lundi 27 août 2007

Our Inner Muse

Yay! a new questionning exercises at Virtual circle! thank you Mich
find it

Here is what she wrote:
"The precious gift to you today is the memory of the muse in your heart. Open to the joy of artistic expression. The music of the universe is constant and flowing. The keynote here is the potential of joy -- your joy and the joy of life."

How do you satisfy the muse in your heart?

Well really there are many Muses in my heart and it seems to change according to my mood and if the muse stops feeding me with delicious inspiration, I feel cold again like uninspired and go to find another muse.
I sometimes feel artists are maybe selfish in this, going from a muse to another.

But that's not heartless thing really, most of the time my Muses the tangible ones abandonned me.
But there are muses in the beauty of life,emotions and nature, in many things in fact.
We just have to sense the unseen

From now

Again I will say Deep Synchronicity with this questionning of yours Mich!

I feel overjoyed right now.This Joy is moving, bewitching,intoxicating and art (expression) is the only way to feed this and to make it last as long as can be.

I think we all have phases when we don't hear the muses calling we don't open our heart our eyes.

We all have our very own inner muse, a secret glow in our soul that is maybe an ideal self, something we wish to be, something we want to grow as etc...It's pushing us and always making us create.

But Even if I am narcissistic( in a healthy way) I take more pleasure in making art inspired by what other ,what life and the world make me feel.
I love to thank the muses, the beautiful inspiration they give to me in making art sort of for them.
Sometimes I also almost lose myself in this but I don't know, I feel it's a good feeling to melt in others and to want to give a lot.

I satisfy the Muses in my heart in challenging and discovering new things.
I am lucky I am always interested in everything , curious to know everything and so I am self taught at everything :-)

Lately I am making my baby first steps with photoshop and more artsy photographs
I was a bit frustrated to admire admire admire

It is good, I thank all the wonderful photographers who have inspired me & Goddess knows they are numerous!

Maybe I will impress my parents with my photos :-)
Especially my father who loves photography and has done lots of pretty good works!
Maybe he will want to go on making artistic photos when he'll be retired :-)
who knows? :-)

I also feed my Muses with paintings, writing, poetry is something I am trying to come back to slowly.

I have immortalized many muses in my life with poetry and photos for instance.

I could go on and on, Muses are a big part of my life, because it's Love,Joy,Art and Magick.( I have to make this shorter because tomorrow I wake up early to go again to the veterinary for my cat Takun, he is rather sick and in pain again, the poor creature, it breaks my heart :(

I also have dreamt a lot to be the Muse. I know I have been the muses for some of my friends and lover in the Past and I guess being able to Inspire others and share my sparks with them is a way to be their Muse :-)

Ache me

Magical Sylph

Millons of Vampire kisses

and this one is my recent Big favourite, I was wooooh oooooh super Happy ^__^

"That I Would Be Good"

I also love this one.
there are more pictures to see at my flickr :)

Aphrodite's tricks

my last painting

Transcendental bird songs # 126
my latest small collage

Blessed be and namasté friends, listening to your muses, be alive believe be you ( as Melba says ;) and create and inspire!
digging inspiration to your muse will make you become a muse for others too.

vendredi 24 août 2007

*** masks and personas***

I was the host again at Create a connection to write these questions for the getting to know you day ^_^ so I guess I will answer them now.

Little secrets

1) tell me about the masks you wear or have worn and why?

I love masks, always been fascinated with them.
the mysteries they imply , the fact we can create another identity behind them and be bolder and less introvert.
I love the beauty of them and the feeling of sacred in them, I am very interested in mask art, I adore the ones from Venise.
I have painted some in the past, plastic butterflies ones and plaster ones.I am thinking .
so I am obviously digressed here ;)

I wear masks sometimes to express my other personas freely no string attached and to keep at bay my inside voices who would try to judge and tell me' it's not you it's not you'
Maybe sometimes we can be different,we are someone but we can be different at times
o_O okay go check yourself girl that's called shizophrenia mwahahahhaahhah

Well I do enjoy the mild shizophrenia reminds me that song I enjoy singing with cat power:

Weighted down by possessions
Weighted down by the gun
Waited down by the river for you to come

And who socks were you darning, poor darling
While I was away, away too long
I went away to see an old friend of mine
Sister came over and knew she was out of her mind
She says "Jesus has a twin who don't know nothing about sin"
She was half crazy and out of her mind

Weighted down by possessions
Weighted down with a gun
Waiting down by the river for you to come

Her light eyes were dancing she is insane
Her brother says she's just a bitch on a golden chain
She keeps coming closer saying
"I can feel it in my bones, schizophrenia is taking me home"

Weighted down by possessions
I'm weighted down with my gun
I'm waiting down by the river for you to come.

(it's a sonic youth cover)

I am not schizo because I always know what I am doing I see it,just sometimes some persona pops up and takes the place :D

I really love nicki/jessica in heroes for this.

