jeudi 19 avril 2007

Overwhelmed in a nice way in spite of the fatigue

 Yesterday, i believed in fairytales

I'm feeling sweet,awfully tired but fine and smiling:)
I feel like a happy phantom or kind of under xanax ahah,I mean very light and out of my body due to the fatigue

so I have many emails to answer, oh my!
I am so touched and overwhelmed by the positive sentiments I receive by souls who are coming towards me,it's really great ^___^

I understand and am learning many things about me in mistakes for instance and my wrong beliefs/ideas(stubborn head ;)

each day I open up a little more at my training.
We're a small group of 11 so it's easier.
I'm not saying I'm super chatty and talking to everyone!But feeling less cold mute icy queen ^_^
I know after all it's in my head the way I picture myself and think people perceive me, maybe they just think I'm the typical sweet shy introvert :)
a boring label anyways;oP

well I can't wait to be friday night,weekends! It's been ages I haven't waited for the weekend as most of the time I'm home & making art so I didnt care!
I need rest,yoga,to make art and express,to write poems
well I'll have to write a to do lists :)

4 commentaires:

Marie a dit…

Go girl! Full steam ahead and you're there. You are doing so great. I know you said it was going to be difficult, and you made it sound easy...

Melba a dit…

You are so beautiful! I am glad about the connections you have made and opening up a bit more.

I emailed you on Monday about Create a Connection (about hosting interview day in June) I am just checking because we had a power outage that day here because of a storm and I am just now finding out that some of my communications got lost)

have a lovely weekend!


Princess Haiku a dit…

You have such an interesting profile; original way of contextualizing yourself. Such an artist....

Jana B a dit…

Wow!!!! Overwhelmed by e-mails, already? You go girl!!!!!!