jeudi 25 juin 2009

Blessed be Michael Jackson!Blessed be for all the years you made us Dream,Sing & dance!

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
~From a headstone in Ireland

Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.
~Emily Dickinson

Oh precious Emily, I cannot more agree with you dear!
You that I never met you are loved and thus immortal to me like a sister I have felt so close to.

We really have to LIVE & LOVE now.

love that video so much
so moving.

I do believe in a continuity though but still it's better to enjoy this lifetime, this experience in this body and this life to the fullest so we keep learning, growing for even greater future existences, other kind of experiences and maybe even other kind of dimension.

Death is not stopping.

I couldn't help crying, how could I?
And what for?
I am an emotional and hypersensitive person and whatever my beliefs are , death is sad.
It brings nostalgia,so many memories,a time of our life and also the fact the person won't create anymore.

And creation, art of any kind is something utterly meaningful to me.

There are those people who've somehow became associated to your childhood, your good times, the holidays in car across the country or even to Greece or Turkey with my parents and friends.
Ha! the lovely 80's and early 90's!
Loveliest time,carefree and somehow things looked realer than now maybe because of this pure feeling that we didn't need much at that time.

We knew how to be happy with what we had, then everything happened at once, and the more we got new technology and new things the more we wanted new things in every fields of our life.
That's perhaps why our era sounds so soulless.
Maybe I'm just a nostalgic or whatnot.
Maybe I'm just aging.

But is it a lie that children are lacking innocence nowadays?
everything is told to them way too early, we prevents them from dreaming longer, from enjoying this carefree time and from believing in magick, wonders and all.

Call me idealistic.I'm proud of it.
I will always believe in faeries and I am not the only one.

I feel I am so aware of the way our societies have been, we always see this.

When watching Pekin Express( a sort of real tv show about a race around Asian countries which is a very human kind of tv show according to me)we see that, how people in those poor countries are so more welcoming, how they invite people to sleep or eat in their home, while we are all barricaded in our home, to protect ourselves, we're all suffering from the ambiant stress and general mistrust because nowadays everyone can become a killer.

It does not mean I am hopeless about this world, of course not.
Just keep wishing we would all be more human.
I am often criticize on my big mouth, my being so damn frank and my expressing my anger.

But I am real and so human.
Utopia by alanis M.
this is still one of my most favourite song, because of the beauty purity and energy it has.

And I do believe that this mourning the Great Michael Jackson we are all united in this sharing of sorrow, of knowing how we're gonna miss him.

I kept for several years hoping he would do another album, something brand new!
He could have! He definetly could have blown us away once more!
He did so many times.

He made us dream, feel good, sing in car trips, laugh, dance.

I remember when I was ten years old I was deeply in love with him!
I even fell in love with a boy that to me looked kinda like him, maybe he did.
I remember he would brush his hair like Michael in songs like Billie Jean ;)

Billie Jean
I still sing out loud in my car when listening to that one I must admit!shameless!
But how not to want to dance and sway while singing that song ^_______^
it's full of a great energy!

I loved dancing listening to Michael Jackson, I loved his trick!
It should have been a shocking things but for children we often laugh at this and loved immatating him with my brother François.

we were fans.
Even my parents!
I believe especially my father, who would put up the volume whenever there was a Michael Jackson song on the radio and sing out loud.
I believe I kept that habit from my father (laughing)

I remember my girl friends at that time always told me and thought my father was so cool because he would sing Michael Jackson
But I was not close to my father at that time.
Yet when we shared this passion for M J we were together, united!

I love how Music has definetly this power to heal the world, to spread such a wonderful energy that people commune together.

Black or white

I have some tapes where I recorded my voice and my best friend of childhood D. when we were singing " Heal the world"
we were about 12/13 years old and we were just learning English,so it was cute to hear our accent!
I would love to listen to this tape now but Modern world I don't have any tape players anymore but in the car, then it means I'll have to throw away memories?

These memories were precious to me.
There are on these tapes the moments of the unique time of my life when I still loved my younger bro when he was a baby.
Then this love died away or turned into hatred, but as Hatred is useless I decided it Ignorance was bliss.


Yes I am not a perfect person I am a human being.