I have worn masks in the past because I felt people wanted me to :)
I have worn masks to protect others from the truth, to protect myself from their judging ashamed worried sad or not understanding eyes.

but I hardly wear those masks anymore. I don't cheat with the ones I cherish.
I'm freer than before and I handle things better.
If my beloved ones dont understand or judge me I am then sorry for them, I don't want to upset them or make them feel worried etc, but I am still happy to do what I want.
They think what they want and I do what I want and everyone is Happy in the greatest world ever :-)

Parfum d'âme

2) do you use masks to hide or to show pieces of yourself?
in both times tell us details if you are willing to share ;)

oh Helenina you're kind of repeating yourself from question above, but ok, I will answer ;oP

Well maybe sometimes I still need to hide things because I need to keep things separated and fine where they are and maybe I find my mysteries back ^_^

I think I mostly wear masks to be more daring in sharing my whole self.and it works.
These masks help me give me more confidence and I need that because I am a very sensitive and easily disheartened about it all when I feel not satisfied with my paiting for instance.

3)how do you find balance with your different personas?tell us more about these personas, the ones you need to keep secrets and why?not telling exactly who they are of course, I respect your secrets ;)

I have told a lot about my different persona, and I forget some things to add to


It's not easy to find balance, this is why we all are paradoxical human beings.

I think It's safer to keep some personas secret because of the connections people can make or maybe they can end up seeing you as one of your persona and forget who you really are.
I feel bad when something is stuck to me, a label.

It's like when you do something once, people end up seeing you like this and they forget all the rest about you, it s quite frustrating...

anyways I am a cerebral woman who can listens to Britney spears and I love carebears and cute things as much as I like broken toys and tim burton's realm or dark aesthetism like in the Mirrormask oh and I surely can do weirder things, very opposites things.

A movie worth watching for the artwork!

4)How do you deal with your " blue muse" (word by Pattie mosca I think ;) it s the dark twin inside that can drown you, a piece of you who is the insecure and torn part of your personality( the needy one)?

It depends. sometimes she comes out of the blue :D
I sometimes don't deal with her, I get frustrated sad angry and I don't know why because I don't want to hear and listen to her complaints judgements and needs.

She can be so harsh to me, but I think we are our own worst enemy sometimes.

When I choose to deal with her, I feed her creatively.
I take the time, sometimes I do feel imbalanced because she can take me further I can or should go and then it creates the inside war.
But we're more at peace than ever. she's like my inner siamese twin but separated :)

5) have you ever lied, denied and worn a mask to protect others or to keep chin up etc?

Of course, I have maybe worn the mask of arrogance more than once when I felt hurt and angry by the way people treated but I did not know how to handle the harsh words.
I am still emotive a lot but I handle things better.
I know arrogance speech is broken ego. and I am not an egotistic kind of person.
Though I enjoy talking about me I love listening and getting to know others.
I am interesting in the others.

I never lie to precious ones but I love omission sometimes or delaying truths.
Sometimes I protect myself again in this :-)

But as a conclusion I would like to say that if I don't share all my personas it is not because I am feeling bad though there are painful processes in discovery new things about us sometimes.
I think it is rather to spare your soul.
OH and I don't want to feel I have to explain things.

I love freedom,I love cat power and I'm sharing with you this song tonight because it's so beautiful to sing and to dream .

but I think I prefer this version:

Unveil The Winged Black Rose

that was my Captain illustration friday but it was too late to submit it though I had it done early, anyways busy and procrastinating me sometimes.

why Captain because she was the captain/leader of her own vessel( soul)sailing on the seas of this life.

She always had such a strength and determination in the eyes, like a sort of queen of sabaa, she makes me think of a Feminine Spokeswoman, that is there to open the path for her sisters, to tell her yes you can be this and that, yes you are free to be entirely and unconditionnally yourself because it is your life after all and you can live on frustrations or with 'what if I would do that" 'oh if only I could do this"

Live here and now sisters!
She is also spokeswomen for her sisters in Africa and Asia countries where women are sometimes denied,awfully treated,not respected, far from free and so forth

she is a reminder.
We're still living in a man's world and we have to take the power back.
In this I don't mean bad.
I don't mean this as riot girl feminism as I dont identify to this.
I just mean it for The Feminine's sake being women not trying to become like men.
I don't mean it as sexism either.

As even if it's quite rare nowadays I can enjoy males company except those in my family and my dear Love sébastien, I don't have anything against men.

L'odeur de la pluie

Is it True

I really love this latter one and I am still the idealistic ones who will tell you People will love you for the honesty within your soul ;)

vendredi 17 août 2007

***Magick and Freedom in the Writing world***

Un pas de plus vers ce que je suis

A word is dead when it is said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.
Emily Dickinson

Writing is always personal in some way but not always in a direct way.
Suzanne Vega

If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it.
Anais Nin

1) Do you feel that immense Freedom in the writing world? can you write about anything?

I feel thanks to any kind of art I can push further and further the limits of Freedom, It's freeing, it's amazing,it's comforting,it's therapy it's getting to know oneself and the world better,it's wandering in inner places etc.

Yes I think I can write about anything, I think words are meant to be used, to be played with,to be turned upside down,to dance with, to be sung,murmured and so forth.

Writing is my weapon,words are my truest friends!

2)Do you feel safer in the writing world or are you at ease too with speaking?
what is the difference for you?

I guess I am safer because I am never at ease speaking especially in public,I have done a lot of things so contrary to my nature to be introvert.
But it depends sometimes I really love speaking, I just need to control my emotions and slow down.

3)Can you travel thanks to writing?

