dimanche 3 juin 2007

Time flies, give wings to those special moment filled with sincere feelings

It's sunday morning, I'm feeling happier for some reasons or maybe more hopeful ;-)
though I still have a mild sore throat.

seb has just gone to fetch some delicious breakfast from the bakery...I can hear him coming back :)

Fae child

We're working on my new website look and now it seems seb is the one who's more in a hurry to see the result and show the site to everyone ^_^

I hope you will like it because well I would find it hard to understand people prefering the old one which I tend to really don't like right now :P

Warrior of the light song

Warrior of the light song

I was thinking, Helene you're so messy and kind of confusing not following one thing not being able at all to work on one theme,one line, one style at a time...

I was working with the theme of time but then I couldn t focuse, I will make other pieces on that theme but just can't seem to force myself, I am spontaneous and I give my soul to each piece so I can't just say "now you work on this only!"

that would be cutting my wings :p

But I thought it would be at least interesting to make several artworks in the style of the layout with tea and black acrylic stains and tree haired women with birds :)

and so I did.

The poor character of the warrior of the light must be kinda upset at me :p
I wanted to give her curly hair and it was such a mess, she looked like some 80's starlet or something so I just tried to save her looks creating this kind of cleopatra helmet ahah

anyway I think it could have been worse!
but yes I am not satisfied with this one at all.

I am always lucky and very surprised when people put in favourite at flickr work that I dont fancy, but I think it is normal.
tastes are different and that's also why we should never be ashamed of what we do, just wait and see
there will always be someone to see the work and heart put in it even if it's not one of your best piece!

I named it the warrior of the light song because of the bird and the fact she kinda looked like a strengthful and courage woman
she does not mind her ridiculous or weird hair, she has something in her eyes, maybe an aim ,some goals she wont let go ever.

Sweet Jen

Sweet Jen, 24x32 cm on watercolor paper

this one was sad indeed.
Jen is standing before a lake where sort of dead trees are growing.
yes it's a lake don't laugh!

seb did not see the lake, but I am sure there are some souls out there who noticed it, nevermind *_*

I thought she looked so sad that I didn't include tears, I thought it was showing enough.
She is confiding to a bird because she needs to talk,to feel heard, to have some listen her soul songs even if sometimes it is not as melodious as she'd like.
she just wanted someone to be interested in hearing her own melodies, noticing her uniqueness...

Sweet Jen has just been trapped in some kind of mould of appearance maybe, in not letting herself be completely her, because maybe it would be bad or after all who would care?

She was herself only by the lake, maybe it's the lake of all the tears uncried by hidding her soul by not being noticed and loved entirely for who she was.

to cheer her up, I gave her necklace and bracelet, a flower and some glitter...
I couldn't let her alone in this grey scenery.

Sweet jen has sort of abandon herself and now she has decided to let her tiny wings of free spirit grow, she has to unfold and start to fly above the lake and dead trees she can see other landscapes in her soul garden, she can free her mind and learn to love her heart with more gentleness.

I think many of us may have had for a moment a sweet Jen inside them, it's so common and still so heartbreaking not to be oneself completely not to love oneself, not to be able to acknowledge one's beauty and uniqueness till others see it, as if we were worth only if we were popular, loved etc

here I want to dedicate this piece to Jennifer Grace, I haven't seen it all of you, I am sorry that the first time you came across my soul I didn't notice the echoes & couldn't see how your state of emergency with your sharing of soul was as close as mine.
I think to be honest that I have grown bitter and though I am dreaming of soul sisters and true frienship I know it's hard very hard to trust, to let go, to put off the armor and the shield, to decide to love, to hope for forevers etc
we fear repetitions,cycles,coming across that kind of same person who are superficial who call you friends not celebrating the meaning of the word, not really giving time to it, not really sharing finally.

I felt too exhausted ,hurt and I think it's still so difficult but if I don't let go how will I know I have a soul sister before me?
how will I truly love again?

close up Moments with wings

Moments with wings

so this is why comes "Moments with wings"

here it's hum ok just to make you all laugh,a self portrait mwahahahhahah, yes it is!
how dare you laugh?
ok I laught too ^______________^

in fact I took an old picture of me and I tried to draw myself
the eyes are really weird!I have tried to draw them many times!
I have these moles on my face which makes me be recognized & feel unique ^_^

I have always loved them! some friends at school asked if they were real as she created one next to her mouth with make up!
that was funny!
the face fundation is ugly really,to rosey I guess
in the hair I wrote some poetic thoughts sort of...about the fact we had plenty of time to love, to love again,to trust again, to love oneself to love others
we can give wings to moments is kind of paradoxical
some moments are precious and the wings emphathize this
and also the fact time flies so maybe it's better to decide to love now...

I got really hopeful lately thanks to friends!
thanks to Violet who spoilt me so much...

I receive a sort of random act of kindness, as even if she knew my website she didn t knew me(she send me a very big package of goodies from postcardx.net)

I was so touched, so many things I love, like butterfly vintage sticker,glittery stuff,charms to use in my art, hello kitty pads, so many things really!

I thought it was xmas!
when things like that happens I really feel I am blessed, I am fae child, I feel special and so grateful!
Thank you so much Violet, your kindness helped me remember what I believe in and what I also have to give, all the mysterious and glitter of my heart...

