dimanche 20 mai 2007

French Doll Posse

yes the new tori amos album just inspired me to show you my French Doll Posse.

First and foremost there is Rain,she is linked to the archetype of Etain,irish goddess her names means " poetry or " shining one"she is a moon goddess.

Etain is a symbol of fertility,what I love in her is that she teaches us that wherever we are on Earth or in the depths of the underworld we too can be shining.

She is also linked to the Selene ,goddess of the moon too. She embodies the two extremes of the moon phase,waxing phase into fullness and waxing into darkness.she represents the fullness of life,incorporating all the phases of light and darkness in her shining.

then I I'd say she is close to Pele and Ishtar.
Pele for the vehement temper,the passion,she represents the violent aspects of life ,the fullness of life with nothing halfway,no in between.
she reminds us that even in the midst of fiery eruption there is creation and new life.
and in this Ishtar resonates because she is the creator goddess,her names means "giver of light"she represents the creative feminine,active and strong.

Rain's thoughts:

let's burn our masks or re-create our essence thanks to them in a maelstrom of sweet madness to give life to the unsaid...but stop hiding.
let's spit our dream and truth,pour the nectar of our soul,let us free to exist.
nothing is more painful to me that seeing beauty that is forgotten,denied,damaged,slashed...let's use our breaks,the things that makes us so human and imperfect to create, let's express our shadows instead of concailing our real feelings behind fake smiles that just can't lie that well...
Let's awake our own fire from the depths and be mistress and guardian of our own Spark.





+ old pics of Rain:

and I'm so sad like a good book...

Falling back down deeper to rise again Higher...

Then there is Adah(names of the two women in the Book of genesis, but the word adah can also be found in a hinduist mantra)

""Om Purnam adah, purnam idam, purnat purnam udacyate, purnasya purnamadaya, purnam evavashishyate. Om shanti shanti shanti"

it's also the name of the wife and sister of Cain in the drama by Byron.

Adah means Joy in Hebrew
Yet Adah is rather a soul that reveals the dark side of the moon, she is linked to Hecate & Persephone.
she is the fruit of pain that she refuses to express as a victim. she wants to use her anger in a creative way.

Persephone is the goddess of soul,for it's in the darkness of the underworld(unconcious)that soul is formed.Persephone represents the ability to rule over the aspects of ourselves that are terryfying in the extreme.

Adah is also made of Meduse archetype, she is the greek Gorgone,seen by the greek as an ugly and terryfying woman but the roots of her name comes from medecine and measure and derives from a greek word meaning " to protect to rule over"
Medusa is another moon goddess( like hecate she represents the dark side of the moon)
Medusa has become a symbol of fear ,for to look directly upon the divine is to face a reality that scares us.

Finally Adah is an echo of Hel the norse goddess of the underworld( that generated the word Hell)she is a mother goddess.
Her underworld is rather a place of renewal,rebirth than a place of punishment or misery.
Hel embodies the the divine mystery,a challenge to look behind the masks of appearances to see things the way they are.

Adah's thoughts:

Darkness is everywhere and can't be denied.I see suffering,I empathize. I sometimes feel masochistic looking or listening to others pain because it reaches me.
I pretend I'm angel of the dead, I'm the one who does not forget.
I think about my sisters who have been raped,slained or abused.
darkness gets deep thicker and I remember my strength, I know there is another kind of darkness, a beneficial and healthy one even if it's hard to believe right now for you.
let's not let ourselves be chocked by our fears,we've got to take the power back!
I keep my eyes open, I speak the truth even if it hurts, I know that there is Beauty behind the dark places as I know there is lots of darkness behind beauty.I trust my soul. I follow my heart.
sisters it's time to unite to see behind their masks and this theatrum mundis and target our same enemies.







+ old pics of Adah:

Building tumbling down, didn t know our love was so small...


now let's introduce you to Louka Hannah,the delicate one,very stylish and your typical French doll ;)

louka hannah echoes to the archetype of Lady of the lake a mysterious celtic goddess who dwells in water, the source of all life. Lakes represent both the source of creative power and the land of the dead.
This goddess was a giver of life or death( renewal)she was a guide to the mysterious realms of emotion & renewal,a source of immense creativity.she can gives us the energy we need to rule our lives.

Louka hannah is also linked to Diana for the fact this latter one stands for the virgin, a self sufficient,free goddess of women,she is related to all phases of female existence,from infancy to menstruation through birth,nursing,menopause and death.
her personality is also made of pieces of Minerva was a goddess of wisdom and war, an affirmation that we can use our knowledge and wisdom in the pursuit of any goal we choose.

but on top of that Louka hannah finds pieces of her soul In the Roman goddess Venus.
Venus is the goddess of grace and love,she is called aphrodite in greek who personifies both physical and spiritual love.As you might know the story,venus arose naked from the sea,the source of all life(primordial creation)and a symbol of both collective unconscious and eternity.

