mercredi 20 juin 2007

The magic of True friendship


so lately I'm feeling mellow, very sweet,smiling,blessed

A new born world

A new born world close up

so this one is inspired by the beautiful quote by anais nin:)
I so love it!the quote not the painting ;oP

It is just so true:)
each of my friend has made me grow and walk through new wordls inside of me, they create garden full of flower of their thoughts, sunbeams of their kindness and so forth ^_^

I am lucky to know you!

world close up

She is the One(fear of rejection)

She is the One(fear or rejection)
that one is for Rejection theme of Illustration Friday

he white writing on the right says:

" Can you hear me in all the songs you sing with them Am I special to you, will you plant a Flower of time in the forest of my heart am I unique to you? will you share a path just for us on our spiritual journey because I want this to be one of a kind(...)"

E List:

1)Ethereality: mine is my saviour it's made of imagination,wonders,emotions,passion and rivers of sugar and blissful flowers***

2)Eerie, love the word...the atmosphere...

3)Epiphany, revelation ,seeing the Light deeply,feeling the meaning of everything, understanding this life, this world,our reasons to be Epiphanies!

4)Eidolon, such a lovely word, aren't they cute, inspiring for poetry?

5)electric... like that song by An pierlé, friends are electric...isn't it some circuit of energies that are traveling times,space and everything from soul to soul?

6)ellipse...not saying not showing... all in the sweetness of the unsaid ;)such a tortured delight (smiles)

7)Embrace, the hug and the act of accepting, loving things and persons as they are.

8)Embryo, like the word, the fascination for this unknown, it s kinda like death, we don't know this pre-life, we can t really recall but in dream or sensation,I would like to be able to draw embryo...I have many ideas of paintings for it, but if you look at the hands in the previous painting, sighs I still have a lot to learn!
But Goddess hands are so difficult to draw!!!!

well maybe I'll end up this list tomorrow, as now I will have some fun time (well not so much,it s sad film) we're going to watch Pompoko ^__^

I'll tell if it's worth watching, I am sure it is good & full of pretty sentiments :)

3 commentaires:

She Who Flies a dit…

This photo of you is beautiful. Like you're smiling from deep inside. All gooey and mellow for sure :-) Love it. Hélène, know that you are a blessing to your friends. You're certainly are one to me.

Jana B a dit…

Jana's E-list:

Elegant - I love to see elegant women, and want to one day be described as elegant.

Emerge - This word always makes me think of new life being born... new things being revealed...

Energetic - This is the main word to describe me... i'm a bundle of tightly controlled energy, just waiting for a direction to spin into!!

No more letter days??? I really liked those!!! *sad*

Marie a dit…

Friendship.....she's beautiful...colorful and poetic too.