vendredi 5 octobre 2007


Come As You Are

This is my artwork contribution for illustration Friday.
the theme is Open

I was thinking about Big Freedom, my tolerance improvement, my welcoming and accepting everyone as they are( even the cunt we can't help this!)
so the title of this painting is Come As You Are.

it's written in the background:
come as you are with your book of Pain & your broken pages I won't ask you to change
Come as you are get drunk of sweet madness elixirs
& find your wings You have the right to be free

8 commentaires:

Cathie a dit…

very nice, she looks contemplative. nice color choices. thanks for visiting my blog!

Jen a dit…

these are worthwile virtues
always open to understanding
always trying to allow that which we may not agree with...

takes awareness on a regular be aware of our own thoughts at any given time...regarding any person...

to be open to learning...thinking...recognizing how we think, how we want to dwell in to be open..

it is is big...

did you intend for the woman in the painting to look open? what me she looked sad...or resigned maybe

love your last line..."find your wings You have the right to be free" ..I think that being open to others is also a way to become free : )

Jen a dit…

up can't sleep: (
stopped to see if you were here
reading my words again, i hope you did not mind my question in comment..i did not mean it to sound like I hear it with reading it :oP...."did you intend.."
just curious if the woman was contemplating the lack of openness...if she was "coming as she was" or if it was the welcoming woman...just looking for more;-) your words were so full of energy at the end especially : ) yet the woman was more subdued... am I putting my foot in my mouth? well, please know, i think it is a very pretty painting ...i like the circles that make me think of openness: )

Sparrow a dit…

Oh she's beautiful - and truly captures the spirit of this week's theme

Marie a dit…

You are my vote, totally! She looks so open and so free...and she carries you true message, come as you are...everyone feels welcome in your presence.

thanks for encouraging my art you sweet thing!

Good luck on IF!

Jen a dit…

saw your vlog!!! ^________^
hope you got my email

The Lone Beader a dit…


Tricia Scott a dit…

just wonderful, helenina! wonderful interpretation of this week's theme.
i also loved the vlog---i just got to visit there on utube and i just think you are so adorable! i loved hearing your voice. your english is great!