Smooth criminal

Michael Jackson has rocked my childhood.
I believe I have loved singing and as a child and teen I would sing with him all the time ;)
then I loved Kurt cobain early too ;)
but I still loved MJ at the same time.
Later around 13 I had a passion for Lenny Kravitz ;)

Music has always been a passion since I was born;)

I have a picture of me being about 5 and with big earphones of the 80's listening to rock music!

Music is a healer, a smile on your face when you don't feel good.
That is why we look up to those stars, they really make a change in our life.
It's not just being fan insane and wanting to know what they ate yesterday, I am not that kind of fan, I don't care.
I am an admirer of artists and have always been.

Heal the world

I love people who are true givers, who have this beautiful energy to share, to give Blissful emotions to others, the ones who make us dream, who Inspire, who spread the Love and hope!

I have always loved that and will always.That is always what I aspire to, to make people dream, to inspire, to keep creating with pure love energy and to spread it around.
This said I'm not comparing to those genius I admire, but I believe we are light wavers to unite this humanity, to awake the humanity in others, to make them Feel again and remember.

What truly saddened me is that Michael Jackson had been dragged in the mud for so long, people only wanted to criticize him and he couldn't be free at all.
yeah the kind of same attitude towards famous people like with Britney spears.

How honoured and impressed must Britney have felt on that day!
She has been blessed to sing with him really!

In the closet

People well mostly paparazzi have to spread shit on the hero, on the people who are so admired around the world.
Is it just envy?
Is it just money?

I also am quite aware that people will keep making joke even about his death of find ways to criticize, insult who they think he was and whatnot.

I wonder how these people sleep at night.
No dreams anymore for them.

It's definetly okay not to be a fan or even that MJ's music is not your cup of tea but then don't try to tarnish his memory what's the point in that?
Would you feel better then?

I will never believe MJ would have abused or hurt a child. Never.
He may have depression and a strange closeness with children right.
I also believe he was so rich that people would have done anything to ruin him getting some.
Whatever his personal life or his problems I think we love an artist not for his private life that should be none of fucking business!
We loved him because he made us dream and we all should have been perhaps more grateful for this instead of throwing him in the mud on the public place!

why you wanna trip on me

I am sure I am not the only today who is heartbroken by this death and who will live with this sweet feeling of nostalgia.
I am sure a lot of people on this planet are crying because of Michael Jackson's death and have those childhood stories to share about him.
I believe it's beautiful.

I truly hope they will make a real deserved homage to him on tv to remember, to mourn, to sort of say goodbye till later!

You know I would have a hard time believing a child of the 80's cannot have a memory with an MJ song:)
If you want to share with me some of your memories or thoughts about this death , please feel free.

You know he will surely be for us like for instance the death of John Lennon was for our parents.
A tragedy, somebody who will be missed and still admired long time after his death!

And I listened to John Lennon as a teen so I believe I can imagine my children(when I'll have her)listening to MJ one day.

We all dig in our parents musical past.
Especially when Music is a real important thing in your home, it has always been like this with my parents.

For sebastien and I too, music makes us feel good and inspired!

I wish I were in L.A now to be able to be their for MJ's funeral, not as a morbid desire, but to feel the love of humanity.

Why each terribly sad event of all kind unite us is not a mystery. Empathy is what make us HUMAN.

Empathy is the greatest LOVE on Earth and one of the Purest.

With all he did, with all his care and involvement, I can only believe on top of being an amazing and one of kind artist that a lot have imitate or got largely inspired by, he was also a Beautiful Soul.

The kind of person who is commited and don't only thing about life in pink or himself.

I wonder what Tori amos will express about this death, I don't know how at all what she thought about MJ.

Nobody will ever sing or dance like him.
He will be remembered and missed a lot.

He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man.
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.
~Kahlil Gibran

Blessed be Michael Jackson, peace out to all his fans and the people,friends and family who loved him true for his art and humanity.

Waiting for the Summer fruits while remembering springtime flowers in the graveyard

More than a month later.
Times flies no wait! it's running after me!

Wish I had time to write my blog, surely it could do me good.
To write a little.
To just talk about my daily life and my art life.

Coeur De Petite Sorcière

You're Safe Everyone interprete No One grasps the Truth Of Your Soul
It feels so good everytime I go back to my acrylic world ;)

When I walk on my own I write my life along with love

Take care of your dreams

In the Dark everything shines for her

I am a book of oddities you've got to feel my story

No Flowers No Crowns

Speak your truth

I haven't painted much for a while.
Not in the mood, too busy with other things in my life, like phoetry for instance.
Working on different projects.
In fact for a whole month I was really incredibly busy but I handled it and I guess I loved it.
When you're so busy you go to the essential and you have no time for insomnia.
Kidding a bit, but working so much made me feel better.

