lundi 27 août 2007

Our Inner Muse

Yay! a new questionning exercises at Virtual circle! thank you Mich
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Here is what she wrote:
"The precious gift to you today is the memory of the muse in your heart. Open to the joy of artistic expression. The music of the universe is constant and flowing. The keynote here is the potential of joy -- your joy and the joy of life."

How do you satisfy the muse in your heart?

Well really there are many Muses in my heart and it seems to change according to my mood and if the muse stops feeding me with delicious inspiration, I feel cold again like uninspired and go to find another muse.
I sometimes feel artists are maybe selfish in this, going from a muse to another.

But that's not heartless thing really, most of the time my Muses the tangible ones abandonned me.
But there are muses in the beauty of life,emotions and nature, in many things in fact.
We just have to sense the unseen

From now

Again I will say Deep Synchronicity with this questionning of yours Mich!

I feel overjoyed right now.This Joy is moving, bewitching,intoxicating and art (expression) is the only way to feed this and to make it last as long as can be.

I think we all have phases when we don't hear the muses calling we don't open our heart our eyes.

We all have our very own inner muse, a secret glow in our soul that is maybe an ideal self, something we wish to be, something we want to grow as etc...It's pushing us and always making us create.

But Even if I am narcissistic( in a healthy way) I take more pleasure in making art inspired by what other ,what life and the world make me feel.
I love to thank the muses, the beautiful inspiration they give to me in making art sort of for them.
Sometimes I also almost lose myself in this but I don't know, I feel it's a good feeling to melt in others and to want to give a lot.

I satisfy the Muses in my heart in challenging and discovering new things.
I am lucky I am always interested in everything , curious to know everything and so I am self taught at everything :-)

Lately I am making my baby first steps with photoshop and more artsy photographs
I was a bit frustrated to admire admire admire

It is good, I thank all the wonderful photographers who have inspired me & Goddess knows they are numerous!

Maybe I will impress my parents with my photos :-)
Especially my father who loves photography and has done lots of pretty good works!
Maybe he will want to go on making artistic photos when he'll be retired :-)
who knows? :-)

I also feed my Muses with paintings, writing, poetry is something I am trying to come back to slowly.

I have immortalized many muses in my life with poetry and photos for instance.

I could go on and on, Muses are a big part of my life, because it's Love,Joy,Art and Magick.( I have to make this shorter because tomorrow I wake up early to go again to the veterinary for my cat Takun, he is rather sick and in pain again, the poor creature, it breaks my heart :(

I also have dreamt a lot to be the Muse. I know I have been the muses for some of my friends and lover in the Past and I guess being able to Inspire others and share my sparks with them is a way to be their Muse :-)

Ache me

Magical Sylph

Millons of Vampire kisses

and this one is my recent Big favourite, I was wooooh oooooh super Happy ^__^

"That I Would Be Good"

I also love this one.
there are more pictures to see at my flickr :)

Aphrodite's tricks

my last painting

Transcendental bird songs # 126
my latest small collage

Blessed be and namasté friends, listening to your muses, be alive believe be you ( as Melba says ;) and create and inspire!
digging inspiration to your muse will make you become a muse for others too.

5 commentaires:

Melba a dit…

I was just thinking of you and here I am at the bottom of your post!
I get so curious too Helenina. I want to know everything about everything and everyone.

I am curious to know about your relationship with your inner being...

I Love how playful.

I am also curious to know what your (everyday) life is like in France. How do you think it differs from being in America? (even if you have never been do you think it is different?)

Much Love to you my fairy princess!


Melba a dit…

That is suppose to say

I love how playful you are and the images you share are.

My typing needs improvement!

Valaine a dit…

Wow! I love your pictures with the beautiful accents and I love your smile :) and WOW! to "Ache me" oh my goodness that is so cool!!!

Marie a dit…

Helene you are awesome!...and truly both an artist to your inner core. I love hearing your talk about your muses because I envision how playful you are with them as you would be your friends. I delight in that vision and choose it for myself...Ahhh, but my dear, you have a deep love for life and art...admirable.
Yes, you've been the muse for many as well. Thanks for being so devoted and inspiring.

The Lone Beader a dit…

I love your little collage! THat is so pretty! Also, took a peek at your Flikr photos... :)