samedi 13 décembre 2008

December views #1


If this could just die away from me

I'm but a weed that looks like a flower
Nothing more than this invasion in your wide white void
And each of your move have opened my black hole
tearing me all apart violently on the stitches of my petals
Careless utterly selfish darkest hurricane
You took it all and more with you
An immense forest of oblivion and forgiveness
learn to bleed learn to forgive
How many crosses around my neck
I weight your pain
I gave my blood to this
waves lengths of silence and tears uncried
but it always has to be about your own alleys of misery
lonesome ghost on roads of woe
always about you
"for your own good for your own good"
the purest poetic lie I've ever heard
learn to keep the guilt learn to shake my shame
My giving was so real
A pure loss
I granted all your freedom I let you go where the wind blows
I waited on seasonal sorrows
my pining grew
you hurt me so
miles of "pardon me" I followed addicted
I wish I had known how wrong I would be(...)


tout ce qui se gâche enfermé dehors ou dedans

Ich fühle mich sehr allein

As she came dressed with transparent petal of grace as a pure honesty finery
I felt my call had been heard
I suddenly felt less alone as my wings weighted down on me
She wrote on the coffin around my neck " you are my twin"
My icing blankets covering up my c-aches
I didn't need no mirror
I knew she was my soror
We only need to believe
To keep on making us want to live(...)


weeping soul love

Assuage My Island of Bokeh Scathe

Morning Antartica

Waking up on your ice
clinging to your floe rocking your flow my darling my foe
sending kisses to the layers of fog
undecipherable marks of snow message on your hands
Not a lie just a tie a cross
I was here
On that day I crashed down your frozen waters
constantly skating like dancers on a sinusoidal hell of sugar coated illusions
How sore this icy burning
break it break it break me break on me
Oh Samael kiss me behind our masks
Waterfalls of poisonous icicles
behind my eyelids your hell
closing in
your hell inside of me
I'm not lying like snowhite in her ice coffin my seraphic demon
In my winter dress I am your most delightful victim
juice of hailstones icefall my favourite wound
Sometimes my Antartica
when your arms can melt in the distance
Sometimes my Antartica
the warmest tears remain uncried my love

Sighs Down My Spine

Swirl me whole

Somber Mirror & Silent Echoes

Les bois d'oublie moi

How many clocks haunt the path
I scatter words behind me
In the core of hearts the hands say it's time
In the swamp of the brakish thoughts of my mind
He stretch the gold of insane tomorrows: profusion of light
I drank the slowlness of the winter months
Drink the oblivion to the songs of bird masks
They are learning how to fly
her wing is torn
you have to sew the thoughts together
Along my loins braids of kisses
Oh softness of the gleams in the core of the fairies of nothing
Hidding the wounds and the black cherry juice
Cry tiny heart
They are learning how to fly
His island is devastated
The wind still talks about these twin souls
whom the spectres still glow there
In the wood of forget me(...)

Judith's corset of reveries

it hurts my hands to follow the curves of her writing
but on the loneliest nest of night I could love just to see her invisible wings
swaying in a land of traps and nets
Judith sweetest bliss my Judith
I know the seasons of your innermost secret garden
I remember the noise of your heavy heart
when it broke on the ground
All the pearls turned into necklace of poems
Only for Judith's neck
You betrayed your soils where the flowers grow
Judith unlace my corset of dreams tonight
will you hate me as much I could have loved you
It was a long road full of thistles and ivy
My ankle got strained
My soul bled the most
My heart bled the most precious love
But Judith knows when she closes her eyes on my pillow
I sigh
I glow
will you return to me
from your palace of the underworld
Muse of the words that kill with pleasure
I know the archives of your dark betrayals


and some of my recent paintings
Wither With Her

Wither with her

carving blossoms from my heart rime

Following Persephone to Rebirth as Demeter

Winter Blues Silent Heartbeats

Quarantine Thoughts

Nothing at all the world to me

Effaçons Les Maux

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Blessings & quietness