mercredi 2 mai 2007

Pure Nonsense & the Euphoria of painting

lull me to sleep

And your words glide
Pearls of dew
Delicacies & trails of blue
Oh free spirit of my tide
Swirl and coild softly
Lull me to sleep
This bliss of being alive is so deep

Pure Nonsense
Yay I got a Great Idea ( megalomania crisis of the artist ;)

Pure Nonsense

Pure Nonsense
yes I dared paint with my hands, somewhat...
oh and you can see I listen music to a very very old tv ahah, you can see the broke artist I am, well we live boheme, we will always recycle and not just buy buy buy
;)and waste too much!

Pure Nonsense

and yes I worked on the floor, have you notice the mess( please say no, be sweet to me ;oP
wanna be my friend?;) eheh

and yes I confess, I have dared to paint on my fav ikea carpet and without an apron to protect the new hoody so white !
I am so insane ^___^ I am a pure Nonsense ;)

not too far on the floor you can see a book it is called Fruitsy fashion or something and it s about Japanese fruitsy fashion,it is so amazing,colorful and crazy I adore this!
It's inspiring:)

This is the canvas that got me so excited but it s not finished

obviously but the idea, the theme, the searching behind it might take a few weeks hopefully,I like the idea of working on an idea, and desicating the whole essence of it,piece by piece,particule by particules, to find new things, to tame the subjective feeling I have towards it,and widen my views of it , I am so Happy...yes you know the sweet euphoria marcel duchamp is talking about

you cannot see much of where I'm going there,so I just keep you confused eheh;)
I hope it'll be as grand as I imagine it oh my!
the worste is to disapoint oneself :/

I am super happy just to be alive:)
I went to yoga class it was great!
I have worked the whole morning about my art business and replied a few emails:)
thanks for everyone who has already helped me with the questionnaire! it's kind of you!

well that was a good day,full of fun,creativity,varied things(ok some boring things too like having to park my car between two cars and couldn't do it after many tries ahahah,that also got me totally insane, ahah I easily swear like a sailor on moment like these and then yoga hasn t been useful ;oP)
anyways there are also good days like these ^_^

***many blessings and sweet dreams to you all***

ps: Marie your letter will be sent tomorrow, I have procrastinate on this, I am so sorry, that doesn't imply anything but my so annoying lack of organization!
I have a lot of letters to reply!

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Hi, Helenina. I am adding you to my blog so that others can see your awesome work too. :)

Jen a dit…

what mess?

you think that's mess...ha!
must send picture sometime...
I also often do things on the floor. Even more with kids.

your megalomania crisis looks like so much that kind of crisis!

painting with your hands??
and on your ikea carpet, with a white dare you ;)
you do take risks! cool!

I used to eat messy food and let my kids eat messy food while sitting on our red ikea couch. what about that?!

Japanese fruitsy fashion : ) cuuute
Makes me think of a email card my brother sent me for my birthday...with japanese dancing girl...maybe she was wearing some fruitsy fashion! maybe I could find some?

I want to learn yoga (did search on it a couple days ago!) in jazzercise(jazzy dance + exercise) we lifted one arm out straight and the opposite leg straight behind us while balancing on the remaining arm and leg (started on floor on hands and knees)..I like the challenge of balancing....and I thought...I want to learn yoga...
it can help with focus, right? what kind of yoga is your class?

tough parking ...swearing...been there! But the latest car trouble...I think I slammed the door shut too it is slightly apart and the inside part hangs down got stuck and wouldn't open...had to climb to passenger side...laughed and cried ...because it was a ridiculous scene...two kids in back, running late for school, need to get out of car...can't get out..ah...(curse word)-it! (I think it was mumbled and not quite audible :)... I needed to "get a grip" (get reasonable) --maybe yoga will help me or no? ; )

the other day my youngest daughter reportedly said a (semi) swear--depends on what one considers (semi), father said that she said it with just the right inflection and used it in a correct way.(I'm proud..haha).when he told me what she said, I was relieved...could have been...worse...
oops. (where did she get that? ;)
having kids is like having "Big Brother" around(this is reference to the government invading privacy) no ..I am not paranoid..really..

(not about that anyway...but I do wonder if my 2 year old will say something and what will people think...will they know that I couldn't get out of the car..or that I stubbed my toe really bad one time..would they care...hmmm, kids...they say the darndest things(funniest and surprising things)even when they curse...cute?...I don't mind if I hear a curse now and then..but my daughter-- eek.

It was fun reading your post of pure nonsense and euphoria! makes me want to do something nonsensicle!

mess...what mess?

xxxxx a dit…

Oh j'adore ces photos !! C'est génial de te voir ainsi tout exultée :-) Ah l'énergie créatrice.... c'est quelque chose ! J'ai hâte de voir ce qu'il va advenir de ce collage.

Anonyme a dit…

No worries my friend...I'm glad to see you made my day on such a dreary day... I have a really cool homemade card that I got for you and will send you tomorrow...You're gonna love it...
love the paint!!!