mercredi 15 août 2007


SPC patterns

I rarely take the time to post self portrait challenge pics, but here it is.
I have tried to post it this morning ,it seems it did not work.
Today is an holidays,but there was a lot of things in Cambrai :-)
we had a very nice hang out in Cambrai,taking pics, we also fed a duck, the typical old couple sunday afternoon hang out :D
it was cool, we took lots of pictures etc.
Now I have to cook some crêpes,délicious, this was my most interesting post ever ;)
I'll be right back with my answer to GTK at CaC


5 commentaires:

Melba a dit…

I was thinking of you the other day when I was taking pics for my mirror meditation. I love your they really seem to capture what you are feeling.
You inspire me!

Jen a dit…

patterns photo showing you in another way...
pretty pattern on the paper...
doing o.k. here..feeling need to create something...but spent day organizing stuff...cleared off kitchen table...much better and now I know where to find the art stuff...and where to put it...will see about this weekend..I hope atleast I can take some pictures...
thinking of you...

Valaine a dit…

Your picture is beautiful!! I love the patterns :)

Did you see if you did it right? I hope so... it was confusing for me at first, but I signed up and got a password. Then I signed in and a link appeared in the top right corner for me to add my link.


Jes a dit…

But a cute old couple you are!!!

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thank you for all the kind comments:-)blessings***