Yes and I enjoy that a lot since I can not travel in this real life due to being totally broke...I miss travelling but less and less thanks to my magical powers to travel in my painting as much as in my writing, I also travel thanks to penpalling writing to dearest friends far away , they give me pieces of their world, they bring Greece, The usa, England,Italy, Germany and so forth to me ^_

4)Do you re-create another world, or another self in the writing?is it an escape or a way to dream?to find some peace of mind?

if I write poetry I do re-create another world, I walk in fairytale realms, I want to scatter magick in the real world.
I love the magick of creating characters as if they came to me, they are real entity, I sometimes can feel them, I have all knowledge about their psychology and how they feel etc, it is the same for painting.

I don't know if I create another self in writing, I think My writings talks about me and my different personas but I am always real even if I feel the need to add magick here and there.

I have escaped a lot in the writing world, it's my haven, but really I don't believe in escapism now.
I believe in creation, expression and sharing the sparks, writing offers me great peace of mind because it helps me collect all the pieces of my mind through life,through others's feeling and so forth.

5) Can you write about your secrets to feel better when you need to share?( either in blogs or private diaries)

I guess I have always shared a lot of private and secret things at my blog and livejournals,I don't know if I am a private person.
I love sharing, I don't mind how people will perceive my words, I am glad if I get beautiful gentle echoes but if I get misunderstood I go my way, I am fine with writing any and everything I want.
sometimes I am even close to total careless cynism because I feel I don't give a damn if I am misinterprete, misread,unread or whatever, this is just life, I am good and fine the way it is .

I more and more write for myself, but I still love to share with others if it can do them any good, then it's the cherry on my cake ^_^

I sometimes keep too private secrets for my paper diary or to share with true friends in emails or letters.

6)Are there things you would never write?(in your diaries or in blog etc)

that could be paradoxical to say yes when I've just said I could write about anything, but I mean here that I would not write to hurt to spread negativity etc

Oh I have yelled a lot,talked about all my constestarory views, my strong opinions when I could not hold my tongue.
I sometimes think about writing a blog for this!

Kind of revolutionnary( kidding) no but well there are still lots of things that annoys me, frustrates me, angers me.
and it's not necessarily about the cheap things!

Lack of respect and wounding the Feminine get me very angry!

I would never write things I dont believe in things I dont think, mean things for free, all that waste of time you know.

7) have you ever done Ghost writing, it's like role playing with letters or emails?
would you be interested in this?

I have been asked to be ghost penpals in the past, I was a bit shocked, I love writing to meet a soul to find a real personality and to share interact, the idea of faking it and playing a role was just not my kind at all.
but then I remember having done this with a friend at school when I was 13/14,it was funny and creative.
we imagined we were older and had boyfriends, we imagined we lived somewhere else and had another name:)

I would be interested in this to some extent. but I think it could be very creative and inspiring.

8)Would you write about your fantasies or keep them in your mind, because it's too secret and private to share?

what's that question? ok it's me who asked this?huh? well it's surely another of my persona;)
well I guess I have already written about my fantasy in previous blogs.
I think it's private,but maybe anonymously it's easier.

9) would you feel safer to write a blog if you were anonymous?

I guess yes for some things I am never sure if it's good to share but if I want to write them it's because it will do me good, put my mind at ease.

but I also think that when you really love some persons you would like them to be able to read you completely real blogs and anonymous one.

and also I think that in the anonymous one you'd love to share your real self too, well it's all real in fact just that you categorize things, maybe you limit things as if it has to be limited. It is weird.

But Fairy and childish illustration can not work with your wild and darker side can it?
I do feel safer this way.
Oh and sometimes the freedom of writing makes you write nonsense, just for the sake of creativity and sharing pieces of subconscious, people would take it as a whole.
I don't know, it's strange because I do accept everything I am and I am not ashamed about anything I may have written even my melodramatic posts at my lilacdeaddoll livejournal in the time of depression.
I think we cannot judge someone from one side, we can not judge at all though but at least we can have an idea of a person after a long time of sharing and interacting.
the feeling, the intuition is good of course but it does not say all about what/who the person is.

it takes time to grow an old friend.

10)Do you believe that being anonymous increase the freedom of writing?or do you feel that then maybe you are not seen and heard in your complete real self?

yes it does but the real freedom is to write whatever we want to write, yes maybe you are not seen and heard in your complete self but who is really?
you can only hear ,read, and see your completely self alone.

No one will but you.
Others can grasp a lot of your essence but alas no one can really understand another person. as much as we can. as much as we identify or relate etc.

That is why communication is important and respect too, because it's easy to think we know others, it's easy to make assumptions and be so wrong, it's easy to limit things, to say if I were I would this or that.
we have to remember before speaking that what we see is nothing but ourselves so we have to take time, ask questions, be patient to have an healthy sharing with the ones we care about.

11) What is writing to you?
writing is diving in Imagination oceans, the depth of your innermost thoughts, it's celebrating life and art.
writing is freedom always more infinite freedom as utopic as it sounds:)
writing is art, passion,sharing, a blessing, writing is the voice of my soul the real me,writing is the way I have always lived, I have met many beautiful souls through this medium, I have met my dear Love sebastien thanks to penpalling.

I am a romantic,writing is deep life,a way to be heard in the truest feelings we have to offer and reveal.

.. nous ne sommes faits que de ceux que nous aimons et de rien d'autre.

