lundi 19 février 2007

survey for my dearest Marina

What artists inspire you in your everyday life?

many artists inspires me in every field,may they be writer,painters,collage artist or singer...there would be too many to mention so I will sum it up to Tori amos and all piano rock women,who are very involved who share their deepest thoughts and want to make the mass evolve and find their own creativity or meaning in life.I love the idealist in actions who are realistic dreamers like I am.

In what ways are you creative? in my writing I guess not always for sure;)in my mixed media work, in my way of dressing up , I think creativity is inherent to me and I always have a hard time understanding others who aren't creative, it's something kind of weird to me, I feel it's just easy,you just have to get intoxicated with sweet madness and let go ;)it's a door to freedom and individuality,personality:)

What are your favourite boy names? Remi,Tristan,Valentin,Logan,sören...

What are your favourite girl names?Everdeene,Louka-Hannah,Marina,Alice,Eva,Adah,MyraBellah etc...Hopefully I'll have a baby girl next year ;) I'm so fascinated with names:)especially feminine names:)

If you could learn any foreign language, what would it be? I'd love to learn again Italian and spanish for I have forgotten so much,then I'd love to learn turkish and greek and sanskrit:)but I'm too lazy and procastinating for this;)

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? NEPAL & INDIA then the whole world;)

The kind of people you love: deep in everything,in their kind sweetness,in their intelligence,in their creativity,in the way they talk and think:) I love very intelligent and mature persons who have a real personality and who do something to make a change,to touch,to heal,to make this world be more human.

If you could completely get rid of one fashion trend that you personally don't like,what would it be?: oh I don't care much about fashion, I think it's normal though that at adolescence we feel the need to belong to a trend. I'd rather belong to the magical circle of the Witches of Light ^_^

Can you trust people? well to be honest it depends,if my heart is attracted or touched then I want and need to trust or else I can't create a bond. But I'm often pessimistic with people, I tend to be surprised by persons and I'm very grateful for that!

What would you say is the most daring thing to do in a lifetime? just being deeply Honest and Real,no masks,no fake ideals or nice words to please the crowds, no sheep thing, going one's path and with all your passion:)

I also think it's very daring to Love, to really Love ,giving yourself,being there for others,listening,being aware,feeling the empathy...I think very few people really love.
I don't love everyday, I am real and honest, there are dark days when everything collapse and I just can't love, that would be then a daring thing for me to try and love in spite of the hurt and emptiness I can feel some days...

Name your favorite type of music and why: piano women:) because piano is in my heart for ever,it's soothing and spiritual to me.

Name an instrument you've never played but would like to: piano:)

Your perfume: noa by cacharel or white musk by sephora

Describe your dress sense: I don't dress up that much now that I'm more often inside than outside so I think my dress sense is nobody cares let's be casual there will be paint accidents on it anyways ;oP ahah
but if I want to be nicely dressed I am creative,love to be crazy ,colorful,original,kind of Bohemian and stylish ^_^

First piercing? I don't like fashion and things like that to belong like tatoos and piercings, I just have ear pierced but being home makes me forget to wear some for a while...but I love ear rings and jewelry so much=)

Name 6 of your favourite bands and singers: howie day,tori amos,vienna teng,fiona apple,bel canto,hannah fury,an pierlé....I can't name just 6;)

When you go into a bookshop, which section do you head for? poetry ,literature and philosophy but I also like the psychology section:) I love learning about the human being,trying to understand better.

What is your dream job?: artist,writer,singer...

If you could have ANY animal for a pet, what would it be: just a cat is fine for me ^___^

Favorite clothes brands/ designers: don't care much, I wear what I like, I'm not advertising anyone:P

Who's your favorite author? I love emily dickinson,christian bobin,sylvia plath and many others...persons who are inspiring ,poetic and deep.

What inspires you? life,humanity,and my love for these,colors,the muses of the daily life,Passion/love, the beauty of Nature,emotions, hinduism ,buddhism and positive thinking.

The Art of Loving#97

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