneous waltz with words, I never share them, I think people will wonder if I am sane ahah ^___^
but I keep them in my mind:o)

an extract:

strawberry thoughts gliding on your lips, you whispers in violet clouds to show me that window of nettles and that panel that says "pick the right chord"

I could go on and on...but I protect these silly poems for me and maybe precious one if they beg to read, but most of the time I think it only make Me smile :)

8)Banshees...I love them...they inspired me a lot...they are seen in Ireland like female spirit wailing and warning of death in a house, but to me they are hurt women who need to be love & I have begged for Love my whole life ... I think that what touch me a lot in human being is their need for love, approval, gaze on them, interaction... it's painful when they deny it.
I have denied for a long time, been the cold distant icy queen, feeling independent, thinking I could do it all alone, not wanting to Need anyone!
now I am able to say when I need a friend, need to listened too, to vent etc

9) lovely and exciting!

10)Beginning, I love them, it's full of enthusiasm and magic:)but I love also the work to make thing work and last. giving.

11)Believe! of course ;)

12)Boredom, I used to have this enemy when I didn't paint or make collages...I wrote poetry about it...but now I rarely meet boredom, I meet the lack of interaction and would love to share more, meet people in real life etc but paradoxical I am a homebody;)

13)Buddhism... the wisdom quotes, the books I have, the prayers that are inspiring, the medidation exercices I have on cd or that we can listen to on internet etc...

14) bindi, I love them but don't wear them. with glasses would just look stupid ;oP

15) bread, I love it, many kinds of bread...I love to be in France for this ^_^

16) because... reminds me a fiona apple, "just need a little because because..."
can t remember the song title...but all the why's ache and some because can be such a relief:)

Blessings ,sweet day to everyone***

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Dawn a dit…

I love your new artworks beautiful Helenina!Wish I could have bought it!
The voodoo dolls are perfect and so cute!by the way I want the same ear rings, those birds are lovely!
the photos are very nice too and your list made me smile!We are so alike!

Pattie Mosca a dit…

I love these EARRINGS TOO!! All artists should wear winged birds on their ears!!!!!!! And the post...So YOU!