I remember Asia

Burn the witch

and because she is too beautiful for words:

I adore this song and Sophie is so very emotional singing it she lives the song on stage , I want to cry anytime I sing it! it's so marvelous painfully divine!

thank you Sophie zelmani!

mercredi 15 août 2007


SPC patterns

I rarely take the time to post self portrait challenge pics, but here it is.
I have tried to post it this morning ,it seems it did not work.
Today is an holidays,but there was a lot of things in Cambrai :-)
we had a very nice hang out in Cambrai,taking pics, we also fed a duck, the typical old couple sunday afternoon hang out :D
it was cool, we took lots of pictures etc.
Now I have to cook some crêpes,délicious, this was my most interesting post ever ;)
I'll be right back with my answer to GTK at CaC


lundi 13 août 2007

Everyone Can Make Art

and that should be my new motto ;)

kind of inspired by Ratatouille, How much I loved that movie,so cute, so full of beautiful sentiments,and Paris in her beautiful time, such a romantic gorgeous view of it( used to be in love with Paris, but then I lived there two months and a little more and it was enough, But some times I would love to be able to live not to far and go there a little more often( well it's about 2 hours and a half)

but I mean it ,it is so true when I remember myself, my first attempts, my shyness,my cowardice, my doubts, my saying " I can t draw" my focusing on wrong beliefs and comparing admiring others too much to dare exist?

I have often lived in admiration because it is a wonderful feeling to admire others.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I shall begin with the Virtual circle question( soul searching practise)because It is so full of Synchronicity ^___^

"Earth, ourselves, Breathe and awaken, leaves are stirring, all things moving, new day coming, life renewing."
Pawnee Prayer

Dancing spirit
enchanted swirls of fireflies
I am bleeding the juice of Lust for Life
I am dressed in lilac flowers and wrapped in kisses

All these flowers of stars in the palms of my hand
I want to thank you
I want to pervade others' souls
With magic love filled dragonflies kisses

rivers of naivety gently overflow
instant return to Innocence
smile painted all along my skin
I free my mind untie my wings

I can fly higher above the cherry tree hills
I feel connected to the inner Feminine
Sacred poetry of the sublime
I drench my soul to the seas of Divine

For a second I heal every breaches
sighs entertwined around the wounds
Like a blessing

barefooted I walk light as a feather
coton & silk fill my soul
I can not see or can not hear any question marks
I link all the dots

I smile I am coming back

(ok that was improvised improvision ;)

you can see here the writing and questionning of Mich

What is ready to be fulfilled within your life?

That an interesting question I only have about 10 to 15 minutes to answer, so let me see :)
Synchronicity ^_^

Today was such a good day, I must admit it like any artist I do live in symbiosis with my art.
If I feel good and filled with it, I am Fine, I am blooming, blossoming ^_^

if things are not fine with my art if I struggle feel the doubt feel not enough, things get tougher and tougher and I feel I need a walk in darkness to want to come back to the Light :)

Today was a good day really :-)
Got two very interesting offers. I am excited, full of enthusiasm and I want everything to be good, to be the way they should be.

I always want to do more, to give ,create more, to share myself more.

It is weird but at the end of the day I analyze, make some kind of sum up of the day, what did I do, where I found alleys to my goals, where I shed my lights and so forth.

There is no day without being creative, except if I am really moody or sad...ok never say never;)

It is often cheering and so beautiful to me when others get interested in my work.
It is in those moment I see everything's so real, I see it's where I am meant to be I should not doubt it ever!

We've also found several interesting apartments so we are going to phone tomorrow and go visit.

My artist path keeps blossoming. I really doubt sometimes, I create, I paint and I stop for a moment to see what has been shared, my direction. I question myself.
what is it for?
what is my goal?
what is my wish behind this?
what is the meaning in this?

My energies are at the right place, my chakra seem to be all fine, ok still some tension in the back but really I feel at peace.
comfortable in my body vehicule.
My spirit is like champagne right now ^_^

have a cup celebrate with me the Joy of being alive :)
(ok I dont drink alcohol, so let's say I am kid kind of champagne ;)

There is really one big Answer to pain or the reality of life.
Not only because it is cute to say that, no! not at all!
I am not ever talking cute,I am talking real.

Loving oneself is an answer.
a deliverance, because it gives you an incredible freedom to do anything you want and share all the beauty you don't deny anymore.
not being ashamed of who you are, acknowledge every flaw and clumsiness and still being human, no mask ever, no faking feelings ever.

God I am so alive, I dont know who to thank for this.
Guardian angel!
thank you so much:)
friends thank you so much:)
Mom and dad <3 <3 thank you so much:)
Loved ones, soul sisters thank you!

oh I should make something about gratefulness.

I have done many boring administrative things today!
I will soon have my papers for my art business to begin...ooooooh scary ;oP
it is just that I am so aware being an artist is not a job in the society view, it is so hard to make a living this way...

