mardi 7 août 2007

The strange strangeness of existence

Getting to know you day, soul searching

I would have a lot to write, but it's getting late, I will reply to my own questions(yes indeed;)tomorrow if I can:)
you can have look to the link above and share your answers with me

Garden of infatuations

Garden of Infatuations.

And my new series: The faery Knowledge collection.

I had this in mind for a while but never began it.
I will see how it goes.
Maybe I will make 10 of them or 100 ?
we'll see what the faeries have to teach me;)and you:)

no really it's not teaching,they come and go and they share their own philosophies.
sometimes it's sticky honey we can not really apply in our daily life at some moment.
But it's always poetic and lovely sayings that warm up the heart and I love it!
well parts of me love it, there is still the dark grumpy one who says " hey you H.honey where is the gloom? where is the darkness? I dont feel home here in these rainbow lands"

Acknowledge your own beauty

Cherish the precious moment of sharing

Don't make your life a book of grudges make it a book of compassion


and here is my Illustration Friday: Missing
I titled it: Lacuna
beautiful word that could be a metaphore for a lot of things...

there is a lot in this painting,emotions,soul sharing,secrets,honesty and also a lot of unsaid.
It can be interpreted different ways and of course I am always glad when people can relate to my work and understand or remember pieces of them through my paintings.

***Many blessings, sweet dreams***

7 commentaires:

EC (Lisa) Stewart a dit…

Beautiful color palette! It's interesting that you showed her without a mouth...

Julie a dit…

How great! I love this!

Leah a dit…

i love the Lacuna piece, Helenina! it's beautiful! and your handwriting is so cool!

Jen a dit…

great idea for a series....faery knowledge..

and Lacuna gives the viewer that opportunity to relate...just as so many of your pieces they work with color and symbols and emotion...great art. very special.

strange strangeness of existence sure is an intruiging title!

Pattie Mosca a dit…

Wonderful idea for a series...I can see you doing this for a long time!! It feels good...Saw your interview on Artella...Wonderful to see you in print!! Sending beautiful fairy blessings your way..BELIEVE

DesigningFairy a dit…

Of course, I LOVE the Fairy Knowledge series!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valaine a dit…

Haha! I love when you wrote about the dark grumpy one!

I'm inspired by these colors in your art and I love what your Lacuna piece represents! :)

Beautiful Work