samedi 24 février 2007

Sans Jugement

“God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.”Rumi

Sans jugement #100

title: Sans jugemement

it is my 100 th which is why I wanted to make something special.
It is 4squared art of 10x10 cm each(4x4)
mixed media: acrylics,oil pastels,paper,image of a bird,swaroski,gel pen,fabric gel, glitter,rubber stamp,gesso

available here

I chose the title thanks to that song 'utopia' by alanis M. who really fascinated me.I almost cried when I first heard it for all the beauty contained in it, the words and melody truly touched me.I was feeling could it be real, it would so big, so amazing...But I am also very realistic, I am not even sure if we'd be that fine in such a utopic world.

I mean it's fine to dream about it and to improve one's being towards these ideas of tolerance and acceptance, but I still think we need the opposite to learn, to change our mind,to evolve...maybe also to be more human,feel the empathy,to want to help...

"We'd all slow down rest without guilt not lie without fear disagree sans jugement ..."(utopia by alanis m.)

I was making that piece and I first thought : what if I damage the nice background?what if it's so ugly I feel empty,sad,frustrated and angry at myself?

I decided that it was not serious. I take many things so at heart due to being emotional and hyper sensitive(doesn't mean I can't handle the truth or criticize, disagreement you know)
I told myself, it might not turn the way I want it to but it doesn't matter, if the background is ruined nevermind I can make another one, I know how to do it if I have made it once .

so I jumped in the daring well, how exciting!!!
I felt I was 10 years old again, being so concentrate to draw nicely to impress myself :)

I have decided lately that one of the heavy things/attitude in my existence was : Judging, giving a wrong or right to everything I do, it s good or bad, beautiful or ugly too many judgements...
It kills the personality, it kills the possibilities, the opportunities and so forth.

it's written " they'll never know how beautiful you are if you keep hiding in darkness"

so the girl is talking to the bird.I let you free interpretation, there are many things to read in this.

People often say something like the emotions gets deeper and more intense when shared it's so true!!

When I make art & feel a euphoric sweetness at the end before the results, looking at the piece "sans jugement"(I dont mean the title here I mean without judging) I feel fine, relieved,soothed...

To know or see that just one soul can connect to my piece of work and feel that tiny bliss thanks to it, because they can relate, feel touched ,attracted, find pieces of them in it, or are just grabbed by the colors /compsosition whatever it double my pleasure =)

It's not usual I end up an artwork with a stretch smile of satisfaction, relief, it's a moment of peace for me when I give up judging.

It's fleeting, evanescent but it's a moment I really appreciate and live in the here and now, I try my best to be present to it,savour it:)
when it echoes in someone, when someone else can smile before my work then it brings that feeling back to me and it gives more meaning to what I do,what has been done and felt.

Je regrette, je suis en colère, je suis triste et j'ai peur...

that work is called:I regret, I'm angry,I'm sad & I'm afraid...

these being the 4 emotions that assuage your mind if you express them anytime you get hurt,broken or something really sad happens to you.

Most people when they get their heart broken just release one emotions, the most common being anger, feeling a deep resentment for the person who hurt them who left them and they get engulfed and sort of emprisoned in this emotion because of the denial of the other( yeah I Love psychology,I have learnt it a lot by myself,in books and in real life and also a bit at university just for 6 months or so )

so this artwork was to release the emotions. There are still too present on some days, because I have been hurt a lot by the abandon of person I considered soul sisters or maybe I was thinking they could be, maybe that was an illusion...

on her dress it's written:
"I'm in this night feeling the weight of what used to be flamboyant...smithereens in the well of wishes I collect the remains , mere fireflies but they burn my heart I can burry them but they grow thorns on my path I turn the page & the book keeps bleeding soon will come the time to blow the candles on my cake & whisper my yearning spin out the sororal bliss make that fire warm my heart forever I want to forget the glass splinters in my embraces & sigh my true and passionate " I love you sister" & cry on the Echo."

available here

5 commentaires:

Pattie Mosca a dit…

The first piece gives me a feeling of looking into the window of the soul..
And the bird will take my soul wishes and fly them to the stars...The second piece gives me a feeling of truth and beauty with all of its raw emotions...I LOVE them both!
I posted to you a response on my blog but it went something like this:
A star cannot fit into a square or a round circle ..a star is meant to shine ...and you were meant to fly!
Artfully Yours,

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thanks for your kind and wise words Pattie


Princess Haiku a dit…

Your space is very beautiful as well as poetic in tone.

Hélène Deroubaix a dit…

thank you Princess Haiku:)

Princess Haiku a dit…

I think that perhaps you are an empath.