jeudi 14 mai 2009

Arms wide open pouring sharing welcoming abundance

In The Name Of Kali
You can buy my book here

I've just published my very first Phoetry book in which you'll see self portraits done from 2005 to 2009.
A lot of new editions of old pictures, some never released nor published pictures:)
the same for poems.
It was a lot of work and I am truly feeling the excitement of giving life to something that mattered very much to me.
In the Name of Kali, is like the title says kinda my Ode and thanks to the Goddess Kali for having been there all the time along the years of my artist's growth.

I hope this book will inspire other women to free themselves!
To go beyond patriarchy, to go further than sexism because sometimes too much feminism or disapointment in men ends up in hatred and truly I understand this.
Sometimes it's hard to love my Brothers!
A lot of things are truly disapointing but still there is no difference in a way.
Humanity links us all and when we all have acknowledge or yin and yang side then there is more peace, more openedness to understanding.

She truly kicked my ass so I stopped procrastinating and dared to follow my dreams, my passion and my very own artist's way!
so revealing and releasing!
I learnt a lot through the process of this book, in the making of all these self portraits along the years, the diverse inspiration and events of that times and during the creation of the book.

I felt more and more pushed to create after my miscarriage because I had to keep working keep walking and find a way to face that trial.
I had to face myself and this sudden emptiness.
I don't feel the pain anymore I feel a lot of gratefulness for many things, this life for instance and all the love around me.
I adore this life, all the new inspiration, Art, sharing of souls, friendship, good food good music, hugs and kisses, my cat's purring:)
simple things makes me happy at the moment.
I value what's real.

Anyways since my mc I truly been working much more than ever and I really was working a lot already before!
But I also still put things asides, tomorrow, tomorrow ya know ;)

and one day you awake deeply suddenly and life tells you Tomorrow begins now damnit!
And yes it's true.

One day at a time we can do great things.
Even if really a day is always too short for all my ideas.

Last night after promoting my book at flickr, I felt it was difficult to sleep because my brain kept thinking.
what's next? what's next? bring it on!!!

Kind of a mix of Goddesses like Hathor and the energy of Cerridwen.
I feel such a energy within.
Such a deep strong life force and I am willing to keep creating and sharing! It's only the beginning:)))

en mai

Now I am collecting ideas in a journal and thinking seriously about another book:)
I have to keep the time to think about where I want to go.

But I believe I am going to do a book with other female self portrait artist, not sure yet about how I will work on that.

Still I need some kind of rest and going away so let's hope this weekend will be shiny and warm so my dear love and I can go to the sea:)
I miss the sea very much, I feel ressourced there, the sound of the waves, the scent of the marine air.Freedom!

Ha! like my art, I enjoy this amazing freedom I grant myself with because it gives so much place to happy accidents or new amazing thoughts and ideas!

I am impatiently waiting Tori amos new album
I love May!
this is a beautiful month!
I am feeling so good inside out!

People keep talking about Tori in such a bad and negative way as if she just had to remain young and as crazy and all as in her debuts.
This is so absurd!
And who cares about her looks? botox or not?
won't you ever grow old yourself?
It's something surely harder to live when you are in the star system somehow because you are shown and judged on your appearance come what may , people will find a way to demean you.

I believe when you work your ass off and have done so many things along the years it's quite normal to look tired, puffy eyes and tired hair and if you can use botox and want it then why not.

Personnally I love natural beauty and I believe in the acceptance of aging though honestly I loathe when I see the fatigue on my eyes and some white hair.
But I handle it, it's a part of life and as I am truly rejoicing to be at this new cycle of my woman life I feel that all this growth is also a way to deconnect with all the superficial needs of Youth.

I love beauty.
I love physical beauty, it's a delight to gaze it, it's inspiration!
It's making me smile,it's apeasing too.

Yet the way the soul and the brain still can impress me, the energy there is inside that keeps expanding and nurturing some purposes,it feels great to know where you're going while remembering where you're coming from.

As for tori's beauty, she's divine to me, I don't care so much about the wrapping, anytime she speaks I feel I'm so in phase, so relating and feeling the same things.

I totally love the fact she wrote a song as a mother for other mothers about their suffering, the economic crisis, wars and such.
So much that us women have to deal with.
Not that men dont deal with it too but we are the nurturing force and we feel it's our role, to protect, to give the food, may it be soul food or real food.
We have to be there, to take care,to be strong for our family.

And our societies are trying to push us to the limits, and we come there towards the cliffs and we face our inner questions.
Is there more to live? how are we going to handle this?
A lot of women abandon themselves.
It s wonderful of tori to share this Hope energy through music!

Ophelia's song sounds too very full of hopes and teaching!

I am eager to get the cd, I surely will make a review, well perhaps!
can't promise things ;)
But I love the way the album sounds very calm, apeasing, in the chaos of the world,all the hatred, violence, crisis everywhere,the alarming state of Earth that everyone tranquilly deny's such a shame!
I still feel powerless about how to protect Gaia.
I do what I can on my side but there surely are many things we could do
It's often a financial issue in the end which is a lie too because people could also find ways to earn money with ecology and protecting the planet!

Latest paintings(had to focuse on the book so not that much new work to share):

Pleure ma Belle, the faery dust of your tears is going to show you the way

How many more excuses are you going to hide in the knots of your hair Sister, Chop them off! Choose life now!

Rainbow Baby Blessed By The Flowers Of April

Once A Fae Child Mother Always A Fae Child Mother

Reine des anges

I haven't been taking much pictures lately, of course I was too busy with the book and the e-courses:)

I so hope to have enough students to celebrate the beginning of June with art, imagination, freedom of creativity and the energy of the Goddesses!

Muse coaching fae

It never fails

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.

Corinthians 13:4-8(Bible)

Miss Lilah Sans Heurt

Angelene's box of dreams

well it's a very random post, as usual, even more cuz it s getting late and my eyes cant focuse much on the screen
ha! cant wait for the weekend!

Hope everyone is feeling good

lundi 4 mai 2009

Awakening of your inner muses and true self, let's dance in the creative healing circus!

You just got to believeAnd I dreamt the whole world was pink

Muse coaching fae

I am offering e-courses as a Muse coach for women interested in reconnecting themselves to the goddesses and using creative healing to feel more in touch with their soul and their true essence.
the courses will be every week for a month about spiritual journey,art prompts and creative self portrait challenge.

feel free to have a look.

The classes should begin at the end of May till the end of June if I have enough students to start with.
so if you're interested, feel free to ask questions(via emails)and let me know.

Blessed be!