mercredi 21 février 2007

the Soul & the Sister

sometimes I feel the missing pieces of my soul puzzle ,the missing colors of my mind canvas, the missing melodies of my heart instrument...

Why can't it be beautiful

1. Open your heart and mind.
2. Honor,respect and celebrate each other.
3. Share personal stories,secrets
4. Send blessings & positive energies for each other.
5. Feel the beyond understanding silver thread that ties our hearts

why keeping on searching without what is within?
Because of the need of interactions,understanding,that magick we cannot explain.

Before meeting Sebastien, Love was still the most important to me though I've searched soul sisters and like minded friends for ever.

I often question myself, am I blind? am I too demanding? am I wrong?am I really asking for an ideal a twin?

truly not.
I dreamt of finding someone like sebastien, who would love me for me and really be caring,unafraid of my temper, my passionate hearts and whimsical mood swings ^_^

so I guess I'll have that special friend too one day.have to be positive,maybe she's on the way, maybe I just can't see it coming now,maybe it'll be in 5 or 10 years.

I still want to love :) but I feel lonely...

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Pattie Mosca a dit…

Questioning yourself is a form of growth...I believe that you have so much power within shows in your art and your are on a path of exploring and hopefully it never stops! You will accomplish much by doing this...BELIEVE!
Artfully Yours,