jeudi 8 février 2007

In my no (wo)man's land life

"One should rise above "the pairs of opposites""

and that's what I am going to do.I guess it takes time and we live sort of circles/cycles.death and birth.always.

I am dying lately, I am drowning and burrying a lot of my mind to pick the flowers of the underworld that is inside of my secret chaos.depths.

I don't think I am that unhappy. I am loved and I love but not as much as ever, as it's reducing. I don't open my doors, I have recently locked lots of them.
Maybe it was just needed at that time.

I often think I am a waste for I really have so much to share with the other.

I'll find a way to reunite and be at peace with myself, when I have express in my art all the imbalances.

I'm walking naked in my canvas & the more I hurt for silly reasons the more I feel drawn to abstract art.
you'll see that today in the one collage a day series. I really love abstract art.
I need to burn my doubts.


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