jeudi 4 octobre 2007

The wings of Aphrodite

This is love:
to fly toward a secret sky,
to cause a hundred veils
to fall each moment.
First, to let go of life.
Finally, to take a step
without feet.

Fill my heart with Love,
that my every teardrop
may become a star.
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Je ne dirai rien même sous la torture

Oh just a kiss

"It is a very good practice to stand up with arms reaching toward the heavens in the shape of a chalice.

Imagine you are being filled with the elixir of divine love.

Let the radiant light of Aphrodite pour into your heart.

You will find that people cannot resist you, for the joy that emanates from your loving demeanor is both healing and contagious.

Light a candle in your home symbolising the purity of love you wish to share with the world.

How do you dare to be the rapturous beauty
that lives within your heart?"

here was Mich question at virtual circle

I loved that post.
Love is my path. My essence. My engine.My booster.My focuse. My air.My food.My favourite game.My bliss.My Treasure. My hopes. My inspiration.My life poetry.

I believe my heart is pure.
I have in the Past doubted my purity, my altruism and the fact I was good and driven by Empathy, emotions, LOve always...

Mes Rêves De Fleurs
there should be a poem to go with this picture called My dreams of Flowers I'll share this later:)

I dare to be me all simply.
I don't mind just being me. naked, figurative or in the soul.
I think it's my honesty.
People easily condemned things.
Like sex, like strip teasers, like erotism, like writing erotic poetry, like porn.
I think everyone should find their own happiness and peace to all!
I don't watch porn but like most people I have watched some. who hasn't raise your hand! (kidding) only for the analyzing or documentaring, trying to understand or being nosey.

I think it is good to honour Venus.To honour the Feminine. The sacred. and be fine with one's body and mind.

I am not an exhibo really ahah, I just love to use my freedom to make art.
Sometimes it's very funny that people think I am self assured.
It is so strange for me.

People easily imply things. judge hastily, they read something and put a label they dont need more.

I don't think I'm very self confident and yet I don't like to be reduced.

I dare a lot to show the light and fire within my heart, the aphrodite thanks to art, photo,writing.
I love this connection to my Feminine sensuality.

I think sensuality is poetry in its own way.
I don't mind sharing like in my last post warmer poetry.

I have written worse kind of poetry( laughing)
I think it's good to be alive, not to deny the two Maries inside of us.
The virgin and the Magdalene, we all should reunite this inside of us.

Thank you Beautiful Tori Amos, thank you me, thank you Goddesses and thank you my summer!
"The individual must seek to embrace the essence of love within and avoid the temptation to seek it elsewhere.

The beloved with whom we choose to share our intimate life is but a reflection of our own loving nature.

To the extent we seek love outside ourselves, we meet with disillusionment and disappointment."
this was very interesting Mich, and so true!

I have spent so many times wanting soo much from outside of me, I can sing " I m sorry to myself' by alanis M.

Now really, I won't say the Love I receive is nothing and I dont need anyone.

I just could think " that I would be good"
by alanis:
"That I Would Be Good"

illustrated by this photo( click to see the lyrics if you dont know the song)

I am free because I am freed from others, from the need, from the wanting, from the craving, from the needing not to disapoint, from having to be as I think people want me to be( which is so silly to think that way ,people love us, they want us to be ourselves and at peace, blissful)
I dont judge those who are scared, who can't be true/entirely real or entirely themselves
I am sad for them sometimes that's all.
But I acknowledge my luck in this.

I don't need to please anybody, or speak the way they want me to be, or be this or that.
I'm living life juicy!hey you can die tomorrow live and love now!!!

Free hugs to anyone who needs them.

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She Who Flies a dit…

Beautiful post! And a lovely and empowering reminder to all women and girls out there. I don't know of any other way to be but to live fully embodied, a blooming soul in a sensual world.

Mich a dit…

you are such a poetic writer. you bare your soul for others to see. its simply beautiful!