This Holy longing is irresistible in its urgency to create new life
You don't have to compartimentalize your self, especially if you're an artist.
Just keep expressing, share what you have to share, do what you have to do,always out of Love.
And I believe you are safe, for everyone interpretes no one ever grasp the truth of your own soul.
You only know.

who you are. And why you do the things you do.
Even if sometimes it can sound weird to you, with time and looking back you find the answers are all in the questions of your art, your heart.

Welcome To The Bohemian Freak Show

You feel the light coming your way

Au fond du lac le monde de Sir Hell Crumb

In our world in our paths

Things are not what they seem(Real woman and a mask)
(picture featured in my book In The Name Of Kali)

Call Me Arrogant Darling Fruitcake Her Love Licks Their hate

And For this gift I feel blessed

I have so many to express but I don't know where to start.
How to do a sum up on everything I've been lucky to learn and discover this past month.

First of all about Friendship and making friends.
Still the same old thing that people want you to be honest and they cannot hear your truth.
hey it's merely your truth, so it should not be the world to them right?

I have been through events that showed me true friendship required maturity, a bit of self trust to be aware of what you have to offer in this relationship, a good sense of humour and of course open mindedness and tolerance.

I remember when I was younger I somehow couldn't hear people disagreement with me, I would lose temper at once now I am okay to listen and I always try to see what the person means, how she or he perceives things.
It's always a question of perception after all.

If you're strong enough, you're not fleeing because of another viewpoint.

Immaturity can be cute of course it depends how it is shown but some people feel lonely and disbelieve in true friendship, or just want to criticize the rest of the humanity as if they had the monopoly of good heart or what?
This is so absurd!

Open your mind!
See further for goddess's sake!

I am always sadden when people don't want to grow and understand things.
Stubborness is a huge waste of time.
Of course we all have our strong opinion and we sometimes don't feel like changing,it's ok.
We have lived things that make us be who we are, but when you want to make friends you have to open and be ready to lose or suffer the fact you won't face a mirror.
We are all similar but all unique.
it's just so sad all the beauty people may waste with a locked up heart.

They may say it's because they've been hurt a lot in the past and disappointed by everyone and they don't want to trust anymore.
immature waste of time, we learn in this!
we learn through this!

There is something I really cringe at it's when people feel the need to criticize another to feel better about themselves.
Like " come on people stop whining and believe that fairies will pop out of your screen"

fuck this!and fuck you!
If these people want to share their emotions the way they do,it's their right
not please with this, kiss their asses!

I cannot stand those attitudes.
People should just live their life and stop pointing their fingers at other and how they live theirs!
Hell,Leave us alone!

I do not fear any criticize or anyone wanting to burn me, that's always why I chose the name " Ma Sorcière" at flickr.

I am totally utterly and completely accepting myself & happily pissing you if it has to.
never my goal well okay it depends if you tease me too much babe;)

Helluva Real Woman She d.i.y.(s) for love

People must see me as bitchy because I have a big mouth and anger is not something I am shameless to express.
I have read anyways in some Christian or catholic forums that anger was not so much of a sin
of course I do not believe in the idea of sin, I gladly play with it.
and if anger was a sin I would be then a shameless sinner.

Not out of rebellion, it's more than this.
I believe in expressing your disagreement, if you suffer because of somebody's behaviour it is just your right to tell them you are angry and why.
It does not mean hurting them on purpose.
But saying unpleasant things to them that is merely your truth on how you lived things, how you felt them and it cannot be changed.

We are the way people had treated us.
Like our parents in childhood and teen age for instance.

If your parents complimented you, hugged you, showed you care, lots of affection, if they made you feel you could do anything, if they were there anytime listening closely to your problems etc maybe then you can grow as a self confident adult and not have to endure depression or lack of self esteem at times.

Of course we have to cut the cord too.
Past is past, even if it feels like something has been stolen from us, something we can never have again.
A missing part in our life.
How to fill the hole? how it to heal it whole?

Art ,creativity, love and being real are possible answers to this, and of course to try not to act the same way.

