vendredi 29 juin 2007

Create your own Bliss

1) What in your life is being built?
2) What inner vision do you carry?
3) What must you do in order to accomplish your true goals?

1) What in your life is being built?

I think first of all my artist's path is being build, each day I try to improve myself, I learn , I challenge myself, I paint or make collage and I try to find something new to add.
I need to keep growing as an artist and hopefully live from it but I keep my feet on the ground for now as I have still a lot to do!

Developping as an artist is entertwined with my growth as a writer and my inner life.
All these on my journey are helping each other, my writing can inspire my painting, my inner life can inspire my writing and so forth...maybe it's a circle of creation that never ends.

Then I am also building a sharing of Light with sisters, something Kindness & Empathy to Pay forward, but this is my only Idealistic hope of course ^_^

I have met all along my journey many wonderful souls who have touched my world and who made me want to share the beautiful positive energies or healing energies they kindly offered me sometimes not intentionally not knowing it!

I want not only to inspire but also to make my like minded sisters out there to believe in themselves, to love their soul, to acknowledge their beauty and accept their flaws and just live the life they want, make their own Blissful moments Happen because they can!
I am here to support my creative sisters to share that anything is possible and art is just expression nothing scary nothing to judge no rules no limitations just love and beauty ^_^

2) What inner vision do you carry?

I carry many inner vision, sometimes full of colors and lights and sometimes so dark ones, I am very severed and layered I'd say which is why one of my important aspect is this feeling of being parted and not knowing how to decided which path to choose sometimes because it often happens that I think two things totally opposed just not being sure & I dont enjoy much being that hesitant!

One of my inner vision is the Ocean of stars and blossoms for instance, one of the most peaceful place for me to meditate feel safe and forgive/forget...I resource myself there.

I also carry visions of things I have lived in previous life and I sometimes carry visions of future in my dreams mostly, these visions help me and inspire me or sometimes they make me feel stuck and think maybe for a reason.

3) What must you do in order to accomplish your true goals?

hum, right now I'm getting slow and feeling stuck because of all the uncertainties of our present situation.
I get worried, but most of the time I just follow my heart, I listen to my depths, my inner guides,my friends inspire me and make me go on trust myself & focuse on beauty and my goals!
I know I am walking the right path when I make other feel inspired, feel better,feel heard ,seen or understood
I work hard(that often makes me laugh because yes it's not painful but it is psychologically tiring sometimes ,the process of growing learning things and not being that good at once because we evolve..., I don't give in nor do I give up or at least not too long ;oP
(because yes I can hide that I doubt and can feel very bad about everything myself my art life and the way the world is...)

you can feel free to visit and answer these questions yourself!


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carole @scoundrelsandrogues a dit…

My Petite; you are so gentle. Once I read about pretty red cherry blossoms as part of your layer (I hope I remember correctly) and it gave thought to the complex(which you are) process to a home made cherry pie. The flour (white), baking powder (white yet a different shade), sugar (a sparkly white), salt (again another shade of white), lemon zest (brilliant sunshine yellow), bright red (life's blood) cherries, vanilla (from the orchid, exotic) bean which is an earthy brown hue, butter for the crust and the creaminess makes it short. Then after you have pitted the cherries and made the crust you have to bake it. You, my dear, are in the baking process of your life and it seems you are going to be a beautiful, delicious, kind, sweet and lovely human being who is giving back to the world through her art!!!
Don't worry too much; wrinkles : )
You are a super woman!!!