vendredi 30 mai 2008

We are all connected. a way or another

Not so easy to find time for blogging,oh and well who cares who reads?
I already blog so much at flickr, I share my poetry there.

My world is there,friendly,passionate,my biggest fans, my greatest support!
How would I go on without all these lovely you's!


Everytime I go to flickr it's just like a mind trip you know.
I truly enter a wonderful village of souls with inspiration,with thought provoking soul food and I just feel so blessed to be the witness and a part of this.


We are all connected. a way or another.

now I'm trying to share some of my lastest paintings:

but first you did not know so I show off a bit( my silly pleasure ^___^;;)

366 days project :Helenina Illustratrice yay!

I have illustrated the cover of a psychology book.
and let's be positive and crazy,it's just a Beginning ;-)

so I felt elated, so ecstatic on that very day:)
and it lasted.
It truly reload my battery.
I still have my anxiety disorder problem,it's become a real frustration,I try to fight it, to cope with it.
I'm going to alanis M. 's concert next friday in Paris and really I kinda fear to have panick attack,it's so boring to be me and so hyper sensitive to energies, to noises, to people, to crowd especially.
anyways I'll challenge myself! totally suicidal ^__^;; kidding.
I need to think positive all along next week and I should be fine and positively reenergized :-)

Then there was the Moving and I just felt super tired, physically and emotionally drained because it was even worse than we forsaw.
I drove so many kilometers back and forth, a big trip and I complained all the time :-)
I am so very good at this!

then I rested a bit but I painted:

Un mur de mots( entre nous)/ a wall of words( between us)

The strange carnival of Epiphany

Bride of a (so called) Dead Poem(detail)
(love that detail)
Bride of a (so called) Dead Poem

click to see it bigger :-)
and join flickr if you love my work, it's the best way to see my new work everyday:)

N'être en toi (close up)

Oh dear, this is your last fairytale

Columbine's love died

Alors : mon coeur(strange angle detail)

Alors : mon coeur

Le cimetière de mon coeur/the graveyard of my heart

In her bath she dreamt he would go downstairs to her

INYC3 : our Alchemy

oh and because I want to remember Sarah and our luck to be alive and somewhat almost healthy

And all the flowers in the world began to glow with tears
Everything would echo this painful tear in the mind
As she grew her last wings
There was no words left to say goodbye & no melodies to soothe the soul
But she was not alone for filled with the unison of the bleeding love hearts around her

click on the image, send your blessings to Sarah:)

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