mardi 17 avril 2007

it's a cycle

strawberry fields

for those who can't read,tired eyes( teasing you dears ^_^) it's written:

In the strawberry fields
where the demons dance & the fairy bleed
I weigh the abhorrable aura of another me
In the strawberry fields
drowning in the scarlet gashes
May the Goddess soon remind me
the truth

Seed Feed Bleed & that I should never stop loving me

this is a sort of poetic impro that came to me yesterday as I felt the weight of that word: isolation and not only isolation from the world,or friends,or others, but isolating my self of my self,compartimenting my colors, not embracing,mixing and helping things find a so called harmony, a unison...

anyways,I should work on that poem if I have some time,sincerely I adore writing,I miss it but I can be a creative octopus even if I want to,I try hard,but I also want to give to others, I can't just have fun on my own,I want to share,enjoying passions,thoughts and emotions with friends out there ^_^

foolish me ^___^

so today as you can notice a slight change,yes I'm feeling better and smiling
I have been more sociable,almost friendly...still a big thick heavy wood doors with hidden thorn if you go there ;oP but I have talked a bit more,participate a bit more

ahah I still feel all these things are too schoolish for me,but well I get more confidence about my project:)

Tomorrow is a day off, which I will ENJOY with all my heart ^______^big kawaii kitty smiles ;)
painting, wait for me! I am coming right back in your loving arms!
four days without a brush in my hands!
feels like death,especially when you have ideas dancing, and screaming,shouting:
"me me me me!!!!!"

to be listened,heard,written down,deciphered,thought of deeper and chosen ahah :)

I am feeling excited:) happier:)
I want to thank you for the wonderful comments and emails I got, I want to thank each soul who takes of her time to write to me,to want to know me,question me,encouraging my art, or just reassuring me:)
it means so much to me

I am stubborn and always kind of skeptic about people in general but I know some souls out there have a big heart and a lovely understanding that I admire so much!
this kindness is inspiration!

I got a lovely art trade today by Tina ^_^loved it!
I had forgotten how wonderful and exciting it is to receive art from others!

I know I also decided to do art to trade,to get inspired and share with others!

so my next trade will be with you Pattie? are you in?^_^
I dont know ,maybe a small collage/painting 4x4 or whatever:) let me know what you prefer!

I cannot trade art everyday because of course if I want to live thanks to my art I just can't.
but once in a while with wonderful and lovely artist it is interesting and very enriching!

I'm rereading vickie enkoff's zine,creative choices( an inspirational guide) and I really love the positive thinking in it, it's reassuring,encouraging

if you make art,you can submit it to her zine! even articles,I guess she'll be glad:)
It's a very interesting zine,well written and very honest,real like the things I like.

We should support art zines more and more!
they are so inspiring!

I also recommend magpie magazine and not only because I've been published in the first issue but this girl is very creative and sweet!
I remember how amazed I was to know her age!

I wish I had had internet at the age of 17 I would have had been on my artist's path earlier!!

okay it's late,I have again lots more to say, thanks for your kind words,comments & emails again!
It's really wonderful to feel I might belong to some community me the terrible outcast ahahah( kidding and laughing at myself)

I recommend singing OUT LOUD in your car when you have to drive to go to job or stressful things, it's wonderfully relieving!
I must surely look crazy or like the girl ready for american idol( in France= la nouvelle star ;o) but Goddess I had so much fun singing this morning ,very energetizing( not sure of the word here ;oP)

Many blessings,enjoy your day,be sweet to yourself!

ps: today there was a little girl at the gym class she was the company of her grandmother I guess,yes my gym class is for all age from 16 to ... and this little girl made me smile like a foolish cheschire cat,it's really in my heart, I adore children, I can't wait to have my own!it's such a gentle and warm feeling,they are touching inspiration and their innocence and smiles just move me so much...

3 commentaires:

Marie a dit…

I love these pictures! You are so beautiful, and you take gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing them and for sharing the poetry. That, sounds like you my friend. So glad you get a day off!
pamper yourself and do something fun just for you.

big hugs,

Pattie Mosca a dit…

I have been off line for a few days except for posting my affirmations...Just now getting back to visiting!! YES...YES...YES...I am in for a swap....Just let me know when and where I should send it to...I am very excited about showing you my art...Do whatever you like, as I have something in mind...
Your posts have been wonderful and the shifting of the soul has given your smile a radiant glow...Continue to BELIEVE!! It does the heart GOOD!!

She Who Flies a dit…

As far as I know, you're in the second issue of Magpie Magazine too :-)