vendredi 17 août 2007

***Magick and Freedom in the Writing world***

Un pas de plus vers ce que je suis

A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.
Emily Dickinson

Writing is always personal in some way but not always in a direct way.
Suzanne Vega

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it.
Anais Nin

1) Do you feel that immense Freedom in the writing world? can you write about anything?

I feel thanks to any kind of art I can push further and further the limits of Freedom, It's freeing, it's amazing,it's comforting,it's therapy it's getting to know oneself and the world better,it's wandering in inner places etc.

Yes I think I can write about anything, I think words are meant to be used, to be played with,to be turned upside down,to dance with, to be sung,murmured and so forth.

Writing is my weapon,words are my truest friends!

2)Do you feel safer in the writing world or are you at ease too with speaking?
what is the difference for you?

I guess I am safer because I am never at ease speaking especially in public,I have done a lot of things so contrary to my nature to be introvert.
But it depends sometimes I really love speaking, I just need to control my emotions and slow down.

3)Can you travel thanks to writing?

Yes and I enjoy that a lot since I can not travel in this real life due to being totally broke...I miss travelling but less and less thanks to my magical powers to travel in my painting as much as in my writing, I also travel thanks to penpalling writing to dearest friends far away , they give me pieces of their world, they bring Greece, The usa, England,Italy, Germany and so forth to me ^_

4)Do you re-create another world, or another self in the writing?is it an escape or a way to dream?to find some peace of mind?

if I write poetry I do re-create another world, I walk in fairytale realms, I want to scatter magick in the real world.
I love the magick of creating characters as if they came to me, they are real entity, I sometimes can feel them, I have all knowledge about their psychology and how they feel etc, it is the same for painting.

I don't know if I create another self in writing, I think My writings talks about me and my different personas but I am always real even if I feel the need to add magick here and there.

I have escaped a lot in the writing world, it's my haven, but really I don't believe in escapism now.
I believe in creation, expression and sharing the sparks, writing offers me great peace of mind because it helps me collect all the pieces of my mind through life,through others's feeling and so forth.

5) Can you write about your secrets to feel better when you need to share?( either in blogs or private diaries)

I guess I have always shared a lot of private and secret things at my blog and livejournals,I don't know if I am a private person.
I love sharing, I don't mind how people will perceive my words, I am glad if I get beautiful gentle echoes but if I get misunderstood I go my way, I am fine with writing any and everything I want.
sometimes I am even close to total careless cynism because I feel I don't give a damn if I am misinterprete, misread,unread or whatever, this is just life, I am good and fine the way it is .

I more and more write for myself, but I still love to share with others if it can do them any good, then it's the cherry on my cake ^_^

I sometimes keep too private secrets for my paper diary or to share with true friends in emails or letters.

6)Are there things you would never write?(in your diaries or in blog etc)

that could be paradoxical to say yes when I've just said I could write about anything, but I mean here that I would not write to hurt to spread negativity etc

Oh I have yelled a lot,talked about all my constestarory views, my strong opinions when I could not hold my tongue.
I sometimes think about writing a blog for this!

Kind of revolutionnary( kidding) no but well there are still lots of things that annoys me, frustrates me, angers me.
and it's not necessarily about the cheap things!

Lack of respect and wounding the Feminine get me very angry!

I would never write things I dont believe in things I dont think, mean things for free, all that waste of time you know.

7) have you ever done Ghost writing, it's like role playing with letters or emails?
would you be interested in this?

I have been asked to be ghost penpals in the past, I was a bit shocked, I love writing to meet a soul to find a real personality and to share interact, the idea of faking it and playing a role was just not my kind at all.
but then I remember having done this with a friend at school when I was 13/14,it was funny and creative.
we imagined we were older and had boyfriends, we imagined we lived somewhere else and had another name:)

I would be interested in this to some extent. but I think it could be very creative and inspiring.

8)Would you write about your fantasies or keep them in your mind, because it's too secret and private to share?

what's that question? ok it's me who asked this?huh? well it's surely another of my persona;)
well I guess I have already written about my fantasy in previous blogs.
I think it's private,but maybe anonymously it's easier.

9) would you feel safer to write a blog if you were anonymous?

I guess yes for some things I am never sure if it's good to share but if I want to write them it's because it will do me good, put my mind at ease.

but I also think that when you really love some persons you would like them to be able to read you completely real blogs and anonymous one.

and also I think that in the anonymous one you'd love to share your real self too, well it's all real in fact just that you categorize things, maybe you limit things as if it has to be limited. It is weird.

But Fairy and childish illustration can not work with your wild and darker side can it?
I do feel safer this way.
Oh and sometimes the freedom of writing makes you write nonsense, just for the sake of creativity and sharing pieces of subconscious, people would take it as a whole.
I don't know, it's strange because I do accept everything I am and I am not ashamed about anything I may have written even my melodramatic posts at my lilacdeaddoll livejournal in the time of depression.
I think we cannot judge someone from one side, we can not judge at all though but at least we can have an idea of a person after a long time of sharing and interacting.
the feeling, the intuition is good of course but it does not say all about what/who the person is.

it takes time to grow an old friend.

10)Do you believe that being anonymous increase the freedom of writing?or do you feel that then maybe you are not seen and heard in your complete real self?

yes it does but the real freedom is to write whatever we want to write, yes maybe you are not seen and heard in your complete self but who is really?
you can only hear ,read, and see your completely self alone.

No one will but you.
Others can grasp a lot of your essence but alas no one can really understand another person. as much as we can. as much as we identify or relate etc.

That is why communication is important and respect too, because it's easy to think we know others, it's easy to make assumptions and be so wrong, it's easy to limit things, to say if I were I would this or that.
we have to remember before speaking that what we see is nothing but ourselves so we have to take time, ask questions, be patient to have an healthy sharing with the ones we care about.

11) What is writing to you?
writing is diving in Imagination oceans, the depth of your innermost thoughts, it's celebrating life and art.
writing is freedom always more infinite freedom as utopic as it sounds:)
writing is art, passion,sharing, a blessing, writing is the voice of my soul the real me,writing is the way I have always lived, I have met many beautiful souls through this medium, I have met my dear Love sebastien thanks to penpalling.

I am a romantic,writing is deep life,a way to be heard in the truest feelings we have to offer and reveal.

.. nous ne sommes faits que de ceux que nous aimons et de rien d'autre.

I remember Asia

Burn the witch

and because she is too beautiful for words:

I adore this song and Sophie is so very emotional singing it she lives the song on stage , I want to cry anytime I sing it! it's so marvelous painfully divine!

thank you Sophie zelmani!

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Jen a dit…

Hi! enjoyed the song very much: )
hope you are finding time to write and to do what you love..
such a busy time...would like to write more, but have to go out the door :oP (really...hope to talk soon)

windy angels a dit…

Thanks Helene for introducing me to Sophie Zelmani. Yes, she is truly beautiful, as are you.

Your writing - beautiful words also.
Words - "meant to be sung, to be danced with, murmured", "sharing the sparks", "beautiful gentle echoes", "put my mind at ease", "takes time to grow an old friend", "that is why communication is important and respect too, because it's easy to think we know others, it's easy to make assumptions and be so wrong, it's easy to limit things, to say if I were ..." and most beautiful of beautiful
"writing is diving in Imagination oceans".
My hope is that through our sharing we may grow to be old friends.
Angels be with you beautiful one.
Wendy XO

Steph a dit…

Those are fantastic photos!!!! Wonderful!!!! And thank you for the quotes that you started with. It's always thought-provoking to read your blog.

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thank you very much steph for your visit and your kind words:)
blessed be!