We all live in cycles.
I mean cycles of sorrows and joy that come back to us and we feel oh I have experienced this before in another way perhaps, sometimes it could also be reminiscence of past lives.
Some present sorrow can re-open past wounds, it's the life.
How we deal with this?
expression and imagination.

There is enough energy in our soul to heal if we really want to.

Some people still come to me asking "how is the baby? how is your pregnancy"

I am like, well he, okay you didn't know not your fault, but I lost it, I miscarried.

Then the whole thing is back again, like a wave to my face and I remember it's me who've been through this maelstrom of emotions.

But I am definetly not alone in this.
I have been lucky enough to take pictures of wonderful children.
There are great teachers and my contact with them made me more and more understand how I have a real easy bond with children, that childhood is a familiar world to me.
A lot of people often say how younger I look in real life or on my photos, it's cute.



iceane la véritable l'unique princesse moustache de chocolat

The Door To Crystal Child Blessing


I really hope to keep learning and finally create another business as a photographer.
Especially children photographer because I love to capture that essence , the soul of this time, so pure, so innocent, where magic is unscathed.

To come back about anger, it's an emotion people often deny, feel ashamed, can't deal with etc.
I express anger easily when I disagree if it's something important of course I'm not angry at everything.
I love when I'm fine with everything, but the world is not bright pink everyday is it?
look further.

I believe it's because I am capable to love immensely, I share a lot of myself, I am a real human being or trying to always tend towards this.
I give, I try to inspire, I share and I do listen a lot.
The fact that I love big implies also the fact I can also be extreme with anger because there are things I cannot bear.
like Anais Nin said:

"The only abnormality is the incapacity to love."

Also some people tried to bother me with the fact I take self portrait that showed my body in a sensual or erotic way and then taking pictures of Innocence/children.

Well I do believe we are complete when we can express Mary and the Magdalene, of course you draw the limits.

I would quickly kick pedophiles asses.
I have seen other photographers taking sensual self portraits and also the most beautiful soulful and real portrait of innocent children and there was nothing wrong with that.

It's like a woman can be a Mother and she's still a sexual wife.
She's not only the sweet heart of the house.
We are multi sided, so is my art.
Come closer spread some poisonous sugar on my devilish winged thoughts

They fly
You're in them
They fly
You want them
entwined thorns so soft and touching
How beautiful the nightmares under my pillow under my bed under my heart
Ankle all swollen
Sore throat
Sense all sored
A wardrobe full of circean dress
Little darkness
Tame thy monster whisper the pixies
But all my garden have blown away
seeds of dandelions
No dreams no wishes
For another tree
To climb and let my soul soar
I cannot clean my wings
I am a bad needlewoman
I want to sew my lips together to prevent them to utter
my need my needs my desires

I believe my friends understand and enjoy the things I do without judging.

We have many different things to express.

so yes I have been working on a New Eve project!

Bite me

Man Gentle Woe
and happily mixed Innocence and sexuality.

My thoughts are fizzing and I have many new ideas for books, but sometimes I'm like Hey hold on!
I cannot note all these things!
So I believe I have enough ideas for the next 10 years ;)

Read in the palm of my hand

Ha! this is one of my most fav poetic design since a long time!
It all appeared by magick out of the blue so thank you Fairies!Thank you muses!!
I am blessed and never alone.
Of course it's for an imaginary band so I had to imagine it all :)
It's always so much fun to me!

June please June

Band name: June Please June
Album name: Springtime watery songs

1)Alone at the White crow queen lake
2)April's flowers underwater
3)May drowned
4)Artemis river of presents
5)Strange path of the pomegranates
6)Away from the Fields of narcissi
7)Sister Demeter's letter
8)Third lane
9)Douceur de Léthé
10)Flammes à l'amer
12)Ocean of love and coffins
13)Blue funk stream

Of course one day I will make a book on this too, but yeah I need more than a life ;)

Alors viens et sois mes maux

He said "Anais!Anais!"
I remember that name.
She said it could be your daughter's name, the one you'll never have.
I told him she was under a pile of pages of madness
He couldn't read my name anymore so I told him to be my hurt
He couldn't be my words
Even if he dared
How could Mr Empathy bleed as much as a woman
Not in my story anyways
Men invente themselves pain and women live through them
For instance when you got a package in your car and you never dare
pull out the ribbon
then who are you?
A ghost?
Are you fucking insane?
I thought that was me.
I thought
All along the cinders a shoe that shouldn't be red
Sometimes you say you're afraid to acknowledge the water in your eyes
This hole darkest void
I wish I could be the rain when they ask for the sun


