mercredi 14 février 2007

on the path to rebirth

She who turns the wheel of the heavens

mixed media
24x32 cm
She who turns the wheel of the Heavens

I have been inspired by Ishtar(also called innana in Armenian) and Arianrhod who are both multifaceted goddesses.
They both have a special love for nature.They both evokes the cycles and changes of life,death versus life or better death in life and life in death.

I think Ishtar can be compared to Persephone, I guess they just named her differently or these archetypes are very related.
They both are unafraid to venture the into the depths of the underworld.

I think this is how I found myself back.
I have reconnecting to the feminine creative,I am unafraid of my darkness ,I venture the unknown to push myself and also to get to know myself better.

I need to grow, the only thing that always hold me back from growing is the idea of death,it holds me back from living too,from enjoying things I have or I want ,like this yearning to be a mother...

She who turns the wheel of the heavens
a better shot but alas here I can not show the bigger size as it doesn't work,see it at my livejournal( lilaccanopy)

I think I have thought about death way too much lately.
I thought that if I was still scared of death how could I be a good mother when they will know about it, will I lie? will I pretend it's okay?

I still don't understand this idea of death, sure I try to re-create it,adorn it.

I would really love to believe Life might be a passage ,a room giving access to something else,something bigger.
We are human and limited,our idea of death is a human idea,maybe there is another reality...maybe my human and perhaps childish hard way to accept the idea of death leads me to have wings and fly away from my roots,but I know I need to reconnect to my roots to feel complete.

I can't wait for Spring to come, to lie down the lawn and listen to the humming of Gaia.

I don't know why but I think I remind me of Pokahontas here;)

to come back to the Goddesses, Arianrhod is also called "high fruitful mother who turns the wheel of the heavens"and Isthar means " giver of Light"

I feel the mother in me that wants to be a positive thinking sharer and hope giver.I love the moon symbol linked to soul changes and mood swings.
I think us women sense this deeper, I think a lot about Life is feminine strenght,Nature,Earth...

I have been inspired by the so beautiful knowledge cards by Susan seddon and Michael babcock.

This artwork took me such a long time,I think the more I work and progress the more I need to take time on the details in the collage/painting.

I think I prefer this collage from all my new endeavours:)I don't say it's beautiful but I am glad how it turned.For I really don't like the other, I keep them as testimony of the evolution and changes in my art.

I still think that maybe there is too many things in one collage, but maybe it is to show the fusion, my alter ego and nature.

well I surely wanted to say a lot more but I can't think right now,sorry for the mistakes if there is some;)It's late & I'm off to bed!
Yoga truly tired me today,so much energy.

It was really good anyways and needed

We had another teacher today as the other one was ill so it was very different and I enjoyed it:)
She advised us to do massage with lavender oil to our feet and hands each evening before sleeping to feel relax:)
so yes all natural essential oils are very expensive but today I decided to buy it:p
so I'm going to have a massage :)

Yesterday I was feeling very sweet and could be the witness again about the sweetness of human beings at the gym class,I am feeling back in touch with humanity and seeing things clearer like our flaws,our silly needs to be right sometimes,or to want to understand everything question way too much instead of letting just living.

I hope everyone has had or is having a lovely Valentine's day,even if you are alone there is someone who love you , there is Love for everyone,for Love is immense and can't be reduced to having a lover.

so Cherish all the things that matters to you, celebrate what is rare and welcome feelings,there is so much to love & get nurtured by.

I don't celebrate Valentine's day,for lately it was my 6 years anniversary with sebastien so that's more important:)
I can't believe it!6 years! How times flies!

I'm feeling very blessed and lucky again,I see who are my friends and making new ones, I will cherish these bonds and not be afraid to share,get attached and lose if I have to. I want to give love:)especially to those who inspire it to me.

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She Who Flies a dit…

Such a beautiful post Hélène. I'm so glad to see you've been reconnecting with your sacred feminine self for as you seek it in those goddesses, you find it in yourself. And it is already showing powerfully and beautifully in your latest collages!

Susan Tuttle a dit…

This is truly beautiful Helene--your artwork and writing are both so eloquent. I know you will find your way--you are too much of a thinker not to.