dimanche 29 avril 2007

Latest artworks

zephyr of poetry

Because you're special

Where True Love dwells

my friends are stars in the sky

The books of my soul have wings

Been pretty busy ;-)

My favourite is the last one: the books of my soul have wings,29,7x42cm

I know the face is not wonderfully drawn but I take pleasure in painting,I often feel frustrated of the not enough taste it leaves, but that also challenge me to go on and never stop focusing on playing,improving,expressing more,going deeper always and forever ;-)

I am working on two other pieces:)

It was a nice week but I wished I had been able to multiply myself for I could have done all the things I wanted to do!

I feel it now: there's a power in me to grasp and give shape to my world I know that nothing has ever been real without my beholding it. All becoming has need me..
Rainer Maria Rilke

3 commentaires:

Jen a dit…

I like the last one especially, too. My focus immediately goes to what looks to me like the window or door to the soul...I mean the starry sky part...and then I like the books and how one is pointing out from the picture....

Oh, I know what you mean about wanting to multiply yourself...this weekend was one of those times I felt that way...
but even so, it was good....

so much of my thoughts now are about "(giving) shape to my world"

will you post your other pieces ;)
have fun!

Marie a dit…

GO GIRL!!! I'm so glad you got a chance to do something you love. I can see you evolving before my eyes...the last one was amazing! As a lover of books, I concur...

She Who Flies a dit…

Happy May Day Hélène!