But let's remain positive will you ;)
I have my feet on the ground, I m realistic though I savour dreaming high;)

Oh I could also write a very big Thank you to my Love but I think an artwork dedicate to him would be the better way, he is so good, so kind, so adorable to me.
I keep on noticing this everyday and I am not the loveliest person to live with believe me, I have Improved a lot to be more patient, acceptant less grumpy etc ;o)

but I can still be annoying ;o)and so authoritative ^_^

I am blessed he just accepts and bears my soul as she is. completely.unconditionnally.
I am blessed he let me be me entirely and never is against anything I do.
I sometimes wonder if his amazing tolerance is not carelessness ;oP
ah guys!:p

ok I have to go to bed now, late late...

there are days like this where you feel your life is going to be blossoming in many ways, you feel like sharing this smile and comfortable warmth you bear within your heart:)
but the pessimist in me still tries to take distance with's the better way to be protected anyways.
OH No I can't end this post with a pessimistic pop up ;p

no here is my last painting, I finished it this morning, it's supposed to be a self portrait, hum.... no comment ;)
but it's interesting to draw looking at one's picture, or even others' picture,very inspiring and teaching!
I sometimes draw characters totally invented that come to my mind and sometimes I look at beautiful women in fashion magazine, inspiring faces that makes me want to paint and create a character,think about her mind, her attitude, her story etc, I enjoy myself a lot ^_

Satin et Soie

I am really glad about my two latest paintings, I feel improvements, I feel my wings growing stronger, a little more confident each day :-)

Many blessings, be well my friends, Namasté!

samedi 11 août 2007

If Emergency

Tick tock

the little stain on the nose is not on the painting, it is because of my scanner.

This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't
own it, but you can use it. You can't keep
it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it
you can never get it back.”
Harvey Mackay

Come out of the circle of time
And into the circle of love.


Not much but still cool to be in explore ^_^

1. Aren't I such a lucky woman?;), 2. silence,my friend, 3. Messiahs need people dying in their Name

too bad it's not for my best pictures or arworks though?

vendredi 10 août 2007

shedding words collect and hide the tears

This morning I wondered from websites to blog to come across some words of blog friend and I was inspired to write...

I am an hopeless romantic, I am a dreamer,I am a drop of dew in the ocean, I am a loner, I am a fragile soul, I am a wounded wing,I am an artist, I am poet I m a lonesome writer/co creator of my dream landscapes of emotions,I am a a chronical nostalgic,I am a sister, a lover, a friend, a researcher?I am a broken and mended porcelain doll, I am a shy sunset, I am zephyr running through the horizon, further always further,I am pieces of everyone,I am a capturer of moments and bliss,I am a photographer to remember and focuse on beauty in everything,I am a hug,I am scissors that cut the words that hurt, I am a firey icicle, I am a raspberry gash, I am a liquorice cloud, I am a book read unread misread tattered and torn,I am a delicate thorn,I am pins and needles,I am a sorceress,I am the guilt of innocence,I am the epitome of paradox,I am the queen of procrastination,I am a needy whirlpool with too much emotions,I am a ruined watercolor that will remain uncomplete,I am a concertina of stars that begs for more,I am a swirling path that leads to nowhere,I am a soul infatuation junkie, an enticement addict,a glitter whore,I am what can be loved and hated so much at the same time,I am your shadows,I am a teacher, I am a faery knowledge shared, a passage for spirits of the unseen to talk through me, I am a unhealable realistic dreamer,I am a witch of words,I am a mother of paintings,I am a mess of rainbows, I am stardust and a mere human being...

what about you?

I finally changed my mind and added new things at my etsy because things with my business for now are slow and confused.but I keep chin up do not worry.

jeudi 9 août 2007

Soul searching:Horizons & boundaries

Lately I got a real good feeling of being me.finding new pieces of my personality, I felt very balanced, very happy being me, at the right place and doing what I should do even if all the things I did lately were maybe weird or different from how I am used to be seen and even by myself!
I realized in this research and exploration that I am very/really different.
no in the fact we are all unique and different, but really different from what people do or think and yet I had a plunge in another kind of place.
I fall into the crows of maybe normal people.
I recalled some obsessions. I admitted several things about me and humanity.
I grow a bigger tolerance and widen my horizon.

but then after this good feeling I came to some other conclusions that made me feel a little sad sometimes.
I also whatever I'll say feel a little bad about age.
it s not really the physical aging, I dont know, it's the fact of not being the young one anymore.
sure many of my friends are older so for them I am the young...but I feel so old.

I don't know how to explain and well maybe right now it makes me feel a little sad for nothing I know.
just a waste of time and thinking.
let me try to answer my questions for the getting to know day I did.

1)Do you think you really know yourself pretty well?tell us more.

Yes I know myself a lot, always a little more each day because I do believe we learn everyday something new and this can have impact in our personality and way of thinking.
I have realised for instance that I sort of watched out my way of writing here because I have older friends and I don't want to let go with language and swearing because with words like 'fuck' ' damn it' etc I'll sound like the young one even more.

maybe what bothers me in being seen as the young one is that as who I am myself I feel the old one, especially when making younger friends :((((((
Oh Goddess I am closer to the thirtieth crisis I guess;)
no I am kidding but lately I told seb I would like to people and pretend I am 24 like him ;)

silly me;)

I digress so much.
I know myself because maybe I am very close to my emotional self and all the things I feel I analyse, I need to dig deeper and understand everything,learn,know...
But as I am a paradoxical person,with different personas that make it very complexe somehow for me to understand myself sometimes, I can say there are days I wonder if I know this person.

2)Do you think you are a tolerant person? how far?

I am tolerant.
I tolerate what does not hurt another person.
I tolerate what still respect others.
I think everyone has the right to do what they want,think what they think till it is not in an evil way you know.
I don't tolerate muslims man who force their woman to obey,stay at home, wear the veil if it doesn't make these wives happy, if these wives are sincerely honestly fine with it, then whatever it's their lives!
I won't bring my high feminist artillery!
I tolerate people who smoke pot if they are not my friends and if it's not in my home, the same for cigarettes
well I could hardly have friends who smoke because it would be really difficult to meet, I cannot bear the smell of cigarettes.

