dimanche 14 octobre 2007

Deep wrath of sekmet

I'm still very moved and nervous.
I try to keep cool, to quiet my emotions to be useful and do the right things and not get swallowed up by evil...

This morning I woke up things were nice, emails, sweet hugs of sebastien, la vie est belle...and then I go to the restroom and I hear my neighbours I think it's the one who have a garden.
I know I can't see and so I don't have any proofs but I arrived here they seem to have a dog and they were rather VIOLENT with that creature!
I don't like dogs much to be honest but hearing violence on any kind of animals make me grow fangs and I'm ready to do anything!!

so I hear they were sort of pushing a cat, they didn't sound very nice to it.
I was wondering what was happening and intuition made me feel bad and I heard a violent shock and I saw the image in my head and I was shaking I thought
OH my god they couldn't have really throw a cat like that????

I was very shocked and shaking from all my body, I began to yell I open the window and I shouted violent words at these Fucking unhuman people because Yes I don't have any fucking respect for that kind of individual...

I was deeply enraged!
I'm like a cat mother you know and in general in My life I am a mother!
I am a protector of souls and a caring woman and I just can not stand violence on anyone, it really hurt me, shock me...and I kind of know violence because I have sort of lived it at home with alexis...

I insulted those people because I was so powerless and angry and the evil act had been done, and I saw the poor cute kitty
I have tears in my eyes telling you this because it's been weeks I am feeding these kitties and trying to find them a home

Do you love me

it's him ,the cute little ginger one
God he was bleeding from its nose and being all so shaken, so troubled, I cant find the words, but he was all in shock and so sad
I tried to talk to him sweetly to make him come closer so I could pick him

he was so very heartbroken to see.
I had tears in my eyes, I was so moved!
I wanted seb to phone a vet or something but you know it's sunday and urgency vet will be quite expensive so we will go there tomorrow morning first hour.

I do hope he will be fine I hope we can save him
His little sister the black one my fav kitty:

lonely kitty

just came to see what was happening
OH Goddess ! I was so reassured that she was all ok
I would have been ready to put fire on their houses...

Ok It's just words obviously I am not that violent but oh I hope my negative energies towards them will do something, what goes around comes around!
we can not just have compassion for fucking individual who can not behave humanly???
we can not forgive that! or maybe after they are sorry for what they've done and healed because they seriously need a doctor to take care of their problems!

I finally caught the ginger kitty and clean his nose with coton etc
then I asked seb we could not let them outside now,that it couldn t happen again! I could not let them alone when I have seen that that kind of people do exist alas...

seb kindly agreed, he is my sweetheart and he is an animal lover like me!
and so yes we took them both, I cleaned them both ahah it was funny
but we have Takun (and he might get hugely jealous so we put them in the only room : the bathroom)
so it s a small place
and yes I know bathroom should be a clean place and all and ok kitties are dirty sometimes etc

the little ginger got diarrhea aaaaaargh poor me
but at least I could clean him with hot water and soap and they both let me do, they were sweet so now they smell good :)

I am very very worried ,do you think he could be very bad???
I know it s not good for kitty to have diarrhea
I gave them kitty food and water.
I put a cloth so they can sleep on it and lots of newspaper everywhere.
I still could have a shower in spite of the mess ahah :-)
but now seb has problem to go the restroom (laughing)

I also create a small litter for them with a photo bath if you see what I mean it s a little rectangle to put product to developpe photo, my father gave me this once, sorry dad now it s a kitty litter, I try to do things how I can afford
I will of course have to clean a lot after them, but at least they smell good and the black one purred :)

the ginger one tried to play a tiny bit but he is still in shock and his eyes
It's very very heartbreaking because you can see in his eyes how hopeless how hurt he is as if he had seen it all of HUman beings cruelty...I try to tell him they aren t all like that, to reassure him

Hope he will live, I will be so hurt if he dies...
I dont know maybe it s only his nose that is bleeding, hopefully he will be fine, oh please God!!!

so today will be very VERY busy with two kitties in the tiny bathroom/restroom place but I will do all I can now to make them be fine and find a shelter or something,just quite worried they would have to kill them in shelters if they aren t adopted after some weeks?

and kitties in cages is tooo sad

so well, that's my sad story, and my anger is big, if I meet my neighbours though I cant see their face and know its them but really I will have to be quiet and find peace in my heart
The most important now is to be good to the kitties.

so guys I wont answer emails and such, be patient with me ok

LOve you all, send good vibes to ginger please!

8 commentaires:

gina a dit…

How Sad! You have done the right thing and that is wonderful! I hope the cats will be ok and maybe the shelter will care for them for free because you rescued them!? I am visiting from Scarlettes and was so sad reading the kitty story, I forgot to look for the art½!

Marie a dit…

That's awful! Who could do that to such a sweet frail creature? You can see how tiny he is...I can't imagine anything he could do to provoke someone to do that. I do hope he stays well and lives...I know your heart would break if anything happened to him...blessings to you my dear sister.

The Lone Beader a dit…

Oh, the poor kitty! I hate anyone who treats animals this way. I hope the ginger cat will be okay... :/

Nina a dit…

I think there are many of us who cannot understand violence towards innocents. You are good to take them in, and I also hope the ginger one will be OK.

Dr. Sooz a dit…

I could not read your entire blog entry. It was crushing me and I had to stop.

I used to work with animal welfare agencies, and it's completely mad in the world. Raving mad out there. The way we treat animals is the mine-canary of our ethics, the state of our souls. We're getting better and more aware, but we're still so far from even halfway decent. It's shameful.

I speak of "we" -- what I refer to is Humans. I'm ashamed of my species when I've had to deal with people like that. It used to be so hard. I worked at one place where the relentless stress was so bad I ended up with a bunch of bleeding tumors. (I even kidnapped some dogs and found them homes.)

I'm so sorry for the grief and savagery of this situation for you. You're a good soul and do not deserve to experience this. And the animals -- I can't write about the animals. It's too heartbreaking. I never got over the REALITY of cruelty to animals, no matter how hard I tried for years. I can't talk about it; I'm not that strong.

Many thoughts of survival and health, and for the Goddess to do what is right. You have my prayer.
~~ Sooz

Jen a dit…

Oh My!
i am so sorry to hear what has happened. soon you will be awake and i hope the kitty will be well.
It is shocking. the violence done to living beings...animals, and people too:(...it is horrible to see first hand.

shock, then anger, then sadness...we do what we can...wish i could be of some help to you..thinking of you. sending love.

SooticasDream a dit…

Oh, it reminds me SO much of my Ginge & how Peely had to save him from the dog that was being ordered to attack him!!!
It makes me ashamed to be a member of the human race when others act to heartlessly!

But then the few Angels, like you give me hope!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if money wasn't so vital & in short supply? Then you could look after all of them!!!!
(& you KNOW I'd adopt him if I could! ^___^)
Please let me know what happens to the cute little fur-babies!

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thank you very much to each of you for your kindness and sweet energy:)
Many blessings to you***