mercredi 13 juin 2007

Getting to know you for create a connection

When did you begin your first blog and what inspired you to do so?

well it's a weird story in fact...first of all I swapped decos at that time in 2003 and many girls put their livejournal intrigued I went there and could not believe my eyes???
o____O first felt "oh those Americans!!!!"
I mean diary is a private thing I was not shocked but thought it was so weird!
I did not write any, and one day I heard a girl from the penpalling world had comitted suicide...she had a livejournal
I wrote it
I felt her sadness
I wished I had been there to help her, to prevent her from doing this
I m sure we could have been friends, oh well
I decided to write my life, my thoughts because I was very very depressed at that time and well if you dared read my first livejournal in will see the dark and pathetic sides of my self, but of course I have changed and evolved,thank Goddess!
I'm healed maybe still fragile and emotional but I have some strength that I am willing to share and enough light for each blackened heart if they need :)
honestly...I wish I could help others in some ways...I adore life and I know the feeling of hating it, loathing being here and feeling not alive, feeling so alone and lost
oh well
Some characters in me are still aching some days I know that too.
But I am not depressive anymore!

Do you have more than one blog? Why? How are they different?

I have many blogs, a french one: le grenier des muses, another french one at livejournal that I never update finally

this one, the one squared art a day, and the livejournal: lilaccanopy, but I have been lilacdeaddoll, violentsoul,antiquefaechild to name a few over there ;)
I love playing with names ,usernames are funny:)
I still prefer livejournal to blogspot but I have more connection with artist and creative souls at blogspot so I have decided to update this one and copy the same to my livejournal so my friends there can have my news too:)

How would you characterize your blog?

real, poetic, sincere, just me writing my diary like my letter to the world to take beautiful sweet Emily dickinson's words<3


Political not really, I d get enraged and bitter and would surely use too many ugly words for your ears...politics is hum...power you know...power to people who loves power, not who really cares about humanity,Earth etc...

, surely for the creative sisters, to relate,to exchange,share,interact, feel we have similarities ,to be able to do something good with words:)

Or something else?sometimes I'd say something in between philosophy and psychology
& a lot of whimsy nonsense ^-^

To paraphrase Oprah, what is "one thing you know for sure" about blogging?

that friends come and go...

Is it important to you to get feedback in terms of comments or pings? Why or why not?

I m not sure what pings are?
but I do enjoy comments it's always interesting to get people's opinion about your work your thought your personality, it helps you grow, change,improve and it's also very reassuring somedays to know somebody cares, somebody feels the same :)

But well it's not why I have decided to blog. I wanted to freely write down my thoughts and see what happens,if I could be loved and seen for the real me.

I used to be very sad and lonely not to get any comments
I was wondering if someone would care about my soul and with time I tried to stop caring much stop expecting or demanding much...

I'm sure the right souls will visit and share with me their soul garden, I am blessed for this ;)
it's not quantity that matters to me but quality:)of course high quality;)

What 3 blogs would you recommend to our readers and why?

sighs it's not that easy at all...

I'd say Jen:

Even if she unfortunately don't blog enough ;oP
but she has beautiful and honest thoughts to share...and well she's one of a kind!

Mary's poetry, because she's a real creative faery spirit and I love her beautiful enthusiasm!

well and then I dont know ,it s hard to choose but three!! I can't do that really, I don't want people to get upset or feel I have forgotten them,not at all

Because Chantal la fée has always beautiful quotes to cheer me up or inspire me!full of wisdom!

5 commentaires:

All Things Jennifer a dit…

Ah, when I was the most depressed I deleted two years of blogging archives and went black for about 6 weeks...and then came back into the blog world. Opposite of what you did, USING your blog to sort through your depression. Very interesting.

charlotte a dit…

My first blog really helped with with my depressed and helpless feelings about Hurricane Katrina and the failure of Bush to keep his word to get New Orleans back on her feet.

I can tell you are a very intuitive and beautiful soul.

Pings are when another blogger links back to your blog.

Thanks for participating, Helenina, I love to read your posts!

Marie a dit…

Hey beautiful! I'm back!!!! I was in Texas and couldn't blog, and I was terribly sad not to visit you and my wonderful friends. Hope you're in good spirits. Thanks for the nice complement. Guess I better get blogging! I have some art work I've been trying and will have to send you pics. Keep smiling!

Linda a dit…

What you said about why you started blogging, "if I could be loved and seen for the real me"... that's something I can totally identify with. It was a stretch for me to be able to go public with my life on the internet, but it was something I knew I had to do... like a flower, blooming.

She Who Flies a dit…

Your post reminded me I should participate in the Create a connection blog a bit more (doing the interview section in September :-). My excitement and good intentions were thwarted (momentarily) by a deluge of brainy work that came my way. I'm not complaining :-) But I had little time to blog as a result. But I'll catch up, because continuing to weave that connection through blogging is so important to me.

It was nice to read about how and why you started blogging. And I'm so glad you in such a better place (and space) now :-) Thanks for mentioning Celestine Musings :-) You're a sweet fae child.