3) what about your strong opinions? is it easy to talk about them or can it hurt others opinion?can it create distance between you and your family? you and your friends?

I had many problems about these.
here on an old jrnl profile you can read something I wrote and that cost me a friendship
the girl put that quotes about some punk rock emo star oh well , she seemed to admire him so much that she would swallow all of his speech, I did not understand.
It was not right, I dont know.

I am always annoyed when people put the blame on humanity always as if we were fundamentally evil?
am I the last one to believe there is real good in human beings?or what?

I have split with a friend because she voted Bush, well I was just so shocked , felt betrayed that she had such a way of thinking.
it was so not in harmony with her personality and thinking.
with time I felt I had overreacted.
but the fact she voted to sort of please her family that was a big too much for me.

But I am not an American I don t know how it is and how it works.
and our president here does not make me happier so...

I try to avoid strong opinions topics now.
I am way too passionate about my convictions.
I can listen to others but if I think what they think is so opposed to what I think it might create a big gap.
tolerance sure. but our friends are pieces of us, we are who we love.
I am not going to be friends with xenophobic homophobic mysognynist for instance mwahahahhahha(evil laughters)

4)What is judgemental?
do you judge yourself, do you give limits to yourself, as you are like this so you can not do that?
do you have this feeling that people who sort of know you sometimes can limit you, because you feel you are what they see and know of you and you can't be more wondering/worrying if they will still love you the same and accept you if you think or act this way?

we all make boring and stupid assumptions as if we were better than others, as if because we dont act or like the same things we are over them.
I would like to go past this once for all.
the easy critiques you know. the "oh she is blonde and sexy, brainless slut"

I dont know anyways why we take the time to criticize others that are so different from us. is it to draw the lines? to stay away from what we'll never be?
is it because we dont understand that kind of attitudes?

do we need to be mean ,saying things about others?
I mean may it be stars,persons on tv etc...

I have a sharp critiques because I am so frank,it is dangerous!
I am impulsive and spontaneous so it does not help.

I also judge myself a lot, I try to do this less and less, but I can't change the bad habits in a night;)
I am always too fat here, too skinny, I have wrinkles,grey white hair, I have tired eyes, I am not pretty,I am good at this, could I be better at that...etc

it's like a constant search for improvement, obsessional maybe?
Yet I am not that self centered!

I think I have that idea that people I care about,friends, have an idea of me, that I am sweet and nice.
and sometimes I am not even sure they would love it all about me, but if seb can maybe then I should not worry:)
I think I can do things where I am not expected and maybe it may shock,disapoint or confuse others.

I dont do it in this purpose, I do it for the sake of expression and for the sake of my soul's yearning to exist, to feel alive,real etc, to fill myself with sparkles with lights,with fireflies, I dont know...I bear this lacuna in me.

I am glad of my life etc but I bear empty spaces, the 'not enough' and 'missing parts' often comes back to me.

so as for judgemental I try to take distance to it, not to talk to someone a certain way because of their age etc,condescendence for instance is something I hardly tolerate.
I am humble whatever people say.
I might talk assert myself,put my pictures and art everywhere, I am still my little self.nothing more nothing less.

5)How do you push your limits and open your self to new horizons?
what did you learn or discovery lately about yourself that surprised you?

by taking risks, being there where I am not expected
do crazy things
surprise myself
role play in my art, putting myself in someone else's dress, I love that
not because my own life dress doesn t suit me but because some escapism and dream of several existences is a pleasure artists can taste.

I discovered some things I won't write here. I keep it for art if I want to share it.
it surprised me because of what I had said in the past.

6)Have you ever done something that was very unusual for you?
do you sometimes research and try new things to get closer to your real self, to grow, to go on building your personality, to always develope it and evolve?

yes.I am researching on weird things to help myself with other things.
I am getting closer to myself in this process . I can't explain.
I feel freer.
I need to always evolve and get to know new things,dive deeper in the self discovery to inspire myself with new things.
I love this because even if my life is the same daily, waking up making art etc
I can add lots of fundamental changes in my heart/soul/mind/spirit

I am closer to myself and healthier.
I am learning to love myself in another way.

7)What are the limits you won't ever cross?I mean in changing,evolving,saying who you are,being your true self?
what are the limits you keep, to have a full balance being you, sharing your truths and being accepted?

I won't cross the limits of modifying myself,changing the person I am totally.
I can try things that are not really me to see how it feels, like trying new personas:)
I wont abandon myself, my faithfulness, I wont betray my beliefs, my love for God/Goddess
I wont betray my beloved ones ever.
In changing and evolving I wont forget where I'm coming from and I will never cross the lines to lose myself taking too big risks that could show another image of me that is wrong.
but some things about me can give an image of me that is already wrong
it s people judgement, I can not do anything to prevent this
I'll be this and that for you and this and that for another person.

some think I am boring some think I am intriguing:)
it s a fair balance;)

the limits I keep to feel balanced being me and accepted by others?
respect honesty and not necessarily telling everything when not needed.
people don't have to know it all about me to love me.
some things are private.

I have to learn that privacy thing,it is weird because I feel I need to explain it all,to share myself, to say what I think,why I do that, explain my work ,my pictures etc ,and maybe mostly and surely for fear of being misinterpreted,misread and taken wrongly
but whatever, I know it's something that cannot be avoid if you dare put your soul in the light and be your naked self.

