lundi 13 août 2007

Everyone Can Make Art

and that should be my new motto ;)

kind of inspired by Ratatouille, How much I loved that movie,so cute, so full of beautiful sentiments,and Paris in her beautiful time, such a romantic gorgeous view of it( used to be in love with Paris, but then I lived there two months and a little more and it was enough, But some times I would love to be able to live not to far and go there a little more often( well it's about 2 hours and a half)

but I mean it ,it is so true when I remember myself, my first attempts, my shyness,my cowardice, my doubts, my saying " I can t draw" my focusing on wrong beliefs and comparing admiring others too much to dare exist?

I have often lived in admiration because it is a wonderful feeling to admire others.

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I shall begin with the Virtual circle question( soul searching practise)because It is so full of Synchronicity ^___^

"Earth, ourselves, Breathe and awaken, leaves are stirring, all things moving, new day coming, life renewing."
Pawnee Prayer

Dancing spirit
enchanted swirls of fireflies
I am bleeding the juice of Lust for Life
I am dressed in lilac flowers and wrapped in kisses

All these flowers of stars in the palms of my hand
I want to thank you
I want to pervade others' souls
With magic love filled dragonflies kisses

rivers of naivety gently overflow
instant return to Innocence
smile painted all along my skin
I free my mind untie my wings

I can fly higher above the cherry tree hills
I feel connected to the inner Feminine
Sacred poetry of the sublime
I drench my soul to the seas of Divine

For a second I heal every breaches
sighs entertwined around the wounds
Like a blessing

barefooted I walk light as a feather
coton & silk fill my soul
I can not see or can not hear any question marks
I link all the dots

I smile I am coming back

(ok that was improvised improvision ;)

you can see here the writing and questionning of Mich

What is ready to be fulfilled within your life?

That an interesting question I only have about 10 to 15 minutes to answer, so let me see :)
Synchronicity ^_^

Today was such a good day, I must admit it like any artist I do live in symbiosis with my art.
If I feel good and filled with it, I am Fine, I am blooming, blossoming ^_^

if things are not fine with my art if I struggle feel the doubt feel not enough, things get tougher and tougher and I feel I need a walk in darkness to want to come back to the Light :)

Today was a good day really :-)
Got two very interesting offers. I am excited, full of enthusiasm and I want everything to be good, to be the way they should be.

I always want to do more, to give ,create more, to share myself more.

It is weird but at the end of the day I analyze, make some kind of sum up of the day, what did I do, where I found alleys to my goals, where I shed my lights and so forth.

There is no day without being creative, except if I am really moody or sad...ok never say never;)

It is often cheering and so beautiful to me when others get interested in my work.
It is in those moment I see everything's so real, I see it's where I am meant to be I should not doubt it ever!

We've also found several interesting apartments so we are going to phone tomorrow and go visit.

My artist path keeps blossoming. I really doubt sometimes, I create, I paint and I stop for a moment to see what has been shared, my direction. I question myself.
what is it for?
what is my goal?
what is my wish behind this?
what is the meaning in this?

My energies are at the right place, my chakra seem to be all fine, ok still some tension in the back but really I feel at peace.
comfortable in my body vehicule.
My spirit is like champagne right now ^_^

have a cup celebrate with me the Joy of being alive :)
(ok I dont drink alcohol, so let's say I am kid kind of champagne ;)

There is really one big Answer to pain or the reality of life.
Not only because it is cute to say that, no! not at all!
I am not ever talking cute,I am talking real.

Loving oneself is an answer.
a deliverance, because it gives you an incredible freedom to do anything you want and share all the beauty you don't deny anymore.
not being ashamed of who you are, acknowledge every flaw and clumsiness and still being human, no mask ever, no faking feelings ever.

God I am so alive, I dont know who to thank for this.
Guardian angel!
thank you so much:)
friends thank you so much:)
Mom and dad <3 <3 thank you so much:)
Loved ones, soul sisters thank you!

oh I should make something about gratefulness.

I have done many boring administrative things today!
I will soon have my papers for my art business to begin...ooooooh scary ;oP
it is just that I am so aware being an artist is not a job in the society view, it is so hard to make a living this way...

But let's remain positive will you ;)
I have my feet on the ground, I m realistic though I savour dreaming high;)

Oh I could also write a very big Thank you to my Love but I think an artwork dedicate to him would be the better way, he is so good, so kind, so adorable to me.
I keep on noticing this everyday and I am not the loveliest person to live with believe me, I have Improved a lot to be more patient, acceptant less grumpy etc ;o)

but I can still be annoying ;o)and so authoritative ^_^

I am blessed he just accepts and bears my soul as she is. completely.unconditionnally.
I am blessed he let me be me entirely and never is against anything I do.
I sometimes wonder if his amazing tolerance is not carelessness ;oP
ah guys!:p

ok I have to go to bed now, late late...

there are days like this where you feel your life is going to be blossoming in many ways, you feel like sharing this smile and comfortable warmth you bear within your heart:)
but the pessimist in me still tries to take distance with's the better way to be protected anyways.
OH No I can't end this post with a pessimistic pop up ;p

no here is my last painting, I finished it this morning, it's supposed to be a self portrait, hum.... no comment ;)
but it's interesting to draw looking at one's picture, or even others' picture,very inspiring and teaching!
I sometimes draw characters totally invented that come to my mind and sometimes I look at beautiful women in fashion magazine, inspiring faces that makes me want to paint and create a character,think about her mind, her attitude, her story etc, I enjoy myself a lot ^_

Satin et Soie

I am really glad about my two latest paintings, I feel improvements, I feel my wings growing stronger, a little more confident each day :-)

Many blessings, be well my friends, Namasté!

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Valaine a dit…

I love your new painting! I love the movie Ratatouille so much too!! You share so much of your heart, you wrote a beautiful poem :) and I read what you write and I nod in agreement because you somehow speak for my soul in some ways as well.

Marie a dit…

I see your artist self blooming more and more everyday...It's fun to watch someone's beauty such as yours unfold!

Ratatouille was one of my favorites crafty to help us fall in love with a rat! in our kitchen no less!

Your poem was exquisite and full of life...

Your idea of submitting some poetry to a magazine was intriguing. I might try it; but I know that much of my poetry is still in it's baby stages. I will check out Artella though...I sure hope you are sending yours to a magazine because it really moves people! Congrats on the possible offers and hope the apartment hunting goes well..Think happy thoughts! XOXOX

Jen a dit…

Ratatouille ...I've been suggesting we go see that here for awhile ...will definately go cute!

I recognize you in your self glad you are recognizing the strides you are making...the steps...

your efforts to be you hold the key...I think for each of is such a wonderful recognition and also to recognize the possibilities from be in that revisit keep you knowing you are moving in a good direction...even with this, I think how life has potholes and hills and valleys along the way...maybe I remember that from the recent oprah article...I was "compelled" to buy her last issue and then again this month and I was so glad I did...lots to think about...and I am not a regular reader at all....

well, your post gives lots to think I'm going to look up movie times...Ratatouille : )
first to pick up lily;-)

Jen a dit…

p.s. congrats on two offers of interest...the right one should come to you and I hope it speaks to your heart...that it works for you now....I know if one does not that there will be another...
oh, by the way...your post gives much more than movie to think of....I enjoyed your poem....

The Lone Beader® a dit…

I LOVE this !!! I love that incorporates music and birds. Just beautiful=:)