lundi 18 décembre 2006

The Banshees of the other Side collection by helene deroubaix, mixed media art collages

Ame en Gravats déchirure sur l'Amour de soie

Debris of me to Aeolus

these collages are my favourite " Ame en gravats déchirure sur l'Amour de soie"
which kind of mean collapsing soul, tear in the Silk Love(but here there is the loss of the pun with soie= soi, which means self Love) and " debris of me to Aeolus"

see the rest at my flickr

So this new art collection was my Need to do something different, to show more and more of my dark side, the other side can be interpreted differently
The other side can be anyone's dark side, made of sadness, or uglyness and so one is really Beautiful;)

but the other side can also be the under world, Hell, whatever you want to call it, the behind the mirror thing you know...

I always believe there is two sides for every story and I notice that I often speak about the colors of my own stories and try to deny the mochromatic sorrow and dark dereliction I can feel...

This season is often very heavy on me and It tends to wake up my devilish girls, Mrs bitterness and Mrs sweet pain knock at my door saying they haven t been invited for a while,so they have to express their anger and frustrations you know...nobody loves to be forgotten and put aside I guess ;)

I got truly comforted by these collages, you can see the rest there:

I wont post them here due to livejournal new crappy style:p

and for those who question why do I need to create a collection?

it's just because my emotions have different colors different voices and they can t be summed up in just one piece so the Banshees are talking about different kind of pain, melancholly or sorrows of my soul.

I have chosen Banshees instead of Fairies,because we often forgot that fairies can turned into witches sometimes, it's not that far this difference, the limite...
and the Banshee(also called Bean-sidhe ) is a fascinating symbols of the women craving for Love, to be wanted for real not just a sexual thing, to be wanted amongst other for one's uniqueness:) they also are messenger of the other world, the under world maybe...
the Banshees also screams to talk about a coming death, and Winter is a metaphore of Death, the end of the year, the end of a time for something else, another beginning...
I needed their rages to express my burning wrath :)I am obviously talking more here about spiritual death, end of bonds and things like that rather than a real death or a desire to die, not at all!

I adore Life I am in love with It!

well thanks for having a look at it and feel free to share with me some interesting critics ^_^ or whatever you feel like sharing,what it inspires you,how you interprete them etc:)if you have questions, etc :)

I still have some ideas with this ,maybe I'll make some other banshees, I just couldn t wait to show these :)
I am thinking of a dark Blue one that is coming to me :)

***Blessed be & have a beautiful day***

samedi 9 décembre 2006