jeudi 2 août 2007

: Spiritual growth: Doors and windows

On wednesday I was the host for the getting to know you day,here was the questions I asked everyone & my answers to them:)
feel free to share your answers with me:)

1)which are the latest doors in your mind, your world, you had to close, to feel safe, to stop bearing grudges, to just learn to say goodbye and to move on?

I think the latest doors I have closed was the grudge one.
I have been so betrayed and hurt by soul sisters I loved so much.
some of them I really loved with passion to be honest.
the hurt is as big as the love you feel.

I had to heal. but in the meantime I grow weary of friendship, I could not trust and love again.
then with thinking and focusing on the beauty on what I had to give on what I really wanted, I finally mend the pieces in me.
I have forgived.
I have told myself it was not that bad to have trust, to have given to person who did not saw how important and rare it all was, nevermind...

I am very happy now I have closed these doors.
I am very glad I have decided to turn the page and begin new ones:)

I think it is true, it's always better after the hurt, you really can meet the souls you want to share with ^_^
I am lucky for it and I enjoy this feeling, this awareness:)

I have also closed the doors of guilt. well still trying to. it sometimes opens again against my will;)
I am trying to close this door that make me think this cannot work with this, you can't be this and that!
people won't love you if they know!
How can you be/behave this way?

I close these doors, I free my mind and move on. If there is only one life I want to live it deeply and not stop or block myself.
sometimes we judge ourselves, we think this is not right,we think too much of consequences, risks taken and if it will be worth it.
I want to think differently.
I just want to live,experience,share,and sip the beauty of being alive:)

and nevermind if I'll be judged and seen wrongly, and misinterpreted and reduced to things I can do sometimes, feel, say etc

we are more than what we do , we have many personas, we are always and never the same and this chameleons is pleasant, it breaks routine, it opens door for me, it is a part of inspiration,discovering always,pushing limits
never hurting myself neither anyone:)

I think we all do judge others and their attitudes or behaviours way too quickly just because they can be different.
this is not fair, however lame or pathetic you think they can appear look be, they are more than this!
I believe in what's under our mistakes.faults.flaws.breaks.and so forth:)

2) do you believe in Hellen keller's famous quote (that I love)
that when a door closes another one opens and how did it showed in your life? any stories to tell?think about it;)

well sometimes yes sometimes no, but it depends on my mood, when I'm grumpy and so sad I can't see things clear of course.

but I always try my best to wait and see, be patient
Because it's all in this, Patience's hands

I am someone who loves Hopes.
I think now what matters is not to dwell before the closed doors
it is to accept and go on our journey, there are several paths to choose & we're always fine,blessed and free when we carry our home inside our soul/heart.

4)Sometimes all doors are closed, but there are Window
the third eyes is the biggest window of our mind.
How do you escape this way? how do you heal travelling by that window?
what are the thoughts that appeases you when all doors are closed in your life on your path?

My third eyes helps me a lot to visualize things , to see things in a better view.
I have a lot of spiritual trips, without drugs rest assured mwahahhahahhahha ^___^
I am not such a Hippie ;)

I escape of course through meditation,yoga , art and writing.

I am a lucky person because I have this deep wide potential to create, to imagine!
I am very blessed and grateful to be able to hear the muses and receive messages from far far away realms;)

When I want to heal something in me, I visualyze my inner room, my haven, I find this place within where I can feel safe, and remember all the beauty , the reasons to live again and not give up.

4)Eyes are often seen as the windows of the souls? would you agree?
do you feel people's soul this way? is the gaze something important to you?
do you feel you're an open book when someone reads in your eyes?

I don't know. I love trusting my intuition:)
I love eyes
I think it's a beautiful body part. it's so mysterious, saying so much still hiding so much.
I think my love sebastien can read in my eyes, my mother too maybe my father too, but that's all.
Not that I feel myself being a mysterious woman, but I'm a bit cold and aloof in general with people in society so I'm not sure they can read much but sybilline enigmas;)
I also used to feel uninteresting,dumb and so forth because of being so distant,mute and the transparent girl in the corner of the room ah!

5) tell me about the door you need to close and open right now? think. look around. your goals. your regrets. your anger.memories.anything.make peace with yourself.

right now?
denial door.stress door.
off with that!

I am me, I am the way I am, take it or leave I won't change, and nevermind if I disapoint some people.

I have to close the door of stress because it wont help me with my goals, I have to stop doubting too to continue working on my business project!
it s such a lot of work!

I want to open some doors I won't name, yes me mysterious ^___^
and I also am impatient to open the door of my new art studio, my new apartment, my new life,my new realer work life!
Bring it on bring it on!!!!

My latest painting:" I don't know You"
24x32 cm on watercolor paper.

I don't know You

I Don't Know You

I got a lot of mails this week, was so happy because last week I was feeling very lonely!
Thank you so much to Violet, Maria,Chantal,Dawn and Valerie for their letters and packages and postcards:)
I love love love surprises ^______^

I have made an art trade with Valerie Sokol a very nice and open minded fairy artist:)
she was sweet enough to agree for a trade with me and I received one of her lovely fairy match box, something to take like a lucky charm,unique kind of work:)

so friends, go watch her work and support her art,say hello:) if you like it:)
it's also very pretty as a gift for a special friend who needs some fairy dust ;)

Valerie's shop at etsy
she also makes lovely cards:)

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Jes a dit…

I just loved your last post and photos over at Create a Connection!

We have been so busy this summer, and it KILLS me to see all of these lovely posts and not have much of a chance to comment! It makes me long for winter...(well almost!) tee~hhe


Marie a dit…

Hey beautiful! This was an awesome post...I came back to read it twice! I'll have to tag myself probably tomorrow because there is another post I HAVE to write for a kid who moved me daughter's boyfriend.. I also saw your are a creating machine...go girl!

Dawn a dit…

Helene, my lovely french flower!
I'm so happy you got my package!!!
that red painting is amazing!!!
you're an amazing artist!you keep on surprising me each time!

lots of luv and hugs

Fleur de Lisa a dit…

First of all, I must say that you have the most beautiful blog- your wonderful Rumi quotation and the stunning trees and roots at the top of the page are magnificent!

Your red painting is phenomenal. J'adore rouge! (Sorry, my Francais est tres mauvais maintenant.)

It is so freeing to the mind and soul to let go and then open up to new possibilities again!

Jen a dit…

The white against red on this painting is beautiful...
yes, I see you are enjoying red.

when I saw the little frog on the shoulder, I gasped just alittle ; )
well, friday night we opened the door to our house and there on the if trying to get in...was a small frog, or took what seemed like more than seconds to encourage him to turn and hop away...

ahhh...I am glad to read your blog posts today.