Louka Hannah's thoughts:

For the sake of Beauty! for the sake of truth!
I want to sip again liquor of poetry can you lick it on my lips,I want to caress these delicacies on your skin map, teach me the words to set us free.
Sister of the two Mary(s) I love purity and passion, I give life I Create...
Freedom,empathy,beauty,truth and love I lull you to sleep with my springtime melodies.
why not getting intoxicated with Beauty?It's all made of it.
They say women are just adorning the world with their pretty smiles but I say that I want to adorn it with creation,with sharing of knowledge,offering wisdom not just enjoying my solitude of art.

louka hannah

Louka hannah

Louka Hannah

louka hannah

old pics of Louka hannah

ready for the Flo's wedding

In Need of Sweetness***

The fourth doll is Everdeene,a real baby woman doll.
She is part of Bastet or Bast, the egyptian goddess with a cat head.
she is sometimes represented smiling,loving as a protectrice of humanity,musician goddess of joy and birthing.
she is also known for her big tantrums. this way she is represented now with a lioness face and identifies with the ruthless war goddess sekmet.

the charming cat headed goddess is a woman and children protector,she has the magical power to stimulate love and the flesh energy.

Bastet is a two side character,with great opposites,sweet and cruel she is as attractive as dangerous.
she is also the symbol of feminity,home protector and the goddess of maternity.

Everdeene is also pieces of the archetypes of Artemis and thetis.
Artemis for the symbol of feminine independence.she is a goddess that heals and appeases.
as for thetis, she is often portrayed as a nereid( sea nymph).she is a shape shifter and a goddess who enjoys life's pleasures.

Everdeene's thoughts:

profusion of sugar & overdose of sugar.Ageless soul I feed myself with sweet madness.
The same bores me.
I flee.
I get away from you if you cannot re-invente a spiritual realm, I run away if you don't know spontaneity.these tiny swirls of fairy laughters,the delicious & ambigous tastes of the loves that inspire me & make me sighs scents of whimsical romantic stories.
rub me on the right side I am your gentle feline friend,judge me,reduce me and you'll see that the cute and sweet pussy has turned into a wild cat.




old photos de Everdeene:

fragile sensuality


and these could show her sekmet aspect:

tout ce qu on dit de toi

and finally Helenina of course.
she is made of Inanna the sumerian mother goddess.powerful,self sufficient,passionate & many sided,she is the fertility godddess.Inanna is a representation of the many facets that go into being feminine as well as a guide into the dark places of
psychological and spiritual death and disintegration.

then she finds herself in the goddess like Demeter and mortal woman Psyche.

Demeter for the mother goddess aspect. Demeter offers a blessing of fruitfulness and possibility,of coming joy,of abundant life and of hope.
Demeter is remembered primarily for her great love for her daughter persephone.
Psyche for the fact she represents the growth of an innocent woman to a mature goddess,she reminds us that the process of life takes us into dark place as well as light,just as the butterfly emerges from the dark chrysalis into the light.

Helenina's thoughts:

Evolution...we don't create for everything has already existed in another way.
I am a mother of word, a mother of paintings, I co exist and co-create with the muses with my soul sisters in a world made of art.
Fairy and marvelous is a path of my life.
I have to be the sharer, the witch of light,the teacher to the sparkly alleys and to show the power of positive energies.
Emotions are welcome, this is but a cycle of life and death,we'll always and never be the same.





anciennes photos de Helenina:

This little pill in my hand that keeps the pain laughin'

me and my fairy self ^_^

Edit: knowledge about mythologies found at wikipedia ( for I dont know it all by heart I am always discovering more and more) and thanks to my goddess knowledge cards by susan boulet)

well girls, wanna share with me your own posse?
tell me which one is closer to your own personality?who is your favourite etc?
I'll be eager and excited to see your own doll posse if you want to share:)

Blessed be!

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Princess Haiku a dit…

An interesting and intelligent discussion of mythos. I like the idea of the gift of "shining." Poetry, rain, flower petals or even the shining wind. This captivates me.

She Who Flies a dit…

I love this post. Really interesting. And I can see how Tori's latest CD and that deck of Goddess cards inspired you. I too am doing some work/play with archetypes right now :-) Anyhow, I feel close to your Rain (and I surely love Etain and the Shining Ones), your Louka Hannah and your Helenina. And since you're working with Goddesses, you may as well call upon Pele and Kali to help you work on your business project. Not only do they kick ass (i.e. they get things done), but they also provide that little extra push or energy burst we sometimes need. Did you know that the healing source around which the Roman baths were built in Bath is dedicated to Minerva? I've always loved the Minerva/Athena energy (among others) and I'm delighted to live in a city where her presence can be "felt".

Jana B a dit…

"Darkness is everywhere and can't be denied.I see suffering,I empathize. I sometimes feel masochistic looking or listening to others pain because it reaches me."

I SO indentify with that!!!

Everdeene is my fave... I LOVE Bastet! I love her power, and her love... how the two sides of her contradict yet work together!

Haha I love the pic of you with your CareBear!! I love the black & white ones below it too... so serious, so dark... I love them!

Jana B a dit…

OH! I forgot to read the end of your post. I would love to show you my posse, but my cam (cell phone) doesn't have a timer and so the pics I have taken of myself haven't turned out well.

You should ask to do this for Create A Connection... maybe for Photo Day? Have everyone take pics of their posse and put them online?

windy angels a dit…

Thank you for being you - beautiful fae child. I love your writing and I SO appreciate your RAK.
Check it out:
Much love and angels be with you,

Silvia Sea a dit…

wow, what an awesome idea. i stumbled upon your blog haphazardly and i really like what i see! we should all create our own doll posses, i think.