I also have received some fabulous art trade lately, I know I don't take picture to show your art friends to thank you etc
I think it's out of laziness and also because I am not always at ease when people share what I offer to them, maybe because it's between you and I.
I dont know...I think it's always lovely when someone is super happy and wants to share what they got.
the business woman will tell you it's free ad ahah
but really I dont mind that much and not taking a pic of your art trade does not mean I dont give a damn , well I needed to add this, for all who might think so,because lately I have just received beautiful wonderful heartful/artful trades that made my day and I am waiting for some others youuuuuOOOUUUUUUH ^_^

I bought myself( feeling a little blue and lonely lately)these fabulous ear rings, it's been ages I wanted bird ear rings and I thought it was great to support another artist treating myself for once ;-)

bird earings

really etsy is dangerous sometimes, there are soo many beautiful things there!

Sales of art squared if you want to support my art

I thank in advance those who have already reserved some pieces!thank you!

I also bought myself vintage music sheet at etsy, I am still trying to find a book of these to have enough for the rest of my life( kidding)

oh and I want to thank again Tricia for the yummy Tea!!!It's so delicious!

well I think I haven't forgotten anything?
still getting busy and working

I have found another shop which would be willing to sell my art! congrats on me ^_^ahah ;o)

I really hope to begin my business in september, the more I see things the more I can't wait for it to come and nevermind if they say art is not the best way to earn your life girl!
nevermind really...I have always done the things against the tide.

seb has not found a job yet, so it's getting stressful, he has to find a job before the end of july or august to the worste but really if not we will have to stay in Cambrai, and I will go hang myself( kidding) but I just can't imagine this right now.

next week we may go to seb's family which gets me kind of stressed because it's on top of that not the good timing in the month for me, girls you know what I mean...
I'm feeling grumpy and easily irratating...
Though I'm trying my best to be on good terms with her, seb's mother can't help but criticizing our way of living and us anytime we go and it makes me feel like a 18 years old girl lectured by her parents...though my parents have never been this way...well maybe my mean father ;oP and he is still always skeptic and pessimistic but I'll show him things to be proud of,let's hope =)

maybe I'll do the list ABC things everyone seems to be doing right now if I can't find some times, right now I have another huge to do list, letters to reply, art to create for my nsp's, on and on...

Blessings and namaste!


Kindness in words creates confidence.
Kindness in thinking creates profundity.
Kindness in giving creates love.

Maya Angelou :

One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.

Mother Teresa:

Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless.


I think that maybe the best and easiest random act of kindness is to see a soul,compliment her,her way of thinking,her uniqueness,her work,her beauty, listening closely...it's free and it's so human and beautiful to give time to others...

4 commentaires:

Jen a dit…

well, I cried as I read your words
and for once, ..I am at a loss for words to describe my feelings.....

thank you helene,
it is true how words can be healing
sometimes they are the best gift..

I thought the woman in "moments with wings" was you...absolutely.

I am so glad that art is all around you...it feels wonderful even from here...far away, through the keyboard...

congratulations about the shop...this is just the beginning!

I hope you have an easy time at seb's parents...it is something I understand...I've had some rough times with eric's family when we've visited at "that time of the month"...it's a whole story sometime.

I am excited to see your new website...great that seb is excited about it: )

love your bird with plums earrings ....they are unique and beautiful...will you put your hair back when you wear them?

I would love to wear earrings...my ears were pierced when I was a girl, but I developed small bothersome bumps where they were pierced..they have since gone away, but I worry that it would be a problem if I tried it again...now my daughter has pierced ears...it will be fun to look for earrings for her ...

I have found out about paypal and will soon try to send: )

wonderful quotes...
and I like the one at the end(yours) very much...

hope you feel better with the sore throat(I used to get that with my period time...would often come down with a cold...as if the rest of it isn't enough; )

I too have felt happier today.
thank you for your kind words, which I've not heard before...(and I am touched by your dedication of art)...I feel some healing.

helene, you are a kind soul.: )

Marie a dit…

Helene, you are a busy, busy girl. No one can accuse you of being lazy. Your artwork is more than inspiring, it is ethereal. Each woman you paint has a soul that reaches out and touches part of us. They are beautiful...You can paint faces, especially eyes. I love eyes, just as you because they tell so much about a person. You said you couldn't paint faces! I wouldn't change a thing about them. I never laughed because they were so real...and it's funny, when I saw the mole, I KNEW it was you! I shall visit your store and reserve something right away.

Thanks for your message of encouragement. It truly came at the right time...right at my daughter's graduation! I still haven't cried...I'm not sure why...maybe because I'm still going strong and haven't slowed down. Now I'm in the moving phase. At least I have my evenings more free, so I shall be in better touch.

Stay open and free like you are Helene. With all your passion and love for life you deserve another soul sister and a lot of good friends like us! Have a great week.

LizzyHouse a dit…

I really enjoy your work! I also really enjoy Paris!

come visit my blog! I am going to give away some of my handmade books for my birthday.

Have a great day

Princess Haiku a dit…

I am looking forward to seeing the new website and hope your sore throat goes away.