jeudi 10 mai 2007

When I need to dream and fantasize

I look at this video and I get a big smile and my heart beat so fast,I don't know why.
I have a huge crush on Dan.

There is something about his whimsical attitude,he's like such a weird creature and I'm drown to his voice and music.

I want to hug this guy & dream his my ideal Prince charming :)
and yeah I know I have a guy at home...but one can dream and fantasize ;)

3 commentaires:

Jen a dit…

have you heard of Maroon 5 ?
Adam Levine is the lead singer

when I saw your video...the singer
--Dan reminded me alittle of him.

cute ;)

I just went back to YouTube and watched Harder To Breathe and
Makes Me Wonder...used to like a few of their songs.

Jen a dit…

Oooh on a very different note(meaning, here's something very different from your fantasy)
just thought how my brother and my daughter posted a video on YouTube
...maybe I can send you is funny-cute, I think...they sing the manamana song (not sure if I spelled it right...but it was a song that the muppets sang...they were puppets who starred on a t.v. show many years ago)...

Tricia Scott a dit…

he is a cutie!