jeudi 10 mai 2007

Weather forecast of a soul garden

oh time flies, get crash and burn that silly truism...
iaaaaah I'm so sick of it!

the rain has washed the soil,it has purified our sentiments, we feel new hope buds here and there.
Even if the sky is still grey, I enjoy the freshness, I want a real Springtime and without some rain it cannot be Spring:)

Mrs Summer is too in a hurry and I'm not that ready for big sun!


I've been obsessed with ghost dancing and twirling lately.
make me laugh

A flickr funny friend told me that the hand looked weird as if it was not mine and it's true, I feel haunted, as if this hand was from the unseen world,arm dressed in snow blanket
happy phantom

it could be seen as a gentle ghost visiting me,caressing my cheeck,appeasing the bleeding wanted to tell them it'll be alright, they finally come back solacing me ah!

china all the way to new York

you can click to see the picture bigger:)

I needed something to cheer up myself and that white cat came in my room ;)
Chat blanc

I had to laugh as if the little fae child in me had drawn it to make me smile;)

Ode to the Ones who died too young

then I did this, as it rained a lot, drizzle mixed with springtime flower in the wind, sweet thoughts,nature poetry...

working on this Ode to the Ones who died too young, I felt kinda melancholly and sometimes a bit angry with my whys

I have dreamt of my dead grandma( dad's mom) kissing her on the cheeck, being so happy to see her...I dream of the dead here and there, I have this feeling it's my way to still connect to them,share with them,it's important to me.

the blue looks more like a mint or mexican green in piece, photos always don't capture the real colors of artworks and that's a bit frustrating!

Then I entertained myself trying Scrap Freestyle :)

Unafraid of being me

if you really think you know me, you know my feelings towards scrapbooking, feel hum...well not condenscendent about it, that's not that for I don't take myself seriously
But yes I take art and mixed media art seriously,because I put my gust and soul to it, so yes when people dare to compare to scrapbooking I can't find my word here but well that's a bit iratating ;oP

But then why did she make scrap freestyle? thought she loathed it ;)
yes indeed...
I am not into scrapbooking for some reasons.
I don't judge the people who do it and I am glad if they enjoy it.
I just don't feel touched or attracted to it and I just find it insipid and boring,but yes it's just my humble offense.

okay now everyone will throw stones at me! what did she say??? scrapbooking insipid!we're gonna lynch that girl!(sic the commitee of scrapbooking addicts)

I know scrapbooking is fashion and here in France people don't really know what mixed media is, except the ones who scrapbook :)
so I thought trying to get a bit familiar to scrapbooking in the freestyle way would help me explore something different and get me be more open minded ;)

I must be honest I had fun doing it, it made me laugh
I felt kinda ill at ease because it's so different to me to make art,express an idea,work on a theme etc, and here adorning a picture, and making it look pretty surrounded by crafty items and techniques.

Oh Goddess 11:25 am so many things to do. I need a pause.

it's snowing flowerflakes in my soul garden, I can't let myself get stressed by all these obstacles.
Things are so complicated that I might only open my business next year which of course gets the sky darker and darker, I have to find a way,a better way...

oh there was a Ver Big rainbow yesterday Thank you so much to Melody for the postcards and sweet thoughts, thank you so Much to Judes for the unbirthday package ahah, that bird plush was too cool, I adore it and so does my Takun ;)Gotta take pics of this!
Thank you also to Amy for the so unique and creative letter! thanks for spending so much time for me,it was very touching!

I know I am blessed for this!

4 commentaires:

xxxxx a dit…

So glad you had fun exploring new horizons! The result is fun and so you. I share your feelings about scrapbooking. It's something I've never felt drawn to, until the freestyle got my attention. There are people doing great stuff out there. Maybe I'll have a go some day :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Love the poem "Weather forecast for a Soul Garden." And you're right, we all need rain sometime...but I'm ready for the sun. BRING IT!!!

Jen a dit…

sharing my opinion...
even though I love to make a collage or paint a picture...I
never was interested in scrapbooking...
but I don't know what freestyle is...??

rain is like a release...
when the air is heavy and it feels like a storm is coming...the rain can bring such relief...

it is the grey sky with no patches of blue and no rain that comes...
that is what I do not like...
I once lived like being inside a "ping-pong ball"...all white and closed in...
I wished for I have it...
lots of it...sunny Arizona...and I do like the sun...and now, I can even enjoy the rain more than before...

ghost dancing?

sometimes the sky is dark and darker...and there is an unexpected opening and the sun peeks through...bright and more glorious...I wish this for your soul garden.

when I think of where I was, where my family was figuratively and literally, almost a year ago...
I am so happy to be where the sun is shining...and it does feel like "time has flown"...well, not really...but it is hard for me to think a whole year has gone by, and so much has changed...

"hang in there" (keep your vision ahead and I hope the obstacles do not overshadow the rainbows in the months ahead : )

bookbabie a dit…

wow, lots of cool stuff on your blog, had fun blurking:)