lundi 25 juin 2007

Your true self

found something interesting to write about today at Marie's blog from
Mich's blog:

1. What does your original face look like?
2. Who is your true self?
3. Are you radiant and glowing? I'm glowing now!!

1)My original face look like a fae child covered with cherry red flowers, I feel it's also sometimes two sided maybe, or maybe do I have two faces? something like the comedia dell'arte mask...My true face is better seen in the eyes of Love may it be family,lover,soul sisters and friends...
so it is not easy to answer...I am glad most of the time about what I see in the mirror but I know that when I feel plain and don't really care to take care of my appearance I still have the light of my soul and I hope people can sense that...
we can be tired, plain, ugly,with dirty hair, too fat here and there, have imperfection but we can be so beautiful at the same time in our words,actions and sharing...
I think that most of the time my inner self is aligned to my outer self because I try to share my inside outside, I try to embellish everything and remember the lights from within ,expand,scatter,spread again and again...that is one of my reasons to live I guess...

and this leads me to thinking of how much we spend wasting time on "others" not in the good sense, I mean, wasting time envying ,feeling angry, rejecting, wanting to hurt, being jealous, comparing...
I am not the wisest witch of light, I do fail sometimes I am faillible, I have been jealous envious I have wasted time on these paths, wasting energies to concentrate on my self, on my own path and being focused...
I wonder why we do that?
is it a way to give ourselves excuses?
we can ache on what others have when maybe it would just be better to see what we already have and that anything is possible,we can work to have what we really want...

We have our own gifts, beauty, things to share, we all have our own qualities, lights to offer and this can do a lot of good, this can actually change this world to some extent, making another one smile, feel understood and so forth...
we grow in this...
but it's not an obsession, it is free and natural,spontaneous and surely more and more if people cross my path if I have things to share, I don't just help to help...I used to be so obsessed with this like that song by alanis

I always should remember this anytime I feel doubtful and not sure I am where I want to be, too late not there yet etc
After all I still can see what I have already achieved and maybe I'm just too in a hurry, maybe it's no use running, maybe taking the zen path to where we want to arrive is wiser because we will go there finally,we're working for it, and the process is as interesting and enriching as the there a real arrival (?)

2) My true self is what you see if you can see through me, my work, my poetry, my photos.
My true self is me in general, me lost in deepness and beauty.
I think I am a sort of witch of light, learning and teaching, searching and knowing
I am real , I know my flaws failure, I think I talk spontaneous, I am very honest...
I don't claim to be better than anyone, I know my limits, I push them if it's good for me and in respect with all that I cherish.
My true self is a mirror for my sisters, I try to make other women see inside themselves, get to know themselves, get to be real and very honest, share their naked soul and be fearless...
I never intend to show off or just be for the display though I dont deny narcissism and loving myself, but I am not intoxicated with myself or too self centered.
I think a life without giving and loving is empty and such a waste so yes I take care of myself,but I am glowing and radiating only when I love,when special persons/souls make me want to give, share my world with them, when I want to do good for others freely and with no strings attached...

I am often a little annoyed or perhaps upset when seb thinks I am too narcissistic and self centered, well I know he would not be with me if he thought so ,but sometimes he plays jokes on this and well it does not make me laugh:oP mean sebastien!!!
I am good sincerely I am doing good and wanting to do good and not just to look good, because seriously most of the time I just don't give a fuck about what people think of me and the way they will interprete me
I care about my sisters out there my beloved ones only and of course their eyes on me count a lot, if they can live and love me with my flaws, breaks and everything I am then I'm safe and blessed ;)

Talking about beloved ones , see what my dearest sébastien did for me?? ;o)
yes he did my beautiful layout! I have been the art director for it though ;o)( kidding, no sincerely he did the best of it!!)
what do you think?

he also did the blog of my dearest Jen:
jen new layout

Now I have told sebastien he could do a small business with this, so if anyone is interested in getting his banners, complete layouts etc, just ask he will do something ;)
for now I think we'll begin this little business with special orders, if people have ideas of what they would like on their blog, the colors elements they would like on it, seb will do it.

seb can also create banners for your (etsy)shop for instance, logo for your artworks if you need, or visiting cards, if you have any ideas of requests feel free to let us know and tell your friends!!!
(we might be in the financial shit in september so...let's spare money right now!!)
his interview to work as a graphist/webdesigner today went well so he has to wait them to call back hopefully next week!
It's a three months job but better than nothing.

7 commentaires:

mich a dit…

Dear Hélène,

Its so wonderful that you found us ... you have a truly beautiful soul!

Love & light,

Dawn a dit…

Your new layout is amazing Helenina!!
I love your words as always!!
I'm writing to you right now so I will answer these questions too!

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thank you Mich !
Thank you Dawn! can't wait to receive it!


Sacred Suzie a dit…

What a lovely blog you have and you are on such an interesting journey of self discovery. I am looking forward to getting to know the true you even better.

Jane a dit…

beautiful post and I will come by often to read your insiring words.


TurtleHeart a dit…

I like what you said about sharing your inside, outside. Your post also made me realize that I, too, express my true self through my writing and other creative work. Thank you for that insight.

Looking forward to getting to know you better via our virtual circle.

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thank you very much ladies for readind and sharing your thoughts! blessed be:-)