mercredi 30 mai 2007

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The Infamous Proust Questionnaire

* Your most marked characteristic?being spiritual/deep

* The quality you most like in a man?true Kindness

* The quality you most like in a woman?true Kindness

* What do you most value in your friends?that they care,listen to me,try and understand and please never judge me especially when I'm down because I sometimes get so deeply sensitive that any word cut me...

* What is your principle defect?messiness,disorganization...on and on...

* What is your favorite occupation?mixed media art ^_^

* What is your dream of happiness?heal,love,harmony,art, lots of laugthers with all my beloved ones around me...less solitude of the soul maybe...

* What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes?to never love

* What would you like to be?rich ^__________^yeah cheap, but It would help all my worries,doubts and insecurity go away. more seriously I'd like to be a good mother when it'll happen:)

* In what country would you like to live?Italy, Toscana, one of my dream, a small villa, with an artist studio in the patio...a fountain, olive trees alleys, dream on...

* What is your favorite color?I'd say hot pink for Everdeene's mood, Black for Adah and Rain, white, cream,beige for Louka hannah and purple or blues for helenina...I mostly love every colors, the meaning behind them ,the way they can cheer you up, give you some energy,heal you...

* What is your favorite flower?it used to be orchids for a long time now I'd say lilacs but I also love jacynth, bluebells,lily of the valley,snapdragons, I am a flower lover

* What is your favorite bird?I love them all, I'd say magpie, sparrow ,humming birds and owls if I really have to choose :)

* Who are your favorite prose writers?Christian Bobin, Anne weber

* Who are your favorite poets?Emily dickinson,rainer maria rilke, sylvia plath,christina rossetti
if you ever found an old book of these poets, especially christina rossetti think of me!!!!I can trade anything if needed ;)I love her words so much!

* Who is your favorite hero of fiction?batman ;-)love bats!

* Who are your favorite heroines of fiction?I don't know, I'd say fairytales heroine like Rapunzel or sleeping beauty

* Who are your favorite composers?tori amos

* Who are your favorite painters?frida kalho,kandinsky,klimt,mucha,chu teh chun,gustave moreau,bouguereau,raphael,ingres too many to mention

* Who are your heroes in real life? I don't have heroes but I admire a lot of persons and they inspire me.Heroes are people who very often risk their own life to save another one and very few person on this Great Below are this self neglected.

* Who are your favorite heroines of history?some witches in middle ages

* What are your favorite names?Adah, Bellah,lila,Amberine, Jade,Louka Hannah,Sateene,Amy,Alice,charlotte,Mena,thora,Tessa,Tallulah,leah and so many others names are inspiring to me!

* What is it you most dislike?chores,wasting time,being so lethargic,feeling sad and not knowing why,insomnia,being late...

* What historical figures do you most despise?I don't care about them.

* What event in military history do you most admire?none.It's too complexe for me this idea that to make peace we have to make war,looking at the past...this is the world we're living in...yeah I know...

* What reform do you most admire?forbidding smoking in restaurant and cafés! that s great!

* What natural gift would you most like to possess?playing music, the piano or the violin for instance

* How would you like to die?I want to live forever, like the song says;-)who wants to live forever lalala

* What is your present state of mind?lonely and tired

* To what faults do you feel most indulgent?being shy and ill at ease in society, lack of self confidence, being grumpy,anger problems ...

* What is your motto?live & love now,share your soul,spread the Empathy!

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nyjlm a dit…

I enjoyed reading your answers!

Charlotte a dit…

I love Christina Rossetti too!

Your answers were very interesting.

Left-handed Trees... a dit…

Ah...Tori Amos--great answer!