lundi 19 février 2007

Artwords! here I am :)

The Morning of Bliss

this is my interpretation for the theme of this week: morning.

to me morning implies a new beginning that we often forget when we feel sad,alone,depressed...we sometimes forget that there will be another morning and that the light will come again.
I just wanted to talk about this and maybe I will remember this for good;)
anytime I get really down I'm focused on that night, those shadows.of course I learn a lot in this darkness but I also could try and see from another view and keep in mind that it's just all about the great opposites: night and day, tears and smile,end and beginnings:)

so here it's the morning of Bliss:) when I wake up on new friendships with lots of hopes and sweet enthusiasm ^_^

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Princess Haiku a dit…

I love mornings and the metaphors attached to Aurore Goddess of the Dawn.