vendredi 5 octobre 2007

I love cordelia!

you all have to see my interview of her if not done yet:
Cordelia's interview

She really made my day with her cute video!^_______^ how funny cute to hear your name with accent but I know Deroubaix is strange and must look difficult to pronounce.
I love being spontaneous when people really touch my heart and I feel good vibes ^_^
It makes life sweeter and prettier:-)

Cordelia is the daughter, sister & friend everyone would like to have!
I hope she'll be happy always!
just wanted to say that this morning!

you can also read my other interview at humana maelstrom the latest one is another lovely British artist :Lara Jade.

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Jen a dit…

Cordelia will remember you : )
your kindness, support, and recognition...