jeudi 1 février 2007

Undergo, mixed media artwork

undergo 2

the writings says:
Each time I'm going deeper & further in the unphathomable depths of my soul. I listen to the somber chaos so fragile & yearning for the Light You can wear shadows & remain but a fae child you can be torn & still have some petals of truth petals of you to share sometimes in the worse darkness we can see clearer I know I have to give up my fears let my own ebony roots nurture my soul It's time to protect what's mine my garden will grow in spite of the landslides"

I could also have went on writing, that my darkness teaches me a lot, make feel stronger in many ways.not only that stereotyped " what doesn't kill make you stronger" something that whatever we live anyways we will encounter our own darkness, may they be failures,delusions,disapointments and so forth...I often wants to deny my darkness,reject it whereas listening closely to it could make me walk further and jump higher:)

I have been so depressed lately. On some days I just cry. the whole day.
It's all very inside thing because I cannot cry for real as much as I did,except watching movies,feeling empathy ;)

I am very glad about that artwork!really it was an awful beginning when I saw hw the painting turned, it looks very damaged and not clean you know, but I finally went on making that work...I was thinking "oh it s ugly, it's gonna be a failure!" etc
but I kept walking in my inside world.

The muse on it inspired me lots, thank you again for Jessica and her beautiful picture!

Of course it could have been more detailed in the subterrean territory but maybe I wanted to hide secrets, they are deeper, we can't show it all on a 24x32 cm sheet of paper.

I've worked with a watercolor paper sheet, more expensive but a better feeling to be honest:)
I have put a layer of gesso , I love gesso,it's my new addiction ^_^
already said? well yes I'm aging for sure ;)

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Brandie a dit…

I love gesso! It's great for a layered effect and to prepare a surface for transfers... I'm addicted too.

You work is beautiful,