mercredi 18 avril 2007

Create a connection: Believing mirrors

So who are your believing mirrors?
Who are you a believer in?

that was the questions asked by artsymama and so here are my thoughts on this.

I think I owe so much to my believing mirrors the first ones were julie and Eva, soul sisters so no matter how sad I was that leave my world and offered me silence instead of true friendship I'm still grateful to them for pushing me and believing in my artist potential:)

they make me see the best of me,they make me remind my sparks, my uniqueness!
they make me believe in this dream so much more!

Now I have made new friends,and they are so sweet to me that I feel blessed for this!
I think friendship, when it's close and a real sharing, when we have contact at least once a week it's interesting, you get to know someone and they help you get to know yourself,see yourself clearer,challenge you!

Believing mirrors are also the persons I don't know and who supports or encourage my words, may it be with kind words,emails with wonderful compliment or by buying my work!

this means so much to me, I am always amazed,happy and so touched when someone come to me saying my art touches their soul,that they can relate, that it inspire them to make their own work :)

I have received so many sweet messages from unknown persons,I wish I had time to friend everyone and get to know them or their story,because I believe if someone is touch by my heart they get me, they can accept me as I am, they have similarities,same dreams or passions:)

I am very grateful for this, that's why I hardly understand when artists are snob and dont answer emails
you can say whatever, even if you dont have time you can finally answer a short message to thank people.
Maybe they are above this or too self centered?

I am busy and I surely have my own self centered days ahah but yes I do answer every messages, I do my best for this!
It can't be a one way thingy, nothing is one way to me!

who are you believer in?

I am a great supporter for my creative sisters out there!
I do think of me as a believing mirrors just because I understand others, I know we want to be seen and heard and we all need some encouragement whoever we are and how far we are we all still need them because most creative persons are sensitive ,they feel things on a higher level,more poetically,deeply...

Anytime someone comes and asks advice about their art, or how they could improve it or ask for my tips I'm glad to share!
I feel I have myself still so much to learn that it's beautiful and reassuring that I can share!

I believe everyone has a talent,it's maybe not innate, maybe it takes time to discover it,unravel,unveil it but when you're in there,when you finally see at what you can be good it's pure solace,it s sweetness of Bliss

I think if I was a shirt I'd be on the top " Yay I can do it' because I am so enthusiastic about art and I do trust my soul when I'm glad of the results and feel supported!
and on the back It'll be written' tomorrow I stop" with a very gloomy face, because I am ruined by doubts everytime,it's a rollercoaster!

Believing mirrors are there to slap you gently in the face or shake you kindly to remember yourself what is written on the front of your shirt!

Yay Sisters!!! we can do it we can do it!!!! ^____^and we'll make it!
thank you to artsymama for the inspiring post to think and write about .

what about dears? what would you answer to this?

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Jen a dit…

Hi! I reached your blog by way of Jana's...which is one of a handful that I have been visiting recently...I have not been blogging for very long.

I have read some of your older posts and so many of them make me want to comment.

I have been longing for the kind of friend that shares...who enjoys and can interact on many levels. What I feel I have not yet had is a certain kind of intimacy and of well-roundedness(best word I can think of now)..

Lots of people seem to be searching for connections...but this can mean different things to different people...maybe some want more of a relationship that truly develops over time, but are so busy trying to figure out with whom to invest the energy and the time..and maybe some are just looking for some particular mix of information about a person to reassure them that they are relationship material...

I think that some people end up with lots of different "friends"..each embodying only one part of a more
intimate relationship...lots more people I think, are able to find "the supporter"..."the cheerleader"..."the person to talk about common interests with"..."the person who seems to "get" one thing or another..the person who appreciates/needs support..
But a situation where each friend finds the other interesting...each is interested in listening...each is interested in supporting..each is interested in being supported..each is comfortable being themselves in the relationship and each is interested in building intimacy..and each has some commonalities/ideas that resonate..and each enjoys learning and each is not wanting to only know of one area, but is open to the differences in ideas/perspectives...and each is not looking for some preconceived mix of facts about the other...and each does not "pick and chose" what to respond to, but rather responds to the other sincerely..well, this is less common, I think, but so much more special.

(I don't like when I ask a question or make a comment and feel it is just left dangling. I do understand, I think that time each day is limited..but sometimes it does seem like it is a matter of a second or two...and I wonder about why there is not response...I can't help but take it as an indication that the person is not intersted in communication...and for a second -and sometimes, more...depending on the day.. I feel hurt, and discouraged).

I know it is too much to expect of make any long term commitment early on in any relationship...but sometimes I think, they try so hard not to "appear to have made a commitment that they think for any number of reasons could/would not continue"..that they just don't take the steps that could potentially lead to a deeper friendship

...the strings attatched are in their minds, I think...for if we can always just be true to ourselves at any given moment...we could be guided in these decisions as well and know that sometimes the outcome is as expected and sometimes not...

I think that "getting" each other is important to intimacy and long-lasting relationships...but I also think that it is the desire to want to "get" more and more and to be accepting and welcoming of change (in oneself and the friend) which is really key..

I am starting to read a book on promises to teach about 7 levels of intimacy for relationships...both primary ones (spouse..) and so called secondary ones (friends)...

No matter how much we learn about ourselves and how comfortable we are in the moment and with the "journey", I think that the feeling of unhappiness is visible now and again...if there is not that feeling of being chosen and chosing another reciprocally to be that intimate friend.

Also, no matter how much we know we are living our passion--whether it be art or some other activities/work that is personally meaningful....without that at times, does not always feel to be "enough"

Maybe this isn't the case for some people or maybe there are different degrees of need for intimacy...just as some are happier with more independence and some less is fine.

Reading your blog..I find many common interests, but more than that, I see someone who, like myself, values the idea of friendship being rich with potential..

I wonder if you would feel similarly that friendship is not only for serving the "needs"(we all have them and I don't think they are bad or good necessarily) of each person and helping each to grow individually... is a way to create something (relationship) that is dynamic and alive...not kept going just because of neediness or convenience, but because of genuine interest and commitment.

With busy lives and so many is a wonder that these relationships take root and grow.

I find your thoughts, emotions, and artistic creations interesting, important and beautiful. And I think you are quite brave to explore deeply this topic. I admire your ability to express yourself...I can relate to many feelings you express. I would like to meet you some day. : )


Marie a dit…

Helene, you are a great advocate and cheerleader for the arts. You are also an inspiring woman who bears her soul and what she believes. I am lucky to call you friend, and look forward to a deeper connection. I agree with Jen, we all deserve all relationship that isn't just about serving our needs, but truly connecting common interests and growing together. You rock!

Pattie Mosca a dit…

I answered about the swap in the other post, but wanted you to know the answer is YES!!! Would be honored! You know me...just make what ever your heart tells you to...and I will do the same...We will swap address when you want...Thank you for thinking of me!