I don't mind judgements if my beloved ones love and accept me as I am, I am fine and blessed. and as far as I accept myself I am feeling good.

Poppy cravings

Poppy cravings, my latest artwork


mardi 7 août 2007

The strange strangeness of existence

Getting to know you day, soul searching

I would have a lot to write, but it's getting late, I will reply to my own questions(yes indeed;)tomorrow if I can:)
you can have look to the link above and share your answers with me

Garden of infatuations

Garden of Infatuations.

And my new series: The faery Knowledge collection.

I had this in mind for a while but never began it.
I will see how it goes.
Maybe I will make 10 of them or 100 ?
we'll see what the faeries have to teach me;)and you:)

no really it's not teaching,they come and go and they share their own philosophies.
sometimes it's sticky honey we can not really apply in our daily life at some moment.
But it's always poetic and lovely sayings that warm up the heart and I love it!
well parts of me love it, there is still the dark grumpy one who says " hey you H.honey where is the gloom? where is the darkness? I dont feel home here in these rainbow lands"

Acknowledge your own beauty

Cherish the precious moment of sharing

Don't make your life a book of grudges make it a book of compassion


and here is my Illustration Friday: Missing
I titled it: Lacuna
beautiful word that could be a metaphore for a lot of things...

there is a lot in this painting,emotions,soul sharing,secrets,honesty and also a lot of unsaid.
It can be interpreted different ways and of course I am always glad when people can relate to my work and understand or remember pieces of them through my paintings.

***Many blessings, sweet dreams***

dimanche 5 août 2007

Kundalini Rising

Abandoning false speech, he abstains from false speech; he speaks truth, adheres to truth, is trustworthy and reliable, one who is no deceiver of the world.

-Majjhima Nikaya
(buddhism wisdom)

"Have faith in yourself and the changes you are invited to make at this time. Move with this energy by speaking your truth and making the necessary changes to set yourself free from the confines of the past.

What growth opportunities knock
at the door of your heart? "

this was Mich question at virtual circle.

first of all which are these opportunities?

*misunderstanding with a friend.

When it's not the first time, you pause and think.
You analyze the situation after the annoyance and frustration.
You wonder what is good in this and where does it lead?
Sometimes it's better to end things when in spite of similarities misunderstandings are more important and the personalities are finally not on the same wave length.

The growth here is knowing who you're friends are and that we alas can not love everyone and can not understand and connect to everyone nothing more nothing less.

*Expressing one's difference.

the growth here is spiritually and physically.
We feel more at peace inside.
We feel a balance between all our differences personas.
We find the ways to unknown doors and can learn even more of ourselves.
We might sometimes look in the mirror and say " I dont know you"
but all in all it is constructive,teaching and a great way to study humanity, to be more open minded and tolerant and to let go all judgements.

*making new friends , opening new doors

this is a daily opportunities, we always can come across a beautiful souls and share.
sometimes for a day or a months sometimes build a strong bond for a longer time,something that enriches our personality and make us grow.
New friends do tell us a lot about us and provide us with this amazing opportunity to love and to be giving, to listen and so forth.


we should move, we are searching for an apartment
this opportunity will have a big impact on my growth.
It will be the beginning of a new life, something I try to be patient for.
this change will bring a lot of new things at the door of my heart.
I'll be even more balanced and responsible for my own Bliss.

All in all each opportunity ,that might be good or bad, opens something for me and show me the way, I of course don't see it always at once, sometimes I get frustrated sad and angry and finally things are just the way they are because they are meant to be and because I'm not alone in this.
All these changes,events,encounters,sand speckles or blissful moments make all the energy of mine find a way to balance, to circulate better.
The more I notice it the better it is for my rising kundalini.

At the moment I have learnt a lot in a little time,I have also changed a lot in a little time.
due to opportunities.
missing a dearest ones. meeting new persons. finding new sides of my being.
accepting. growing.learning.opening.

I am feeling a little lonely ( because I miss you <3) but very fine,very light and in love with this life.

Now the L list

1) Love...of course ;)
4)lilacs, lavender,lilies of the valley, lotus
5)locket heart( to keep secrets and loved ones)
6)lipgloss I love it with tiny sparkles but it's not that great for kisses
7)luminous, of souls, of mind, of ideas,of pictures...I love the light we cannot see or touch but that can be felt with the heart.I love when souls scatter their lights on me
8)lingering, impossible to forget, feelings that persists
9)Life, the beauty of being so alive
10)loss ,things we have to live and handle, things that take so long to accept.
11)laughters, I can't live without them!make me laugh and you got me all yours ^_^
12)label, the fact we need to put people in some category as because you think like this you are this and nothing else...I cannot bear this!
13) limitations, I am too passionate for limits.
I love taking risks, I love challenges
I may be shy introvert and many other things I push the limits always.This is also the way I feel alive
14)literature, I love it, beautiful words entice me,I love the way sometimes people can write with poetry,with intelligence,I am always fascinated and want to know more. I have read many books that truly made me fall in love with the author, such a connection.marvelous.pure magick.
15)Lake, I love places like these,swimming and walking around.
16)Lacuna ( an empty space of missing part) this might inspire my future Illustration friday;)
17)Lethe Greek Mythology. The river of forgetfulness, one of the five rivers in Hades.oblivion.something that inspired me so many poems in the past.
18)Lace love it!

jeudi 2 août 2007

: Spiritual growth: Doors and windows

On wednesday I was the host for the getting to know you day,here was the questions I asked everyone & my answers to them:)
feel free to share your answers with me:)

1)which are the latest doors in your mind, your world, you had to close, to feel safe, to stop bearing grudges, to just learn to say goodbye and to move on?