Anais' dress

Still waiting
Red roses in the vase on the kitchen table
I hear the melancholly on the window pane
It echoes
Humide soft noises
She forgot her keys once again
Did she do it on purpose
On the bed Anais' dress
I could still smell her perfume
The satin of poetry that suits her skin like nothing else
When you meet Anais you never forget her eyes
All the secrets they tell when they penetrate yours
It's a strange moment right after midnight
Her ghost is above me invading her dress
Floating laces and the bewitching whispers
Then later I sway naked in the attic
Missing her touch
missing the way she understands
Each of her kisses not demanding not expecting anything
As the rain falls deeper(...)

she dances on the walls that she paints with her whispers:

Elle danse sur les murs qu'elle peint de ses murmures

On Rachel's road
(not completely satisfied with this self portrait but I love the poem with it)

There are demons on Rachel's road
It's in her name
It's in her faith
Along the ground
Debris of all the things she recalls
We hear evil songs on Rachel's road
Among the particules there is note
Something that caress your neck when you sleep to dream
She doesn't remember much of these nights
One day she'll tear up the horizon On Rachel's road
The ravin isn't far
You could come with me
If you want to feel
desert of books not to be read
But if you do you cry the same
Like the black doves
After all the grins having cut you through
After all the thorns having slashed you open
She wanted to be wide open and freed from turmoil
There are flowers of lies on Rachel's road
"Can you hurt me now? will you hurt me now? If I ask you to?"
When you lie down
The ground is hot
You gaze at the ceiling for hours in the dark
Except it's the sky the beginning of void
Wishing it could tumble down on you
So you wouldn't have to be sewed back
With all these things inside
I wish I could tell
On Rachel's road silences are obsessing mesmerizing
I wish I could tell
But the distance is drowing near(...)


Oh So GraceFool
Pas d'aile pas d'elle

Spin and Anchor

Maybe in the world of fake she could be the one
Behind her mask behind her glowing dress
He didn't know the whore was a giver
Forgive her
How many times she would dance this way
Always the same right steps left steps
Completely poisoned and tamed
You try to love her
She leaves with no word
Next year for the same entrance
She's in trance in her bleeding world
Everyone want to protect her but most abuse
She will claim it's her right to suffer
Her only desire
Because she cannot love her
Fasten this little terror
Quiet she knows it's better to be fucked than alone
Ella Jane always drown to the darkest horse underwater
You're not Ophelia
Tear that dress now
She will cry in my arms talking about strength
I witness the massacre in her bleeding poppy fields
She cannot sleep anymore
She remember spreading not wanting
A big S on her heart
There are cinders glowing cinders
Wish I could have helped my sister
But she cannot realise she has given up on her own
I told her everything was better not to
And she smiles
The most noisy smile you've ever seen
You see how she will kneel when he'll ask her to leave everything
You're gonna leave your home
You're gonna kill your soul
This big S in the middle
I won't blame their testosterone shackling & their weakness
This time I wish you loved your self
only this time

another poem that had to be shared, hoping some sisters out there can read and perhaps decide to take the power back and to be their own.

I often think about this, how women became half of themselves for a man, this is so sad.
As for these men they are so weak.
Their power resides only in controlling, how pathetic.

People have to be reminded what Love is sometimes.
A lot of ego is taking part in painful relationship because no one really dares to give in to Love, what it merely is. The beauty of it.

Ma Petite Fleur de Sans

Wonderfully Childhish We're Crossing The Looking Glass

Lullabies for her

Another twig though springtime is gone already
Gabriel Gabriel sing for me lullabies for her
In her dreams for me
She's waving from the other side
Seraphim are holding books and taking notes
Filling pages of the sounds of my love tears
You're not there I don't even know your face
But in all the petals of light I wrote how much I miss you
Letting my heart swirls yearning for this blessing
Come little darling we've been waiting for thee
Blood roses spiralling around my china breaks
Lilith dances in my laces and she says
How pure this love can be
Pomegranate leaking on my chest
I wait for the magic to come
Hail all the angels
Impregnating my souls to the saraswati waters
Poetic ripples in the depths of my heart
Bring me my daughter!
I am a mother!
Bring me my daughter!

Ma cage un petit coeur d'ailes