jeudi 21 juin 2007

La vie est belle :)

my Takun is a joy and fun of everyday ^___^

Today was such a beautiful day :)
so glad, so lucky,la vie est belle :)

it was first of all a great mail day ^_^and it's always so pretty to receive mail, it's so important for me to share more than just emails with souls who matters to me, even if yes life is busy;)

I got a wonderful package by a dear friend & it meant so much to me, lots of so pretty goodies, a so beautiful paper blanks journal that I will cherish and surely take with me everywhere(I have many jrnls all ready but I hardly write in them, just once in a while, ideas for art, small poems, thougths etc) and this one will be special and I will just write poetry in it ^_^

Thank you so much dear one!
and all the other gifts were just lovely ,it made me smile, it made my day!

I also got later another package by another dear friend, wow a wonderful artwork trade so beautiful blue and some pretty papers and images to use in my art woooh oooh
haven 't I been spoiled today? oh my!

Thank you friends, thank you especially for being in my life!

and also bear in mind I don't need goodies your friendship is already what shines in my heart ^__^

so well I also finished that painting for illustration friday: rejection
yes that themed inspired me that I had to do it twice;)

so obviously this can be seen as cheap because to me it's just natural to accept human as they are and with their difference and it's always shock me when stupid people are so racist ,mysogynist, homophobic etc

I just wonder what's on their mind?

Be Different Be Human

In fact anytime I hear about graveyard profanation here in France, I am astounded, it's like, what? antisemitism does still exist?
I just can't understand such bullshit... but well it's sadly a part of this reality.

so yes my rejection was that , will you still love me (written on the left below)
would you still love your friend if they were gay, if they had aborted, if they were jew ,ugly, fat or whatever...
all these rejections make me cringe

I have more to say, but time for bed, sebastien will do me the reading: "catsby" ^_^
yes I am but a child ;)

Blessings and star dust***

5 commentaires:

She Who Flies a dit…

That pic of Takun is just too cute! I should we should introduce him to Anaïs :-) I'm so glad yesterday was a case of "la vita e bella" for you and that you felt cherished and treasured. I surely had that same kind of a day and it's a joyful wave to ride! So glad you love your collage :-)

Jana B a dit…

I don't really understand how people can discriminate against others... I like getting to know people who seem exotic or different. To me, it makes those people more interesting.

Gypsy Purple a dit…

Now how on earth did I miss your blog?????????

Pampe-le-mousse a dit…

Il est tellement beau notre Takkun.
Tu t'améliores de jour en jour mon amour, continue comme ça.

Marie a dit…

It is surprising in this day that there is still prejudice and hate. Your lady represents so many of the labels of rejection...being able to name some of them is freedom. Art does raise the level of consciousness doesn't it?