I think the latest doors I have closed was the grudge one.
I have been so betrayed and hurt by soul sisters I loved so much.
some of them I really loved with passion to be honest.
the hurt is as big as the love you feel.

I had to heal. but in the meantime I grow weary of friendship, I could not trust and love again.
then with thinking and focusing on the beauty on what I had to give on what I really wanted, I finally mend the pieces in me.
I have forgived.
I have told myself it was not that bad to have trust, to have given to person who did not saw how important and rare it all was, nevermind...

I am very happy now I have closed these doors.
I am very glad I have decided to turn the page and begin new ones:)

I think it is true, it's always better after the hurt, you really can meet the souls you want to share with ^_^
I am lucky for it and I enjoy this feeling, this awareness:)

I have also closed the doors of guilt. well still trying to. it sometimes opens again against my will;)
I am trying to close this door that make me think this cannot work with this, you can't be this and that!
people won't love you if they know!
How can you be/behave this way?

I close these doors, I free my mind and move on. If there is only one life I want to live it deeply and not stop or block myself.
sometimes we judge ourselves, we think this is not right,we think too much of consequences, risks taken and if it will be worth it.
I want to think differently.
I just want to live,experience,share,and sip the beauty of being alive:)

and nevermind if I'll be judged and seen wrongly, and misinterpreted and reduced to things I can do sometimes, feel, say etc

we are more than what we do , we have many personas, we are always and never the same and this chameleons is pleasant, it breaks routine, it opens door for me, it is a part of inspiration,discovering always,pushing limits
never hurting myself neither anyone:)

I think we all do judge others and their attitudes or behaviours way too quickly just because they can be different.
this is not fair, however lame or pathetic you think they can appear look be, they are more than this!
I believe in what's under our mistakes.faults.flaws.breaks.and so forth:)

2) do you believe in Hellen keller's famous quote (that I love)
that when a door closes another one opens and how did it showed in your life? any stories to tell?think about it;)

well sometimes yes sometimes no, but it depends on my mood, when I'm grumpy and so sad I can't see things clear of course.

but I always try my best to wait and see, be patient
Because it's all in this, Patience's hands

I am someone who loves Hopes.
I think now what matters is not to dwell before the closed doors
it is to accept and go on our journey, there are several paths to choose & we're always fine,blessed and free when we carry our home inside our soul/heart.

4)Sometimes all doors are closed, but there are Window
the third eyes is the biggest window of our mind.
How do you escape this way? how do you heal travelling by that window?
what are the thoughts that appeases you when all doors are closed in your life on your path?

My third eyes helps me a lot to visualize things , to see things in a better view.
I have a lot of spiritual trips, without drugs rest assured mwahahhahahhahha ^___^
I am not such a Hippie ;)

I escape of course through meditation,yoga , art and writing.

I am a lucky person because I have this deep wide potential to create, to imagine!
I am very blessed and grateful to be able to hear the muses and receive messages from far far away realms;)

When I want to heal something in me, I visualyze my inner room, my haven, I find this place within where I can feel safe, and remember all the beauty , the reasons to live again and not give up.

4)Eyes are often seen as the windows of the souls? would you agree?
do you feel people's soul this way? is the gaze something important to you?
do you feel you're an open book when someone reads in your eyes?

I don't know. I love trusting my intuition:)
I love eyes
I think it's a beautiful body part. it's so mysterious, saying so much still hiding so much.
I think my love sebastien can read in my eyes, my mother too maybe my father too, but that's all.
Not that I feel myself being a mysterious woman, but I'm a bit cold and aloof in general with people in society so I'm not sure they can read much but sybilline enigmas;)
I also used to feel uninteresting,dumb and so forth because of being so distant,mute and the transparent girl in the corner of the room ah!

5) tell me about the door you need to close and open right now? think. look around. your goals. your regrets. your anger.memories.anything.make peace with yourself.

right now?
denial door.stress door.
off with that!

I am me, I am the way I am, take it or leave I won't change, and nevermind if I disapoint some people.

I have to close the door of stress because it wont help me with my goals, I have to stop doubting too to continue working on my business project!
it s such a lot of work!

I want to open some doors I won't name, yes me mysterious ^___^
and I also am impatient to open the door of my new art studio, my new apartment, my new life,my new realer work life!
Bring it on bring it on!!!!

My latest painting:" I don't know You"
24x32 cm on watercolor paper.

I don't know You

I Don't Know You

I got a lot of mails this week, was so happy because last week I was feeling very lonely!
Thank you so much to Violet, Maria,Chantal,Dawn and Valerie for their letters and packages and postcards:)
I love love love surprises ^______^

I have made an art trade with Valerie Sokol a very nice and open minded fairy artist:)
she was sweet enough to agree for a trade with me and I received one of her lovely fairy match box, something to take like a lucky charm,unique kind of work:)

so friends, go watch her work and support her art,say hello:) if you like it:)
it's also very pretty as a gift for a special friend who needs some fairy dust ;)

Valerie's shop at etsy
she also makes lovely cards:)